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  1. Rich_D

    Carista or OBDeleven?

    I'd wait for the iOS compatible OBDeleven and get the pro version, as that allows long coding, which puts it ahead of Carista, the app like changes are similiar, but with ODBeleven you need credits and Carista you need a subscription, long coding is free though. Having said that, for the money Carista is good and the OBD adapter works with both iOS & Android and supports a number of other apps, whereas the OBDeleven one is app specific.
  2. Rich_D

    Stop-Start system error

    Carista seems to pull up allsorts of weird spurious codes for some reason, clear them, drive the car and re-scan.
  3. Rich_D

    Golf R Mk7.5 Manual or Dsg?

    DSG every single time
  4. Just brings the car to a controlled stop, doesn't lock the back wheels, pointless doing it.
  5. This will be my 3rd winter, the R copes admirably in snow even with summer tyres, provided you have a decent amount of tread depth and there's not silly amounts of snow. You can get nicely sideways as well...
  6. Rich_D


    I have never had my DAB switch to another station in 3 years, if the signal is weak, it just drops and goes quiet for a few seconds until the signal is back, there are a couple of dead spots on my way to / from work. This is a Feb 16 / 65 plate R with MIB2, might be different with earlier / later headunits.
  7. Rich_D

    Dsg paddle extensions

    Although I've since upgraded to S2T B1's which are lovely, but cost a lot more. For the money though, the Pinalloy ones are good.
  8. Rich_D

    jb4 TB1 at dealer ?

    I'd take this with a pinch of salt though, there was a fake Audi technical bulletin from a year or two ago that mentioned TB1 as a 'suspected tuning box' code, but it was all very vague and went quiet again with no proof. Also it's not his own car, it's my cousins mates brothers car, so I am sceptical.
  9. Rich_D

    jb4 TB1 at dealer ?

    Thanks... 😐
  10. Rich_D

    JB1 in VW Golf R MK7

    I've been running a JB1 for nearly 3 years / 25k miles, on a custom map 6, making 365bhp & 367lb/ft, with no issues at all.
  11. Rich_D

    Drive Mode Percentages

    In the last 3 years... Individual = 70% Race Mode = 20% Normal = 10% Eco = 0.001% I pretty much use Individual most of the time, which is basically all set to Sport (aka Race) apart from soundaktor & gearbox, I only select Race mode when I want more growl from the soundaktor (which is turned down to 40% with VCDS), with a bit of Normal mode occasionally. I've used Eco maybe 3 or times ever, I can't remember the last time I bothered.
  12. Rich_D

    A 35 Autocar review

    "the four-wheel-drive system powers the front axle only in normal driving before sending up to 50% of the available torque aft" They are using Haldex, so yes.
  13. Yes they are interchangeable, it's only the catback parts that are different