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  1. hasbot: Alas - access to this tweak has been forbidden in the latest MQB platform vehicles (like the mk7.5). I suspect that VW's "diesel-gate" furor has added to the new changes (guessing). You could add a physical device across the native SS switch to achieve the same result - but it involves DIY skills Don
  2. dv52

    4 new Apps

    Wagon: I note that I have been mentioned in your post. Not sure if this means that you want my comment - if so. alas I'm not able to provide any useful information. Notwithstanding that I have been a user of OBD11 from their beginnings (as well as a user of VCDS and sometimes user of VCP) - I have deliberately NEVER used OBD11 Apps! This is a principle-thing for me! My problem with using Apps is that I don't know what changes are actually made to adaptation channels/long code on my car. It all happens in the background without any records of the changes in History facility (actually, some changes are now being recorded. but it's hit-and-miss and the information is populated days after the App changes are made) Of course, not having a record of changes made by App is not a problem if the App works, or if the reversal facility for the App works. But read the OBD11 forum and you will find those cases that don't fall onto these 2 x categories. My advice: don't use OBD11 Apps - do the tweaks manually. You learn much more, you save on credits and it's safer!! 😘 Don
  3. dv52

    Dynamic Light Assist

    As indicated in your link - DLA works by using a number of shutters that "hide" a portion of the high-beam illumination pattern from on-coming vehicles. The (correct) front facing camera and smarts in the control module track the route of on-coming vehicles so that the shutters change position and height with the path of approaching vehicles. Clearly for DLA to happen, the headlights must have the requisite shutters fitted. DLA is a sophisticated version of the plain, ordinary high-beam assist function, which is a binary ON/OFF system where there is no vehicle tracking: the high-beams simply turn OFF when an on-coming vehicle is detected. Headlights for High-beam assist don't (normally) have variable multi-shutters. But perhaps check the part number on your headlights with a dealer Don
  4. dv52

    Max A/C

    clarke: hi. Try this (don't forget to also change Blower adjustment to Cooling with more air in cooling operation) : Don
  5. ^^^^ what is "extended lights"? Don
  6. Go to long code in hex5F module and tick Byte24, Bit 6 (VZA- VerkehrsZeichen-Anzeige: Traffic Sign Display) like this: Don PS: but note that this will put the speed limit on the MIB screen - it won't replicate this on the dash (I believe).
  7. dv52

    Key programming

    VWR2018: Hi. I'm definitely no where near South Wales (I'm closer to New South Wales), but I don't believe that VCDS can be used to program a key in generation V immobilizers which are used on mk7 vehicles. My understanding is that any stuff related to changes to gen V immobilizers (which includes key programming) needs access to FAZIT (Fahrzeug-Auskunfts- Zentrales und Informations-Tool ) which is an on-line facility that's only accessible by registered VW agents like dealers. Hope I'm wrong, but I think I'm not!!! Don
  8. highlander: the long code on your BCM indicates that your car has HID headlights (Bye2, Bits0-2) - I assume that this is compatible with the actual fittings installed. A failure in the driver side HID driver module , or in the lamp itself would explain the Low/high beam failure. To confirm, try swapping left/right side Don
  9. Dave: most difficult part is removing the cover from the gear leaver - but here's a video of how to do it from a fellow Aussie (Mattaus) Don
  10. Perhaps look at THIS Don
  11. This behavior may be entirely normal depending on what else has been turned-on After the ignition is turned-on and the engine is running, press the Stop Start message on the screen below (apology for the dusty pic): You should then get a screen that looks like this: What are the entries - these are the reasons why SS hasn't switched-on? Don
  12. ^^^ "£200"? - really?. If you only want the tablet to run OBD11 - why not simply buy a cheap 2nd-hand tablet from eBay?
  13. ^^^^ I don't believe that a security code will solve the problem - if the module is grayed-out, the more likely reason may be that it's not registered in the CAN Gateway installation list. Anyway, try 47115 - it works for post MY16 Instrument modules on MQB platform vehicles - not sure about Q7 . The other general purpose security code that applies to a bunch of modules on MQB models is 20103 - again, not sure about Q7 Don
  14. try this: 1) Select Central Electrics module @ address hex09 2) Select Security access 3) Enter the magic number 31347 4) Select Adaptation 5) Search for "Scheinwerferreinigung" and select Headlamp washer system 6) set to "not installed" The headlight washer should be disabled Don
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