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  1. Brand new 1994 Corsa. At the time I had just won a Corsa GSi, my instructor was looking for a new car and was tempted to buy it off of me, but the insurance was so high, she settled with the more sedate GLS.
  2. My car at the 2019 Dublogic show.
  3. It’s nice that VW actually offer a choice, most rivals no longer give you this.
  4. No, drawn from scratch, using a photo as reference. This is how it looked before I added the textures.
  5. Decided to have a go at drawing my Golf R in Adobe Illustrator.
  6. Just seen the video. The Golf R even has the Akrapovic exhaust and yet still gets destroyed by the S3 which apparently only has a res delete 🤔. Maybe the R was a post WLTP car.
  7. Due to a lack of interest and that I now have other plans on these dates, I’ll cancel this meet until the New Year.
  8. Love the Clubsport spoiler really finishes the back off with out being to over the top.
  9. Yes it’s a BCS. Just a static event, something Goodwood do most months. As people left and it cleared, I took the opportunity to park on the grid.
  10. Thank you! Yes really happy with the way the car looks now!
  11. My car at the Goodwood Hot Hatch Breakfast Club.
  12. Anyone fancy meeting up at Totes Cafe, Pulborough RH201DN. Sunday 25 November or Sunday 2 December at 9.00am.
  13. These are the plastic parts that go over the mirror once it’s attached. 5G0 858 548 B 9B9 5G0 857 593 B 9B9 Mirror is 3G0 857 511 AC 989 I got mine second hand so not sure on price new.
  14. I didn’t fit it myself but it only took 10 minutes for my local mechanic to do it.
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