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  1. larsc2: Did you set Byte 10, Bit 1 in the instrument module long code string? Ignore the position of the box in the Binary value in my picture - I originally used the screenshot for another purpose. Don
  2. ^^^^^^c4ypt1k: Hi. I don't know the answer to your question with absolute certainty, but the software switch that tells the Air Conditioning module @ address hex08 which side of the car the steering wheel is installed is on Byte 1 , Bits4-7 in the long-code string - see below: My hunch (guess really) is that the MIB uses this setting value to display the correct version of the Climate Control screen for LHD/RHD cars - I think! Not sure how familiar you are with hex/Binary code - but in essence, my picture above says that it's all done with Bit #4 ; Bit #4 set to "1" means RHD, or Bit #4 set to "0" means LHD Again, I'm not absolutely certain - but it's a relatively easy try - so worth investigating IMO. Don
  3. WooooooooO: Hi I don't believe that the mk7.5 Golf R has a hex46 module - which likely explains why it didn't show-up in your scan report and why OBD11 complained when you manually added the module to the "installation List". On MQB platform vehicles like your Golf, the control module @ address hex09 (which OBD11 calls "central electrics") is the thing that controls the fast-glass. I'm not sure why your the key doesn't work, but try resetting the up/down process- roll the window down but keep the switch pressed down for 3-5 seconds after the window is fully down. Then raise it and keep the switch pulled up for another 3-5 seconds after fully up. Don
  4. larsc2: hi. Try this: Select Instrument module @ address hex17 Select Security Access-16 and enter the magic number 20103 Select Adaptation- 10 Enter "IDE00295" into the search box and select IDE00295-Oil temperature display, change setting to on Don
  5. Danny: So - BCM is error free. Got me stumped!!
  6. OK, using EXACTLY the same conditions as for your last picture (the test showing 100 % DRL) -post up a copy of your scan report Don
  7. Danny: The 100% readings are correct. The results of the test strongly suggest that the BCM is operating OK Look at the Plug/terminal values in your picture and compare then with the Leuchte-set names for the DRLs (i.e. Leuchte3SL VRB21 controls Pug "B", terminal "21"). As you can see - the results align with your programming. Problem must be elsewhere? Do you have any errors reported in your scan with this programming? Don
  8. Danny: hmmm..... odd! I assume that you correctly set-up the test: Leuchte 2SL/3SL programmed as per before and DRLs turned-on and selection as per the 3rd screen in my instructions (i.e. Daytime running lights) Why then does the test indicate that Plug B, terminal #10 and Plug B, terminal #21 are illuminated to "26" (should be "100") and why is Pug B, terminal #4 is not illuminated at all? And what happened to the entry Pug B, terminal #32? it almost looks like the test was setup for Parking lights- but I'm completely confused Don
  9. Danny: OK - an MY14 mk7 won't have LCMs, so we can dismiss this concern. Does your scan report have any errors with the 2SL/3SL Leuchte-sets programmed? If so, please post-up With Leuchte 2SL/3SL programmed, turn-on your DRLs and do this: The bottom, left screen shows the DRL entries for Connector number (this is the BCM socket- "Plug B" on the picture) and Connector terminal number (this is the BCM pin -"4" on the picture) - shown circled in my picture. If you scroll-down this screen, there will be a separate entry for each of the socket/pins on your BCM (the hex09 module that OBD11 calls Central electrics) that are designated as DRLs. What is the complete list of these on your car and what is the entry Signal state for each separate socket/pin? Don
  10. dv52

    rear lights on with drl

    NRW: Ain't nothing wrong with being a new-bee!. We were all at the same position as you at some stage in our learning-curve - but with the aid of forums like these and the folk that inhabit them - doubtless you will quickly move through the education process. My suggestion: be inquisitive, be an active self starter and use the myriad resources on the web as tools for understanding (don't just rely on this forum). And most important of all - try and make "risk appropriate" error (by which I mean -low risk errors with little education and more risky errors as your education improves). Getting out-of self imposed errors are magnificent learning environments (when the errors are done properly, of course) Don
  11. dv52

