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  1. hmm......... OK. Don't be offended, but I have to ask, did you have the ignition turned-on? If so, navigate to this screen: Select Gateway Installation List, do you get a table of installed modules showing? If so, try accessing the modules again Don
  2. look at the pins on the OBD port connector - Are any bent, or pushed-in too far? What type of VCDS product is this (XEX+CAN, HEX-NET, VCDS-lite)? Don
  3. yes, all very mysterious indeed - as I said, these type of installations are very non-OEM meaning that each manufacturer uses a different circuit for their products. If you are certain that the harness is compatible with the new tails AND that the wiring is EXACTLY as per the manufacturer's specs - then my only remaining suggestion is to grab a multi-meter and check voltages on the turn signal pins. Again with the caveat that this is a third-party product, the arrangement for some manufacturers is that the dynamic turn-signal function needs 2 x separate supplies; a sign
  4. @MLR: yes, that particular light-function was programmed into Leuchte23SL HLC10 and Leuchte24SL HRA65 with your new coding. It's called "Single Side Parking Light" (SSPL) - look in your owner's manual. SSPL is meant as a safety feature that indicates the car's position on one side in dark evenings when the ignition is off and the car is locked (just one LED illuminates- so minimal battery drain) Not sure what's happening with your turn signals - are there any error codes? Did the wiring instructions say that the dynamic turn signals require a separate voltage supply ? D
  5. OK- try this: Leuchte18BLK HLA60-Lasttyp 18 > 38-LED Blinkleuchten Leuchte19BLK HRC31-Lasttyp 19 > 38-LED Blinkleuchten
  6. hmm......... no, those Leuchte-sets don't help. For example, Leuchte17TFL R BLK SRB3TFL R BLK SR KC3 normally controls the Turn Signal, rear right inside lamp on factory fitted LED taillights. Your car was factory fitted with incandescent tails - so the pin on the central electrics module that is operated by this Leuchte-set doesn't have a connected wire. Hence there is no point programming this Leuchte-set The wiring harness breaks the OEM factory assignment of Leuchte-sets to lamps. So each different harness manufacturer forces a different assignment. I've neve
  7. @MLR: Alas, there's NO one-size-fits-all answer to your question. It depends on lots of factors and most importantly, your exercise is non-OEM - meaning that there is no VW factory equivalent to your new tails. If your car was delivered with incandescent tails, it would have been built with a wiring loom that had an insufficient number of wires for the new LED fittings The way that non-OEM light-fitting manufacturers deal with this is to use a cross wiring harness . These harnesses vary with different manufacturers So, bottom line = we need to know much mo
  8. The correct access code for the hex17 module for later model mk7s is 47115. Don
  9. hmm...... just an addition to the video which applies to the very newest 5WA series modules (@ address hex5A): The older modules on MQB platform cars are 5QO series and the tweak is NOT on Byte 09 as in the video. Instead it's like this: So, for 5Q0 modules, "last setting" is on Byte 14, set Bit 3 =1 and Bit 2 =0 Don
  10. hmm......... I assume that those using one-click-apps understand that the benefits (i.e ease-of-use) come at a price (which is more than the cost of credits) Anyone using one-click-apps takes on the risk of NOT knowing what changes are made to their cars!! Not a problem if everything works correctly - but if (when) the moist, loose stools in the brown stuff and the fan blades collide, big problem !! Don
  11. @AHG: SFD protection protocols is all new stuff and it's anyone's guess how the manufacturer will use the information that is collected. I don't have a crystal ball - but simple logic suggests that a multinational conglomerate like VW doesn't go to the expense and effort of creating this new system (which is focused on identifying who is making changes to their modules) and then to not use the resulting data. Of course VW will use the digital trail in the SFD database - the only question is how? My guess (emphasis "guess") is that the entire purpose of SFD p
  12. @AHG: hmm....... if the car has SFD protocol -there is no way of avoiding a "digital trail"!! If module changes are done via someone with a GEKO account - then the TOKEN will identify (to VW when the dealer wants a warranty payment for repairs) every detail of previous mods to the module If module changes are done using OBD11's solution - then the information in the "enthusiast database" that the user must enter to proceed contains very specific information about the changes that were made Either way - there is a very direct "digital trail" to the manufact
  13. hmm...... sounds a tad "dubious" to me. Still, the last web-site that I saw (can't recall the seller name) was an offer to sell a TOKEN (which is a one-time-only use) for 35 EUR !! At that price, for simply one session -it's a tad prohibitive for most of the enthusiast market. So not really a viable solution to SFD (even if the TOKEN is traded off-line)
  14. @veneeringman: I've seen a couple of web sites offering to take money in exchange for tokens - but as I understand, they aren't legit - because it's contrary to the terms of the underpinning GEKO account with VW. Are you aware of any successful transactions from these web-sites and if so, which ones? Don
  15. @Booth11: If the car in question is MQB37W chassis (Golf 8 ) - almost certainly, yes. Which of course means that to make any changes (at ALL) to the BCM - a "TOKEN" will be needed from the VW mother-ship!! 🤐 Don
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