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  1. Whats the fault stored within address code 10
  2. nah its definitely not lol, if the system see's an update then it knows its good and will upload it god knows why though its dropping to -1% when trying to update mind sending me your version to load onto an SD card and see it if loads?
  3. the first was getting POInspect0r to make the update in the first place now its made I'm getting error in the 5F while trying to update When the update fails, it fully resets itself
  4. haha thanks buddy so inserted the SD Card into the 5F unit, went to system, selected "Software Version" clicked "update" Gives me the option Personal POI 2018-08-09 click it the updte starts the counter drops to -1% then fails FFS ARRRRRRGGGGHHHHH lol
  5. right, managed to sort it found if I dropped the distance down to 2000 metres instead of the default 4000 metres, then the POI's have loaded no problems the next issue is getting it to upload to the vehicle as they won't load up to the car like it used to
  6. I've downloaded multiple formats from PGPSW today, .CSV .GPX .OV2 etc and they all give the same error when I try and load them I worked through step by step on my windows laptop and at no point do I see a map whenever I click any of the POI's I get the same error code as I get when I load the POI's haha There are 0 POI's loaded even though they are listed...... been doing my head in haha
  7. adding the POI data I right click on the "UK GATSO" get the info box up, locate the file and load the data I then get the error i've shown
  8. trying to make the POI's with POInspect0r but keep getting this. Anyone any ideas?
  9. Had them working on my 17 plate mk7.5 discovery media unit, now into a 67 plate with discovery media and cant get them to load both of the cars had the same system running version 0867 software..... arrrrgggghhhhh lol
  10. the easiest way to see it is with a torch shining through the bottle from the side
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