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  1. I wasn’t really expecting VW to ever produce a car like the R400, they couldn’t do it before so not really likely now. Those days of bespoke specials have gone, apart from maybe the GR Yaris. Ford lost a lot of money with the Mk1 Focus RS as the bespoke body work had to be fitted off the production line, but by the time the Mk2 came out they had adapted the production line for the wider arches.
  2. For me the R400 would have been a much better effort for a special. Thought it was different enough from the standard R especially with the wider wheel arches and Recaro Wingbacks. A unique colour would have been better too.
  3. That PP spoiler really looks good, amazing how it makes the older MK7/7.5 look so ordinary. Which is why I added a Clubsport spoiler to my MK7.
  4. I've ordered one of these Otto models. I already have the MK7 R, MK5 and MK4 R32's. Hoping a MK6 or MK8 will be made too. It was meant to go on sale in 2017 but never did.
  5. I had my wheel refurbed a couple of months ago, the alcantara was starting to look tired plus I wanted blue stitching this time to match my seats.
  6. Nice to do a meet-up after so long. Strange location for the Fuel Coffee House but looks welcoming from inside, seems like Sunday and Monday it’s always closed.
  7. Should be good. Chance to see your upgraded brakes, as I want to do something similar next year.
  8. Here are my first set of photos after having the car detailed this week, only had the car just over a 2 weeks. As the weather was nice today decided to take the opportunity to go on a photo shoot.
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