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  1. Thanks guys, much appreciated, I will take a look
  2. Sorry guys, not been on here in ages and I am sure this question has been done ad infinitim, so apologies Getting fed up with low end poke. Stage 2 with AMD map currently, was RR at 375bhp about 4 years ago. A relatively mild map. Looking for advice. Do I need AMD to remove the map before I get someone else to do it, or can I get a new map elsewhere which will override it? Mods include full REMUS with DP, vwr intake, turbo pipes, performance intercooler I am in Hertfordshire and please need recommendations for an amazing and aggressive tune loca
  3. Thanks but can’t do that. Am just trying to find out how much it’s worth as is. Just trying to be open as to what to expect. Didnt assume the mods add any value, but to point out that i have used high quality parts
  4. 2016, Night Blue, Cadiz, standard seats, DCC, reverse camera and some other extras. Also modified with high quality parts, ie Remus exhaust and downpipe, VWR intercooler, turbo pipes, R600 intake. Fitted and remapped by AMD tuning. Private plate from new will be included. It has all R’s on it Needs come cosmetic work done, but otherwise in good condition. 1 owner, 37k miles, FSH Don’t really want to sell, but very keen to get a Land Rover Defender 90 Urban Truck and to be honest something slower might be good
  5. Get the Remus system if you want something quality. I have it on my 7 and it's awesome, plus there is a remote to open and close the valves, so none of that annoying droning on highways
  6. Definitely notice the difference in ride comfort, steering stiffness, engine note etc. I switch between comfort, race and individual (which is basically set up as race, but with comfort steering and normal suspension) and works fine on my local village lanes. My favourite spec choice, along with reverse cam (for my estate)
  7. Rear cam, one of the best things I specced on my estate
  8. I have it up to about 374 bhp now and it still feels lazy. Maybe it's the DSG effect, disappointing !!! I love the car otherwise. I have much more urgency in my 2005 TT 240 QS.
  9. Yes have almost been fooled a few times. Seen the 'R' badge on the front and the TDI badge on the back PASS
  10. I tried the dealer suggestion and get my own SD card and download the map etc. It wouldn't work, so unless you are an IT expert then it was stupid advice from the dealer and I wasted money on a clean SD card. I will just buy the official map and suck up the extra cost, less of a hassle
  11. I found the VW dealers to be a waste of time when I was looking for a new MK7. At the time I test drove in a GTD estate and got my R estate off carwow. I wanted more a feel for the feel of the size and some of the interior, as I knew any performance in the would be a massive hike over the GTD. MY last VW was a MK3 Golf driver, so had no idea what to expect in the MK7. I feel most dealers are the same. There are the exceptions of course, but not many seem in a rush to get your money that's for sure (and I was paying cash at the time)
  12. From the rear the Passat is ok, but the front end looks like a grandfathers car. The number of male Passat drivers coming from the opposite direction and looking at my R estate makes me smile. I am reasonably sure most of them are super-jealous
  13. 100% SA. Can't really call it a chase though :-)
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