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  1. It doesn't matter if Parliament votes today against a "no deal exit", unless the Law of the country is changed we WILL depart the EU on 29/03/18. This will either be with the negotiated deal or without. It will require a change of law to stop it and Mother Theresa has said whatever happens we WILL leave on that date.
  2. So it's a case of base-ball cap, dark glasses, turned up collar and park the car around the corner wherever you go in it.
  3. The're all Vegan, no fat to burn.
  4. Now that would give the tree huggers something to moan about.
  5. In jolly old UK there won't be enough electricity to charge them with. They won't have much performance then.
  6. Performance cars are on borrowed time anyway, the environmentalists will see to that.
  7. VW gives a 5 year warranty in the states on new vehicles.
  8. I had heard that the speed cameras on the M25 variable speed limit sections had very little or no tolerance, it is quite obvious that most vehicles keep to the indicated speed through those sections apart of course from the blind idiots who have no idea of where they are or how fast they are going. I don't know if this is right or whether the information was just to frighten me, it was related to me in, yes you've guessed it, a speed awareness course😬
  9. Tesco Momentum is 6p a litre dearer in Colchester.
  10. Very smart, I must admit when I read the topic, I immediately thought that you were driving around with part of the Ingoldstadt football team.
  11. I remember years ago I commented to a friend who was a mechanic that the tappets were a bit noisy in a car that I owned. Turn the radio up was the reply!
  12. If there had been a security guard on duty he would have probably been knifed if he had intervened.
  13. One lives in hope,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  14. Me to Inchcape, my car has a coolant leak, Service chappy; let's have a look then. Me; I am pretty sure it must be from the water pump, it's a common fault. Service chappy; it could be from anywhere! (that's confidence in the product) Me; I'm pretty sure it will be from the water pump. Service chappy; oh yes there is a coolant leak! Me; well can you just run it into the workshop to confirm it's the water pump. Service chappy; oh no, we're far to busy we will have to book it in. One week later, Service chappy; your car has a leak from the water pump, we will have to order the parts to repair it, we will phone you next week when it is ready. Me; ARRRGGGHHHHH.
  15. The crease line is getting to be a bit of a joke, above the door handles, below the door handles, in line with the door handles. I wonder where it will be on the mk9?
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