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  1. dv52

    DRL help

    Jazz, it really depends on what country you are from but for UK models, try this: Leuchte3SL VRB21 and Leuchte2SL VLB10 ONLY IF Lichtfunktion C = Standlicht allgemein (Schlusslicht; Positionslicht; Begrenzungslicht), change Dimmwert CD to 100 (value should be 26 as factory set) Don
  2. ^^^Donny: with DV52 tails, the inner lights will illuminate to 28% when the PL is switch-on and this illumination level will change to 100% when the brakes are applied. So the tweak already does this! Don
  3. ^ ^^Donny: hmm.........Of course you are free to do whatever you want -but I would caution against increasing the Parking Lights (PL) to 100 % (i.e. the same as the brake lights). Put yourself in the position of the car driving behind you during night time when the PL is switched-on. With your changes - the car at the rear sees the illumination level @100% - you suddenly step on the Brakes to avoid an imminent collision - but the car at the rear see no change in the lamp illumination because it's the same as the Brake light. Yes, you can argue that the car at the rear will see other lights change (the high-level 3rd brake light - for example) - but I reckon that it's just not safe with this arrangement. And, I suspect that your car won't be road legal with your changes - I don't know your road laws for car lighting, but I suspect that your current 28% setting is enshrined somewhere in your regulations. Even if I'm correct -of course you can take the risk that contravening the road rules will never be a problem - but if ever the car is involved in a serious accident, the prosecutor for the other party will have a strong case for negligence (IMO of course - I'm not a legal person). Anyhow - you are free to do whatever you want (as I said, it's entirely your decision). I make no moral judgements in these forums , and most definitely, my role isn't to be the ethical/legal conscience of those who implement my tweaks. Don
  4. ^ ^^ ^Donny: Hi. My 4 x brake light tweak suggestion above should result in this effect: whereas DV52 tails App should result in these effects: So, bottom line - yes the 4 x brake light function has been integrated into the DV52 tweak . But I'm not sure how the OBD11 App operates and I never use APPs - because APPs leave no records in the OBD11 History facility regarding what changes they made. This means that if the loose stools and the fan blades collide after implementing the APP and the reversal process doesn't work (it does happen), reverting the changes to their original values is problematic. I guess If you must use an APP because you don't have the PRO version of OBD11 -then my suggestion would be to just implement DV52 tails. This means that you get the 4 x brake light tweak included for free and you avoid entirely the question about US versus UK fittings (because I designed the DV52 tails tweak for our Rest-of-World cars in Australia) . So, it's a clear case of win-win where you get to keep both the wins !!! 😘 Don
  5. Phil Hi - hope this helps "I can see there is 4 wires going into the sub but not sure if 2 are for power and 2 for audio" - No this isn't the reason for the 4 x wires (I assume that you are referring to the 4 x wires from the amp to the sub-woofer speaker) ; the wires are arranged as 2 x pairs and they transport the audio signal from the external amplifier (it's called the "Digital sound package control unit- J525") to 2 x separate coils inside the sub-woofer. These coils drive the diaphragm in the speaker. Each of the 2 x pairs of wires have a +ve and - ve designation, but these are to indicate the polarity of the speaker diaphragm push/pull direction. "also I only picked up 12 ohms (I think)" - I'm not sure how you measured the coil resistance, but these are 2 x separate coils as shown in the diagram below. If you measured across each pair, you should get about the same reading for each coil for a healthy speaker!! "Do you know if the sub has its own fuse? I’ve searched online but can’t find any suggestion of a separate fuse". - I'm not sure what country you are from, but on my Rest-of-world (RoW) wiring diagrams, the J525 module is fused at position #27 on the "C" fuseboard which is under the LHS of the steering wheel on LHD vehicles. However, I very much doubt that the problem that you describe is fuse related because a blown fuse would mean that the external amplifier wouldn't work - meaning no sound at all! "If the sub has no power will the amp sent audio frequencies to it? "- Of course the amp has it's own power supply wires (via the fuse) - but the "audio frequencies" that the amp receives from the MIB (the module in the glove-box - J794) are digital, rather than analogue; they are transported to the amp via a pair of fiber-optic cables that form a ring architecture (meaning that each fiber cable forms a circle and the signals must be sent from an module to another module and they must also be received again by the initiating module for successful comms). The optical ring that carries the "audio frequencies" looks like this: So, if the sub has no power, or the MIB has no power - the entire audio system is shut-down (meaning no sound) Don
  6. Starnzy: Try reloading the latest release iOS version of OBD11 - I understand that it has the fix for the back-up problem. If you get better results, re-post your report Don
  7. Stanzy: OK - yes, the iOS version of OBDeleven does stuff differently. Alas, there is no additional information in the history report - it simply confirms the details in your first post. There is currently a bug in the iOS software that doesn't allow the back-up function to complete properly (as is evident in your results) - the backup function works OK with Android. Hopefully the iOS error will be fixed in a new release soon! Don
