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  1. Like dark mode and I'm using the fluid width feature which looks great on my large screen.
  2. Thanks, only 2 months at least, but yes many different ideas. Originally thought of having them just trimmed to match the rears to keep costs down.
  3. Thanks, always wanted some. Yes they will still be heated.
  4. Got a big upgrade coming in June. Just purchased some Recaro Wingbacks, have 2 months to decide on how I want them trimmed. One idea is black leather outer with blue stitching and R logo and dark grey alcantara centres. The rear seats will be done to match at the same time.
  5. Finally fitted some dynamic mirror indicators. These are the Osram ones so not the cheapest.
  6. Just read your initial review. With our rubbish roads good to hear the ride is even better and yet its more engaging to drive than ever. The more photos I see of the 8R the more I'm getting to like it, especially as yours has the Perfomance pack too. Looks more modern and aggressive than before, but I still think the Mk7 is more timeless. Also good that the leather is better then before, though I was one of the mad ones that actually spec'd carbon anthracite nappa leather on my Mk7.
  7. Great first photos, looks very nice. Seats do look much better in leather and its amazing how close I got the blue on my callipers to what is now standard on the Mk8 R.
  8. As you said I decided I was ready for a new car. In many ways the Golf is the better car, not as rare or collectibles the RS but more modern and nicer as an everyday car as well as being sporty enough when you want it. Good that you have kept in touch with the owner, I have tried to find out where my RS is but it has been through so many owners since I sold it 5 years ago, real shame as it was a 1 owner car for so long.
  9. I remember seeing my Focus RS been driven off for the last time after owning it for 13 years and feeling sad. My Golf is now 5 years old, I’m sure I will have it for many more years. Bec’s is the new owner of your Mk7 on this forum?
  10. I certainly don’t think the 7 looks dated next to the 8 and Lapiz is still a great colour. There are some nice touches on the 8, like the spoiler and blue callipers and I’m sure it will grow on me more once I have seen it for real. The thing is the 7 was never a grower I liked it to begin with.
  11. Out of all the spoilers it was always the Clubsport. Just enough aggression without being to over the top, very expensive though.
  12. Since I have BCS cat back mine is set 0 via VCDS.
  13. Just when the mk8 R has started to grow on me I go and look at my mk7 and realise the mk8 is still not winning me over. Maybe once I’ve seen it in the flesh I’ll like it more. Love the mk7 RS3 conversion and those seats 😍.
  14. Yes when ever I see a thread on wingbacks, I think one day I’ll have some.
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