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  1. Same as this for a 2018 with DSG, PM me if your genuinely interested and can get there this week.
  2. Yes, but they need an exchange wheel this week so looks like i'll have to complete the order, my own fault, just trying to find the time to get there.
  3. Is anyone interested in a Royal Steering wheels retrimmed in Alcantara with silver stitching DSG steering wheel, it's with them ready now, deposit is paid of £50 balance of £115 (plus £20 fitting if required) If someone wants to take over the order I'll swallow the deposit. PM me for details.
  4. Sorry for any confusion, Golf R
  5. I've got ET47 19 x 8.5 OZ's, no spacers needed but you may need longer wheel bolts as I did, standard are 27mm I'm using 35mm
  6. Sold mine a coupe of months ago, no scuffs or marks and had done about 3000 miles with the original Continental tyres and got £1700 via the Mk7 R owners Facebook group
  7. Paperwork is in my car so can't check for a bit but don't gates open at 9?
  8. Top - Winter REVO RV018 with Continental TS850P Bottom - Summer OZ Ultralegerra HLT with Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S
  9. Fitted today. 19" Ultralegerra HLT 19 x 8.5 in matt black with 235 35 19 Pilot Sport 4 S.
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