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  1. Having no warranty wouldn't worry me, you can always get a VW one for £400ish per year, service history etc would be far more important. When you buy a car privately you can see who the previous owner was and how they are IRL, it could be a chav who has thrashed the nuts off it or middle aged gent who has loved the vehicle. Remember that both cars could be at a dealer for the same price. I bought my car private from a male in his 40s who added every option from new and I paid over £24k for it, quick vcds and check brakes/tyres/number plates match plus the usual checks for a vehicle and have had no problems with it
  2. I've got the b2 in polished black, expensive that they are, personally I think they are well worth the money
  3. Nope, happens down south as well. Couple of months ago I was in the dining room at 8pm when both dogs started barking at the back door, which is very unusual, I went into the kitchen to see 2 males in balaclava opening my back door. Luckily they ran off, jumping over my neighbours fence and running down my drive to a waiting car parked 100 metres away. I always assumed the rear of my property was safe as you need to get over the garage to gain access to it, this is exactly what they did. Since that incident I have put up 4 cameras, driveway lights controlled by PIR and in the rear garden a nightwatcher security light. The worst thing about any incident of this type is constantly thinking it could happen again, for the first month my wife wouldn't open the back door without me being there so you feel like prisoners in your own home.
  4. Thanks for your honest opinion guys, its most welcome I really don't want to get rid of the Discover if possible and have been looking at the Audison bit dmi to use the optical output from the factory headunit, have you any experience with this? It should give a quality output from the pro without the distortion from going through the factory amp, maybe not quite to the level of aftermarket manufacturers but would be the same quality input as a dynaudio setup but with far better output. I will be keeping the car for 10 years so not that bothered about cost but ideally don't want to spend more than £2.5k on the 7 and then get the mk6 fitted at johnkeiss for £1400. If you guys know someone who can supply and fit a top level system for around that price I would be very interested, ideally with discover pro and box over wheel arch so I don't lose my spare wheel or too much boot space. I had a becker/jl audio/rainbow system in my last car with sub box over wheel arch and that sounded great, it was fully dynamatted and fitted by myself, I just don't fancy ripping this car apart myself this time around.
  5. Ah, the £3750 was for supply and fit in both cars with collars, power cable, dynamat, setup etc for both, I didn't make that clear in my post. off the top of my head, they quoted £1750 for hardware (inc sub) and fitting in the mk7, installation was £470 without the sub box which was £750, then £1500 for the mk6 fitted, they then offered a £250 discount to do both cars so all in £3750. The audison amps are highly regarded and once the dsp is setup properly (through the usb port) its said to give good sound from the Discover Pro, johnkeiss have done 3 before and said I will get a great soundstage after a couple of hours adjustments. I just want clear sound with decent bass, I am not interested in flexing my windows and rattling the car to bits, been there done that lol Where are you located passhaaret? I live just outside woking but would be prepared to travel a reasonable distance to get a decent setup
  6. Thx for the response, I want to keep the car as OEM as possible and would be keeping the Discover Pro. I got quoted for an Audison 8.9 amp, Hertz Mille pro components running active and a hertz 8" subwoofer in a custom box over passenger wheel well. If honest, the supply and install of the equipment at £1750 for a day and a half work isn't that bad with wooden door collars, sound deadened doors, running power, speaker cables and 3 hours setup. I would quite happily pay this from such a respected installer. I am sure the box would look and sound great, looking as near oem as it could possibly be but 3 days at £250 a day to build. I am still very tempted as ill be getting the OH mk6 fitted with http://www.audisonprima.co.uk/audison-prima-apsp-g6-golf-vi-plug-and-play-upgrade-kit at the same time. They have quoted £3750 for all the equipment and installation, I was trying to get it all done slightly cheaper but with the same level of installation. If you know someone who would do an install at the same level as http://www.johnkleisaudio.co.uk/ for slightly cheaper I would be interested
  7. Been out getting quotes for an audio system upgrade for my discover pro today and although the quotes for door speakers/amp etc and fitting were reasonable I balked at the price of a subwoofer enclosure. I am not after a massive system, just something that sounds clear with quality sound. Downside is i want to keep my spare wheel and not take up half the boot space with a sub box, this is where the issue comes:( I was interested in this sub box but cannot find anyone in the UK that supplies it - http://www.navishop.nl/integrated-pasklare-subwoofer-golf-p-14633.html The audio installers said they could custom build a box for the car but that would be £750 (not including the sub) and would take 3 days to build. Does anyone know of a box that fits in the wheel well or a company that would build one for nearer half the price of what I have been quoted?
  8. Dealer is very relaxed, the master technician has a stage 3 mk6. I told them I was concerned the previous owner had mapped the car and I'd sell it if it showed the TD1 code. They don't scan and send the details to Germany during a standard service, I had to ask them to do it.
  9. Mine didn't with an mtm tuning box. I took it to vw a couple of weeks ago to get them to check for a td1 code. They scanned it and sent the logs to Germany, the next day they sent me an email with the result and it was clean. The only reason I didn't get a remap was because I have an early car with the iffy turbo lol
  10. What great service, ordered yesterday and arrived today Realised after the order I should have bought a clay mitt to try, next time
  11. VWROC15 didn't, VWROC20 did☺ Never tried wow-wow products before so thought I'd try. ordered 2 wash mitts, 2 wheel mitts and some microfibres. technically got the microfibers free. Mitts are a bargain at that price
  12. Just bumping this. I'd love to order my paddles soon before they run out of stock again
  13. Put me down for 2 sets. 1 mk6 and 1 mk7. Be good if I can get them shipped together at a single postage cost. Thanks for sending the email, last time I checked they were on back order
  14. I bought my car with one of these fitted, looks ok but think I am getting a little old to have a rear spoiler fitted so took it off. I had no idea a piece of plastic would be so expensive.
  15. Hi Neil, just an update on the New Malden Meet Tonight. Some people have raised concern about the weather so I have spoken to the manager of B&Q and he is happy for us to use the undercover carpark which closes about 9:30 so if you're still up for coming I'll be at Krispy Kreme's from 7:30ish and if raining we will move over to B&Q :) Chris

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