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  1. More interior updates. Decided to get the gear gaiter, central armrest and door cards retrimmed in the same leather with blue stitching as the seats. The alcantara on the steering wheel was getting a bit tired and it needed the same blue stitching so got that redone too.
  2. When I tried the 8R out yesterday I felt all the touch controls were perfectly ok, didn’t realise the steering wheel ones had feedback which was good too.
  3. Just been to a local dealership today to finally see an 8R. Not changing my 7R anytime soon, just wanted to see one in the flesh.
  4. Thank you. unfortunately I can’t as my local VW specialist did all the work on fitting them. I need to contact them soon for other work, so will ask for more detail on what exactly they did.
  5. Thank you! Thought I might as well get the backs done at the same time. In September the armrest, door cards and rear quarter panels are getting a trim upgrade to tie in with the seats. The alcantara steering wheel is getting blue stitching too.
  6. The Integra looks amazing.
  7. Unfortunately these seats were never available as an option for the 7R. These came out of a mk5 Golf GTi with Tartan trim. So had a complete re-trim including embroidered R logo. The 3dr & manual a bit of a dying breed, but I still love it.
  8. I’ll make sure I keep a check on this section in future. I have a new interior to show off now.
  9. Recaro Wingback seats now fitted.
  10. Thank you! They came from a Mk5 Golf GTi and were originally tartan trimmed. Should be a straight fit apart from resistors for the airbags as theses seats haven’t got them and some modifications to the connectors for seat heating.
  11. New front seats to be fitted next week. Rear bench was also retrimmed to match.
  12. Like dark mode and I'm using the fluid width feature which looks great on my large screen.
  13. Thanks, only 2 months at least, but yes many different ideas. Originally thought of having them just trimmed to match the rears to keep costs down.
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