  8. Starnzy: All excellent questions!!! First, the issue of VW knowing that you have OBD11 - this shouldn't matter for stuff like showing the dealer copies of scan reports because OBD11 is simply reading the state of a bunch of memory locations in each module. This is exactly what the dealer tool (ODIS) will do. Nothing is changed in the car by scanning for fault codes; it's just an information dump! That said, it's an entirely different matter if you start changing values in adaptation channels, or if you alter the settings in long-code strings for modules in the car. Fundamentally, when you make actual changes, of course you must accept the consequences of those decisions and you are accountable for ALL the changes that you make. However, you need to take a balanced view of the risks when making changes; most times the risks are small and it will be a relatively simple task to fix any resulting errors by reverting the values that you changed to their original settings. This is why it's important to make a back-up of the car's database in its virgin state and this is why OBD11 (and every other reputable diagnostic cable) has a "History" facility. But there does remain the risk that that when the loose stools and the brown stuff really collide with the fan blades - a visit to the dealer may be necessary. If this happens, then yes the accountability for paying for rectification remains with you - alas!! So-how to manage this risk? Well it's a relatively simple answer; be informed! Make the effort to find-out all that you can about the tweak that you are about to implement. There's no point doing this after you have implemented the change and a fault has resulted - you MUST make the effort to inform yourself BEFORE pressing the "go" button on OBD11!! Regarding the DTCs (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) in your scan - The intermittent ones shouldn't be too concerning. These faults have appeared in the past, but have subsequently been resolved. Very likely if you take the car to the dealer, they will simply clear these faults and tell you to watch-out for any re-occurrence. The static fault in the Gateway module is more interesting: If you aren't aware, this module is kind-of like the "fat controller" of Tomas the Tank Engine fame. The Gateway module controls all communications on the various CAN buses in the car. Think of a CAN bus as being a telephone line that only allows messaging by one phone at a time - there can be up to 6 x CAN buses on a Golf mk7. So, one of the Gateway module's many rolls is to decide which of the car's other modules can speak at any time and which modules will be directed to shut-up!! It does this by using what's called an "installation list" which is simply a table of module identities that are registered with the Gateway module whenever a module is installed in the car. The installation list is mostly created at the factory, but it can be augmented later if a new module is installed, or removed. Your DTC in the Gateway module suggests that the "installation list" is no longer compatible with the identity of the other modules in the car that are requesting access to the CAN buses. This normally happens when a module has been changed (or, a new module is added) after factory build, but I would need to see the complete fault details to be sure. If you want a better response, please post-up a copy of your scan report like this: After you receive the email that you posted to yourself, simply copy-and-past the contents into a new post here Don
  9. I certainly can - see below:: Left-side Reverse light Leuchte28RFL LC11-Lichtfunktion B 28 > Blinken links Hellphase Leuchte28RFL LC11-Lichtfunktion C 28 > Blinken links Dunkelphase Leuchte28RFL LC11-Dimming Direction CD 28 > minimize Right-side Reverse light Leuchte29RFL RA64-Lichtfunktion B 29 > Blinken rechts Hellphase Leuchte29RFL RA64-Lichtfunktion C 29 > Blinken rechts Dunkelphase Leuchte29RFL RA64-Dimming Direction CD 29 > minimize You pick which side reversing light you want to flash (or, both sides)! But, as I have already said - these changes will/should simply make the reversing lights (white LEDs) flash - the tweak won't illuminate the yellow LEDs, which need to be connected to the turn-signal lamp wires. Don
  10. mark: It ain't difficult to get reversing lights to also become turn signals. You just need to add the Blicken rechts/links Hellphase/Dunkelphase commands into the Leutche-sets. But on your car this will just make the white lights illuminate for both the two functions. It won't make the white lights be reversing lights and the yellow lights be turn-signals Don
  11. larsc2: Did you set Byte 10, Bit 1 in the instrument module long code string? Ignore the position of the box in the Binary value in my picture - I originally used the screenshot for another purpose. Don
  12. ^^^^^^c4ypt1k: Hi. I don't know the answer to your question with absolute certainty, but the software switch that tells the Air Conditioning module @ address hex08 which side of the car the steering wheel is installed is on Byte 1 , Bits4-7 in the long-code string - see below: My hunch (guess really) is that the MIB uses this setting value to display the correct version of the Climate Control screen for LHD/RHD cars - I think! Not sure how familiar you are with hex/Binary code - but in essence, my picture above says that it's all done with Bit #4 ; Bit #4 set to "1" means RHD, or Bit #4 set to "0" means LHD Again, I'm not absolutely certain - but it's a relatively easy try - so worth investigating IMO. Don
  13. WooooooooO: Hi I don't believe that the mk7.5 Golf R has a hex46 module - which likely explains why it didn't show-up in your scan report and why OBD11 complained when you manually added the module to the "installation List". On MQB platform vehicles like your Golf, the control module @ address hex09 (which OBD11 calls "central electrics") is the thing that controls the fast-glass. I'm not sure why your the key doesn't work, but try resetting the up/down process- roll the window down but keep the switch pressed down for 3-5 seconds after the window is fully down. Then raise it and keep the switch pulled up for another 3-5 seconds after fully up. Don
  14. larsc2: hi. Try this: Select Instrument module @ address hex17 Select Security Access-16 and enter the magic number 20103 Select Adaptation- 10 Enter "IDE00295" into the search box and select IDE00295-Oil temperature display, change setting to on Don
  15. Danny: So - BCM is error free. Got me stumped!!
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