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  1. A man after my own heart, I totally agree with you. Some on here are probably suffering with apoplexy at your comments, but it is only a car after all.
  2. I was told once that in Berlin it is illegal to wash your car yourself, you have to use a carwash.
  3. Surely, as soon as you open the door the parking brake comes on! Auto hold must use the brakes and not the transmission to hold the vehicle.
  4. At the time ATS were pushing them, I haven't seen them anywhere since, probably as I haven't been looking for budget tyres. I would normally aim a bit higher!
  5. I put a set of MAXXIS tyres on my Cupra to make it legal, cheaply, when I sold it and was quite impressed with them.
  6. Buy a WLTP R, you'll never have to clean them๐Ÿ˜ˆ
  7. What is worse is that having binned nuclear power Germany is having to increase the use of Lignite (Brown Coal) to generate electricity. Lignite has a very low thermal efficiency, you might as well burn mud.
  8. The Politicians in this country live in a cocooned bubble. They have no idea and little interest in the plebs unless it is election time when they promise everything in order to get elected. Police forces have been reduced in numbers to the point that they are overwhelmed and don't even want to know about certain crimes apart from logging them for statistical purposes.
  9. Just by a new wiper blade! Simples!
  10. Best of luck, keep your chin up, stay positive, do as your told, and I am sure you will beat this. We're all rooting for you, so keep us in the loop and please vent any frustration on here, we might take your mind off it for a while!
  11. The real problem is that there are too many people who think they own the road, when in fact everybody should know that I DO.
  12. If I am suffering from a persistent and dangerous tailgater I tend to slow up and pull into a gap in the near side lane on a dual carriageway or stop in a lay-by etc on a single carriage way and let him pass. Dabbing the brakes could cause an accident or up the anti from the tailgater. There have been times when the lane has cleared ahead and I have been able to use the acceleration to get away from him.
  13. Don't try too much too early, take it easy, do what the Medics tell you and you'll soon be back to your normal self.๐Ÿ‘
  14. The glass on my mk7 GTIPP was made by Pilkington, on my R was made by St. Gobain who also made the glass on my current S3 but the windscreen is made by Fuyao!
  15. VW, as with all manufacturers, probably dual or treble source (at least) all their parts. You don't want a fire etc., at a suppliers factory to stop production.
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