    rear lights on with drl

    Harpo: hmm........ quite apart from your (intentional- I assume) use of a tautology, I've never understood the term "plane (of course, you mean "plain") English". Sad fact is that English (or more specifically the DIFFERENT forms of English that we speak in various countries) is anything but plain. And then there is the matter of "most of us don’t understand what you’re on about " - guess I have to try harder!!!😀 Anyhow, from my reading of the other responses (from those who I didn't confuse) I assume that you now understand what "my16" means- maybe? If you are still confused and in my plainest Aussie English: MY stands for ‘Model Year’ - it's a long accepted and often used abbreviation when referring to cars. Hint: in future, Mr Google is your friend when you can't understand a term that's used in forums! 😘 So MY 16 = Model Year 2016 = model cars manufactured in 2016. So "pre MY16" means model cars manufactured BEFORE 2016 So "post MY16" means model cars manufactured AFTER 2016 The reason for making the distinction in my instruction is because in 2016, the Golf mk7 designers made a fundamental change to the Body Control Module (that's the module that lives @ address hex09 on the CAN network), These changes happened at different times of the year depending on the country - but generally mid-way through the year. These changes affected the name of lots of adaptation channels. So, it ain't any good searching for the pre my16 channel name if you have a post my16 built car (VCDS just won't find the channel) Good luck with the tweak Don
  12. dv52

    rear lights on with drl

    ^^^mike: the answer is "Yes" - like this: Select the 09-Cent. Elect. module Select Security Access - 16 Enter the magic number 31347 Select Adaptation - 10 Enter ENG116593 into the search box If you have a pre MY16 model Golf, select IDE06864-ENG116593-Daytime running lights-Tagfahrlicht-Dauerfahrlicht aktiviert zusaetzlich Standlicht if you have a post MY16 model Golf, select ENG141647-ENG116593-Außenlicht_Front-Tagfahrlicht-Dauerfahrlicht aktiviert zusaetzlich Standlicht Change the setting to active Select Doit!! and exit VCDS software Don
  13. hmm....... so, one of the biggest issues I have when providing advice remotely on these forums is understanding the problem (because I can't see the car here in my workshop). To date we have been talking about "DRLs". There are 2 x ways that the term "DRL" can be used: first it can refer to the DRL function (which is the lighting function where the lamp will light-up in daylight conditions. Or second - it can refer to the actual DRL lamp , which operates as multiple lighting functions. In this second way of referring to the term DRL, the lamp operates as DRL function and as Parking Lights (PL) and as Single Side Parking Lights (SSPL). The way that I have read your posts - I have assumed that you meant that the DRL lamp only had a problem with the DRL function (i.e. not working under daylight conditions). But your response to my test suggestion above indicates that the DRL lamps don't operate at all -they don't operate even as Parking Lights, or as SSPLs. If this is correct, then your problem is more fundamental because the PL and SSPL functions are not controlled by the Fahrlicht bei Tag channel settings The fact that you have observed no difference in light illumination on the DRL lamps after changing the Dimmwert CD channel as per my suggestion above and the fact that (as I now understand) the DRL lamp0s don't operate at all - STRONGLY suggests that the Leuchte 2SL/3SL do not operate those particular lamps - which raises 2 x questions: does your car have LCMs (Light Control Modules) and do the headlights assemblies actually have lamps/LED fitted in those positions that you call DRLs? Check your scan for LCMs Don
  14. ^ ^^Danny: as I said - if your scan report doesn't indicate an error, it's highly unlikely that the modules need replacement. Also, sheer logic dictates that it would be highly unlikely that both the left and right side modules would fail together- it's possible, but highly improbable! 2 x suggestions as follows: First: I have forgotten how your car is equipped. I assume that your car doesn't have Light Control Modules; I assume that Leuchte 2SL/3SL actually are the correct Leuchte-sets. You should confirm this be doing this: change Dimmwert CD on one of the Leuchte-sets to 100 (from the current setting of 26). Switch-on the low-beam lamps and look at the DRL lamps that you want to work. If Leuchte 2SL/3SL is correct, the illumination level of the DRL on one side of the car should be much higher than the other side. Change back the channel setting to 26 Second: Post-up the values for the complete Daylight running light group of channels on the central electrics module - your picture only shows some of these channels Don
  15. ^^^Danny: I'm not sure that new modules will help if your scan results don't indicate that a fault is present. Let's get back to basics: the settings in the Leuchte-sets that you have posted above look OK - I assume that these are the correct Leuchte-sets for your car (they can vary). As I said in my PM, the setting in your picture for Fahrlicht bei Tag is incorrect if you want those Leutche-sets to work as DRLs. By selecting the second daylight running light option, you are asking the BCM to use the low beam lights as DRLs, Again as I said in my PM - you should be using the first option for standard DRL. Yes, I know that you have tried this setting without success, but that doesn't change the requirement to use the first option - it simply means that there is a further error that needs resolution Don
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