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  1. Doesn't work on all cars unfortunately... but you can check here... https://obdeleven.com/en/supported-vehicles
  2. There is no MAF on the mk7 (or mk7.5) Golf R, so there is no issue using an oiled filter like a K&N
  3. You feel bass more than hearing it, so doesn't make much if any difference in my experience
  4. This ^ It's a smart charger and conditioner and designed to be left connected, so will monitor & maintain the battery when not being driven.
  5. Correct, once the stage 7 light is green it's fully charged. Which model of CTEK charger are you using and which charge mode are you using? Mine is a CTEK MXS 5.0 and if the battery is very flat it can take a very long time to fully charge and recondition (if you select that). This shows the amount of time each of the stages can take...
  6. No idea sorry, just have a box full of nuts & bolts and found 2 that fitted.
  7. Or just add a 2nd nut like I did 👍
  8. I know, but when I restart the engine it's because I want to move 👍
  9. Her car lives outside and was parked overnight in the rain with the charger hooked up, so no chance it dried out and was miraculously fine again once the battery had been conditioned. I have rescanned again with VCDS and it's not showing now, so must have been voltage related, I found other posts whilst Googling referncing the ABS sensor fault and low battery voltage, shame yours was not so simple. £133 isn't too bad for a new AGM battery either and Varta are decent 👍
  10. Strangely her car was also showing that the rear right ABS sensor was bad, it's all fine again now the battery is charged, did you fully clear all the codes with VCDS once you had a new battery?
  11. This happened with the wife's mk7 TDi estate last week, loads of warning messages on the dash & pinging & binging away, so I scanned with VCDS and it showed loads of faults, but was acting oddly, some modules not reading, etc, I checked the battery voltage and it was 12.1v which is low and I know some cars freak out with low voltage. She does lots of short journies, using stop/start, lights & heaters on, etc, so high load and not much driving to charge. It also turns out that she was sat in the car with the kids with the ingition on and engine off, so basically flattened the battery and triggered the warnings, women! I charged it overnight with my CTEK and used the reconditioning mode to juice it up properly, it's been perfect ever since. Will monitor to see if the battery is on it's way out, how much was the new AGM out if interest?
  12. My 2016 R needs ACC active to auto restart, I just tap the throttle pedal lightly first and then set off as it's smoother
  13. Used them in the past, they were very good with my claim when my BMW 330d was rear ended, I'd happily use them again
  14. Another vote for a Disklok, small size fits perfectly
  15. I'd wait for the iOS compatible OBDeleven and get the pro version, as that allows long coding, which puts it ahead of Carista, the app like changes are similiar, but with ODBeleven you need credits and Carista you need a subscription, long coding is free though. Having said that, for the money Carista is good and the OBD adapter works with both iOS & Android and supports a number of other apps, whereas the OBDeleven one is app specific.
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