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  1. I ordered near the start of June and currently at stage 3 (build week scheduled) dealers says it's scheduled for week 35 build - was week 28 when I placed my order, I should see the car in October, I did remove the Akrapovic from my order as this was adding 9 weeks!
  2. Hi Simon,

    I used to work at Renishaw, bold, ugly and had a White Volvo V60, redundancy last March.

    Sorry I missed your car, always liked it  :), Saw your Volvo, good profit. 

    But now an owner of a R estate :P

    Only had a month, but so far, so fun.

    Hope to speak soon





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    2. simonj67


      Hi Jon, I remember, V60 with Polestar? I used to follow you in sometimes.

      Hopefully things have got better since last March for you, where are you working now?

      Volvo was crazy, bought from main dealer in Gloucester last October then sold a couple of months ago and made £7k, got an order in for a Tiguan R that should be here in September, I always go back to VW.

      Love the R estates, had the white one first then got an S4 but went back to the grey R estate, so much more fun, if you haven't already got one I would definitely recommend getting a pedalbox, makes a huge difference.

      speak soon.


    3. simonj67


      Pedalbox is a must in my opinion, good read here: 

    4. Arryjmc


      Thanks Simon, I will have a look.


      Have a good day.



  3. Don't think this has been posted yet, came up on my Instagram feed..
  4. When I did mine with Motorway a couple of months ago after I did the pictures etc.. and uploaded Motorway contacted me to confirm everything
  5. It's just simple supply and demand and seems to be affecting most brands.
  6. I sold a car recently with Motorway and made a £6000 profit in 6 months, they give you a reserve price and as long as you are honest there is no reason you should get knocked down. Motorway are just the middleman between you and a dealer, I got £1000 more than the reserve price and the whole thing was very straight forward.
  7. As Tiguan R's are starting to get more owners has anyone tried a Pedal box yet? had them on both my R estates and made a huge difference, my car is still at order stage 2 so won't be with me for a while. Similarly has anyone considered a winter wheel tyre set up? obviously need to clear the brakes so not sure on smallest wheel size, in some markets 20" is standard (20 x 8.5 ET38 with 255 40 20 tyres) so considering at set of BBS in the same size with winter tyres, anyone done similar?
  8. I originally specced the Akrapovic on my Tiguan R order at the start of June but when the dealer checked it was adding 2-3 months to the delivery date, apparently there are supply issue getting the exhaust from Akrapovic, I ended up removing it as the delay was just too great.
  9. Looking good! what rear sun shades are you fitting, did this to both my R estates and looking to do the same on the Tiguan.
  10. Good news! was thinking the same about removing the R badge and possibly doing something with the chrome along the doors. Looking forward to the pictures.👍
  11. No problem, also some cars now appearing on Auto trader with leather. Please share some pics when yours arrives👍
  12. I know, but saving a bit of money for something else?? Leather is also off for the Golf R now as well so yours will be rare! have you thought about a pedal box yet? It made such a difference on my 7.5 I think I'm going to give it a go as it's available.
  13. Had to drop the leather as it transpires that it changes the seat to the S Line shape instead of the R bucket, seems VW didn't notice until I pointed it out to them, the online brochure is wrong and it's only when you add it it the configurator that the different seat is shown, clearly shown though on the German brochure https://www.volkswagen.de/idhub/content/dam/onehub_master/pc/models/r-models/tiguan-r/downloads/Tiguan-R_Katalog.pdf Thought seeing as I was saving on leather I'd go for the Akrapovic but when they amended the order it added 3 months!! Just can't wait that lon
  14. Thank you for the comments, plenty of pics will appear when it arrives, looking at 3-4 months delivery at present. Ref the XC90, never used Motorway to sell a car before but it was so easy and the car sold for over a thousand more than the reserve and £2k more than WBAC, bought by a Volvo main dealer the other side of the country.
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