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  1. ALA for me, have a look at moneysavingexpert, there is often a discount code for ALA on there.
  2. Insurance is nothing but a rip -off. The Post Office changed our postcode to a new one as the estate we live on was expanding. Both our car and house Insurance went up!
  3. Dipstick removal, I thought for a minute R400 had come back again😈
  4. Having read all (!) the comments on the subject I thought I would throw in my thoughts. I absolutely love a brand new car every three years or thereabouts. I know I'm paying through the nose for it even with a good discount, but who cares, I can afford it. In December I traded my nearly 3 year old, 5 door, Pret, DCC, manual, 20k, R bought for £28k and got £19.2k for it at an Audi dealership. I bought a brand new S3 specced up to £39.5k for £34k at my local Audi dealer after waving a Carwow quote at them which they matched. The reason I went for an S3 is because looking at VAG PCP finance figures, a similarly valued R at the time was worth £4.5k less than an S3. But of course these are all projections, so who knows what will happen. I must admit I haven't bonded with the S3 as much as I did with the R probably because it's DSG (as would a new R have been) but it is a bit plusher and with no squeaking door rubbers or rattles it does seem a little bit better put together. It also has a bit more kudos than a VW with the neighbours and friends. On the other hand 18 months ago I bought a 6 month old ,ex demo, 1.4k miles, SLC 250d from a Merc dealer for £26k, list price with options £41k. That shows you all you need to know about depreciation, it's still dropping in price like a stone but I don't care as it's a keeper and it's great on a sunny day with the top down and for a diesel goes like a train, and gives me 61.4 mpg.
  5. Likewise I'm not sure I would be the first buyer of a new model, I seem to remember there were weld problems on the first mk7 Golf MQB underpan, in Germany VW bought back those affected.
  6. Going back to the OP, I have just finished washing my S3 and can confirm that no panels flex with pressure. It certainly seems better built than my "R" in that respect where from memory both the bonnet and roof did flex when being washed.
  7. The only place I know where you often find people driving cars without a licence is Bradford.
  8. Because he was an argumentative bullshitter and winker.
  9. Sometimes I miss R400, I wonder what he would have to say on the matter?
  10. I agree, but you've gotta have a laugh every now and then, life would be very dreary without.
  11. Probably a leaf, bird or spec of dust.
  12. PHILC

    Man down...

    "Not his fault, because he didn't see you", unbelievable! Hope you get it sorted, glad no injuries.
  13. Surely a small piece of black sticky-back plastic in a strategic place will render this system useless?
  14. What is most worrying, is what with watching our every move with CCTV, they now want to control and survey any journey we make. What happened to privacy? George Orwell was right.
  15. This will damage the German car industry far more than a no deal brexit. There will be no point in buying any car with more than three cylinders and 1.0 litre.
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