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  1. PHILC


    Many people are walking around with undiagnosed health problems and many people are extremely unfit which won't help if you get a virus. A Doctor was saying on the radio the other day that one particular Blood Group is disproportionately affected.
  2. PHILC


    No, you've got it all wrong it was Putin wot started it.
  3. PHILC


    It is going to be a long haul and many will not survive. (firms not people!)
  4. PHILC


    I wonder how long it will be before these firms with staff working from home realise the cost savings to be made from closing offices down permanently? I am even listening to radio programmes with presenters working from their spare bedroom.
  5. PHILC


    Where is R400 when we need him?
  6. They'll probably remove the cable tie just before the end of warranty.
  7. Several companies such as LV and Direct Line have pulled out of the travel insurance market completely. Funny how, when there is a chance they have to pay-out they don't want to know.
  8. I would do the same and I am old and usually drunk by this time of day.
  9. Our County Council says that the salt/grit is supposed to be small enough not to cause any damage to vehicles, don't know if this is true but I can't honestly say that I have had any damage caused by a Gritter. There is probably much more damage caused by the salt solution getting into places you can't see.
  10. This is big in Ipswich and south Suffolk at the moment, they call them Nottingham Knockers. it's a scam, looking for the elderly who feel sorry for them, and then shell out ££££££££s for items that are worth pence.
  11. PHILC

    Side swipe

    Happened to me, luckily only affected rear bumper, no note, so another £385 down the drain!
  12. I think it's much the same for those who have driven heavy vehicles, it really does teach you about stopping distances needing to be much greater in the wet. My pet hate is drivers who overtake large vehicles just before Junctions/traffic lights/roundabouts and then pull in front of it and slam on the brakes, if only they knew how close they were to oblivion!
  13. A 1mm difference after 18.5k is negligible, particularly if you "like to throw it into corners". There are probably some on here that don't get their tyres to that sort of mileage.
  14. Yes, be careful when driving around the Chelmsford area (it had to be Chelmsford), there could be metal pipes laying in the road!
  15. "Bridgestones ain't that bad a tyre"
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