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  1. My winter set up, Revo RV018'S
  2. You've really managed to capture the colour of the Oryx paint 👍
  3. I'm trying to him convince him he 'needs' a pedal box too!
  4. He's had quite a few comments from the guys who work at the garage, I was over last weekend just after he collected it and for a 3/4 year old car it is immaculate.
  5. My brother has been looking for a new car and liked both my R Estates but living in France they are almost impossible to find, his local VW dealer had never had an R estate before but one of the salesmen decided to try and find one and ended up importing a car from Germany, as soon as my brother saw it the deal was done, it's a great spec with Oryx paint, DCC, pan roof, keyless, electric leather seats, Dynaudio and even a mains plug in the boot!! He's only had it a few days but is over the moon. Pic with his other toy..
  6. Small update, just had the tyre replaced and the damaged one is repairable, there is a company in Bristol that can do it and the work is guaranteed, apparently not the normal plugging process.
  7. Thank you for the reply, thought it was too near the sidewall.
  8. Before i brave the storm can anyone confirm if the screw in my tyre is pluggable?
  9. Complete pain in the a** this is why I now run RV018's with winter tyres to give a bit more 'cushioning' from potholes in the winter, dark/shorter days and 19's in the summer.
  10. The below has just appeared on my Instagram, images of the cars seem in line with previous pics of the MK8 i.e fog lights on the GTE etc.. Implies the R will have around 245kw is roughly 330 BHP??
  11. I'm running RV018's with winter tyres and not had any issues, I had Neuspeed RSE 10's on my previous R and 3 of the 4 buckled and cracked. I've just sold my OZ Ultralegerra's to get a set of RV019's in matte bronze for summer.
  12. Detailing it not valeting, the key is in the name "Detail" and things you have pointed out are what makes the difference!! I would be disappointed if those things were missed.
  13. Last time I saw/used it was April this year.
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