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  1. Isn't the stock intake good enought? Is there any noticable difference between VWR600 and drilled stock airbox without snow grate??
  2. Can you post photos of your car with splitter installed?
  3. 312hp / 406Nm on stock when we test it about 8-9 months ago. Currently only JB4 + K&N panel filter + removed snow grate. Acceleration video (map 6 with default params). Remember this is heavy Variant / Estate with also heave panoramic sunroof.
  4. Method 1: Step 1. Better intercooler. Step 2. Aftermarket intake or just stay with stock airbox with K&N / BMS panel filter. It gives almost nothing except noise and look. Step 3. Cat-back exhaust. If don't want lauder / noiser car, stay with stock. It does not bring you any extra hp. Step 4. Downpipe + ECU tune + TCU tune. This should be done togerher. Method 2: If you are on stock, get stage 1 ECU tune + TCU tune, save money and be happy with almost same performance as on stage 2.
  5. Pulled 384hp / 495Nm on dyno with JB4 map 1 so I guess I can compete with RS3.
  6. If someone is interested in "numbers", my G7R pulled 384hp / 495Nm on dyno, JB4 map 1.
  7. I know couple of 450 and 500hp 7R's with Airtec.
  8. Yes, 5mm on front and 10mm on rear, Eibach Pro Spacers + Eibach Pro Kit springs.
  9. Hi guys. Everybody knows stock IC isn't best choice. I'm installing JB4 in couple of days and thinking of installing new IC in the same time. Can't decide, Wagner or Airtec? Everybody says Wagner is top notch, but it costs almost $300 more than Airtec. Is it worth additional money or go with Airtec?
  10. My 7R Estate on winter setup. TD Pro Race 1.2 8x18" ET45.
  11. booncol

    R Estate

    Ceramic protection coated.
  12. Nice to see my video on vwroc
  13. Keyless - ok, but I could live without it. For me it's a gadget. Sunroof - looks good but cost lot of money. Waiting for summer. Discover Pro - waste of money. Maps aren't that good as Google Maps. DCC - 100% must have Reversing camera - helps sometimes but parking sensors are enough for me. DSG - good for daily traffic. I dont like the thing it changes gears not in the same time i would. ACC - really scary for me. Used twice and forgot. FrontAssist - if you drive dynamically and hold on a bumper, its not for you. It beeps all the time that i'm to close. Heated seats - must have Heated front windshield - it's ok but i have a feeling that it works better on my wife's Ford.
  14. booncol

    R Estate

    Picking mine next week. My first VW...
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