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  1. New alloys on the way. what do I coat them in?

    good stuff mate think i will give that a go!
  2. New alloys on the way. what do I coat them in?

    15 or 30ml? not much build up of brake dust?
  3. Have a set of team dynamic 1.2 on the way in gloss anthracite and what should i protect them in? Car is running cadiz atm with gtechniq on.
  4. Wind Deflectors

    get them on. if you dont you will always wonder what if!
  5. no way pal! factory is on shut down at minute too so looks like wil be a while
  6. ET45 or ET35?

    luke led
  7. i ordered anthracite. have i done the right thing though!
  8. ET45 or ET35?

    good point! thanks buddy!
  9. ET45 or ET35?

    fair point. I ideally want the wheels soon so depends if anything is in stock. Does et45 look naf or would et35 all round be pushing it? would it touch?
  10. thanks pal! just need to find someone who has them in now!