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  1. mperry2805

    3 Happy years of ownership

    I'll still stick around, as there will still be useful bits to pickup and also share with this community too. Yes definitely sticking with the VW brand. The other half got a new shape Polo last year, even that's quite pleasant to drive for what it is. I do believe with VW you get what you pay for over the likes of Ford's, Vauxhall's etc
  2. mperry2805

    3 Happy years of ownership

    Keeping it was always my original aim. Like yourself I usually change after around 3 years, but didn't feel the urge to with the R. Had circumstances / needs not changed, it would still be sat on the driveway
  3. mperry2805

    3 Happy years of ownership

    Thanks, I'm enjoying it more than I thought I would. Much more comfortable and a smoother ride
  4. mperry2805

    3 Happy years of ownership

    Hi all, Just wanted to say this forum has been most helpful over the past 3 years of ownership. Traded in my beloved car in yesterday, for a more practical Passat R Line. I have loved every minute of R ownership. Maybe one day I'll have another.
  5. mperry2805

    What Warranty claims have you made?

    Rear outer light cluster replaced due to excessive condensation and water droplets
  6. mperry2805

    Latest Map Update (2018) for Nav Pro

    Just a quick update, there now appears to be an official link from the VW website which takes you along to the following site: http://webspecial.volkswagen.de/maps/int/en/index.html Latest maps now appearing there for post 2015 Nav pro users atleast (not checked any others)
  7. mperry2805

    Haldex clean who to entrust

    Does that include cleaning the pump filter, which VW believe isn't a serviceable part?
  8. I've used Pristine, not for Diamond cut wheels, but they made a fantastic job of my prets 😬
  9. mperry2805

    What Warranty claims have you made?

    Just spit balling ideas. I thought both of yours were around the same build year
  10. mperry2805

    What Warranty claims have you made?

    Out of curiosity are both of yours also MY16? Just wondering if they changed supplier or quality at a certain point in time 🤔
  11. mperry2805

    What Warranty claims have you made?

    Yes they didn't bat an eyelid at getting it replaced. Car went in Thursday morning for its service, had it back late Friday afternoon all complete
  12. mperry2805

    What Warranty claims have you made?

    Bonnet insulation felt due to shrinking above the turbo, and also the water pump due to slow coolant leak
  13. Had two Prets refurbed by Pristine. Their turn around was around a week, the collection and delivery did add to the turn around. I was impatient, and went and picked them up as soon as they were ready. Done a great job, and well packaged up for the journey home
  14. mperry2805

    Data Plugs?!

    I walked straight up to the service and parts desk at my local dealership. Asked them about the Data plugs, he pointed to a pile on a desk close by and said help yourself to one. No questions asked
  15. mperry2805

    Data Plugs?!

    They've fobbed you off well and truly there! It has nothing to do with Car Net. Mine works fine on a Discovery Pro unit (which has Car Net etc)