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  1. Hello. I have a question about my golf mk7 2016 . I had a factory halogen tail lights fitted but i decided to retrofit led on it. Here is a video on youtube https://youtu.be/kANRBv9xOsQ . As you can see the inner brake light doesnt light up when on auto but when i switch to full lights and i brake there is not much diffrent in brighness of brake light. I hope you can see it on this video. Thank you in advance.

    1. dv52


      hmm......... so, here's my problem in trying to help- when you retrofit LED style tail-lights from a non-OEM manufacturer (it doesn't matter if the manufacturer says that they are OEM - they are not!) to a car that was factory fitted with incandescent lamps, some form of cross wiring harness is necessary and each manufacturer's tail lights are different.


      I'm not familiar with every 3rd party manufacturer's products and the wiring harnesses change the factory allocations of the Leuchte-sets


      What diagnostic cable are you using?


  2. @dougie1983 hmm.......I'm going to need a tad more information than is included in your reply to my question!!!!😀 Don
  3. Dougle: Hi hmm.......... more information, please! Which specific lights were given the "pace car light" function? What type of lamps are plugged into the holder on these lights (incandescent, or LED)? In which country is the car driven ? Don
  4. @Chris7.5R: hmm.......... yes, I have cars in my database dedicated to the inside turn-signal lamps with both my assumed Leuchte-sets and those on your list. I can't say with certainty which are correct because the arrangement is highly variable in the country of sale and for the build year. But it isn't a big issue because all that will happen is that the wrong tail light lamp will blink and the setting will need to be reverted back to original - not difficult. I'm always willing to rely on local knowledge if at all possible -so if your car is UK sold, th
  5. @7.5R: Arrhhhhhh.................... there's your problem!!! Do this: Go to the central electrics module Select Adaptation Enter "HLC10" into the search box and select Leuchte23SL HLC10 Navigate to Lichtfunktion A 23 and change setting to Blinken links Hellphase Activate the SLIDE TO WRITE function to implement change When asked for a security code, enter 31347 Go back to step 3 screen above, Enter "HRA65" in
  6. 7.5R: Hi. First my thanks to @Chris7.5R for his kind words - whilst he has grossly overstated my expertise, I agree 101% with his views about NOT (meaning - never) use OBD11 Apps; they are fraught with problems then stuff goes pear-shape - they leave little, if any records of the changes that were made and they rob the user of valuable opportunities to learn how the vehicle is programmed!! Their ONLY advantage is that they are easy to implement - but the cost of this advantage can be very high indeed!!! But, enough of the sermonizing - let's focus on the problem!! Truth is t
  7. @GELCR The LCM looks like this (sorry about the picture size, but I thieved the image from the web): On your auto-scan, If you check the details of the LCM modules @ address hex29 and hex 39 (the faulty unit) - you should find that they have the same part numbers. This means that it should be OK to swap (unplug/re-plug) the right and left side LCMs temporarily to confirm the fault. If you do this swap and the module is faulty - this test should transfer the DTCs to the left side lamp Not sure about your point on "coding". These modules can't be coded with VCDS -
  8. @GELCR: hi and thanks for the PM. First, I assume that the condition of the battery on the car is OK (i.e fully charged and no other symptoms). For low volts fault on hex39 module: If the power supply circuits inside the Light Control Module (LCM) on the right-side are defective, then the positioning motor for the Dynamic Cornering Lights won't have sufficient volts to move correctly - this failure could easily be also interpreted as a defective motor. Or in the alternative, a defect in the motor could result in increased power draw (this is a characteristic of DC mot
  9. GELCR

    Hi don I was hoping for some insight on these fault codes on vcds.. you seem to be the guy!  I do believe the motor has failed in the headlight but would this cause the other 2 fault codes in 4b module and low voltage ? Would really appreciate your knowledge, lastly when I try And clear the fault codes separately it results in the headlight motor clicking, which is making me think all these codes are linked to the main reason (the headlight motor failure) 





  10. dv52

    Reset VCDS Tweaks?

    @Dielis: Thanks for your very kind words and for the politeness of your request! Yes, of course you may use the material as you see fit ; everything that I write and post on the web is "open source" and made freely available to everyone who takes an interest. Sometimes, I've seen my stuff copied without attribution under someone else's name - not really an good way to behave, but then "plagiarism is the most sincere form of flattery". Not much I can do about this dishonesty - but I have more important things to worry about!! 😊 My post and my paper was wri
  11. hmm........the Black colored circle means that the hex22 module has been added to the Gateway list, but it hasn't responded when polled by the hex19 module. If it was my car I would be checking the wiring loom and the connector - pay particular attention to the CAN high/Low wires/pins on the 8 x pin connector - and the power supply terminals (especially earth). Don
  12. @Markt hi First thing is to get the installation list in the Gateway module fixed. OBD11 has an automatic fix for this called AUTOCODE - see testeronline post about two-thirds down the thread HERE After this, clear the errors and re-post another copy of your scan report - unedited please Don
  13. @CosR. hmm......... thanks for the kind words, but I very much doubt that anyone outside the VW mother-ship really knows about Leuchte-programming. Problem is that this stuff seems to be commercial in confidence and there's nothing official that I can find in the public domain - so my understanding is all guess work!! 😀 As to your wants - now I understand what you are after! Try this: on Leuchte2SL VLB10 and Leuchte3SL VRB21 for the adaptation channel Lichtfunktion B, ONLY if the current value on your car is not active, change to Standlicht vorn (Positionslicht; Begre
  14. hmm........... OK - there might be a slight misunderstanding regarding how Leuchte-sets operate on MQB platform vehicles. So, the first thing is definition of terms: when these lamps illuminate WITHOUT low-beam lights, they are called "Daytime Running Lights" (DRLs) - when they illuminate WITH low-beam lights, let's call them "Parking Lights" (PLs) If your car is a UK Golf R with LED specs, then likely VLB10 would have been factory coded as shown at the end of this post and VRB21 would have been the same with the exception of the channel in the second insert below.
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