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  1. Mine is now in the classifieds section for sale.
  2. Time Left: 17 days and 10 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    2019 Golf R Estate. Pure White. 18500 miles. VW warranty untill 06/10/2023. 2 owners High beam assist, keyless, reversing camera, heated seats, alcantara/leather steering wheel. Unmarked Cadiz wheels. Factory black roof rails and mirror caps. Full VW service history. Not been mapped or had tuning box. Currently on private plate but will go back onto VT19 WSU. Excellent condition. (Roof box/rails not included)


    - GB

  3. Hi Sly my R Estate is very similar to what you are looking for and will very soon be for sale - I will put an add up here when it is, where abouts are you?
  4. Hi Sly, where abouts are you based?
  5. Hi, way too many cars between the Evo and my first R to really compare but it was something special and often take a look on Auto trader to see what's about.
  6. Yes, had 3 Impreza STi's a Forester STi and an Evo Fq330, all back in the early 2000's. If you ever came across PSi3 Data monitors that were popular for Subaru's I was one of the owners of the business.
  7. Welcome, happy to help if you have any questions - I'm currently on my third R Estate had a 2016 Mk7, 2018 Mk7.5 310ps (pre GPF) and now in a 2019 Mk7.5 300ps (post GPF).
  8. Paint / change the roofbars for black whilst there is access to the fittings?
  9. Looks like I'm following a similar path, also currently on my third R Estate but with a salary sacrifice option becoming available soon will be looking at either a Model Y or a Polestar 2 so would be interested to hear your thoughts when you get the Tesla. 👍
  10. Northloop Autohaus have bought modifed cars in the passed, maybe worth contacting them.
  11. In the latest Urban YouTube video they mention that they will be offering parts for several different cars in the coming months including the Golf R (around 21 minutes if you don't want to watch the whole thing)
  12. simonj67


    Give Andy at ABC Detailing a call, used him twice for new car prep and he did a fantastic job both times.
  13. My brother got his R estate from his local VW dealer in Bergerac http://jeanlagarde-bergerac.fr they sourced it I believe from Germany as the R estate is very rare in France.
  14. Taken this evening at the edge of Sennybridge ranges with fog at the lower levels and the moon just visible.
  15. Pic of,the RSE 10'S on my old estate
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