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  1. Lovely, I have black prets ,black mirror caps and 90% black windows ticked
  2. Wow just wow, Some of these pictures of your cars are awesome and I can tell its a labour of love I like the black I really do but something is telling me not to do it, definitely would not have the time you guys put into your cars though I am a proper 2 bucket washer and really look after my cars. Going to have a look a dealers this weekend to see it in the flesh hopefully can make up my mind, Still have a little time to decide not even got a build date yet , come on VW. Thanks for the help Andrew
  3. Has the DBP got a good metallic fleck in it?
  4. Their is no doubt that looks fantastic I can even see you in the bumper taking the picture, That's the look I'm after Black everything, oh I just don't know....
  5. Dare I change my colour and go for DBP Really worried about how hard it will be to keep the dreaded paint swirls off it, anyone here got one ? do you maybe regret getting this colour ? or what do you do to keep it looking good? cheers Andy
  6. Cheers, hope I get the p zeros
  7. Are P zeros standard tyre with the prets ? Or did you ask for them?
  8. 3rd of June!! jeez oh, only put my order in last week.
  9. So they have had their Holidays then? How long have you been waiting Jon?
  10. Does anyone know if the factory has an August shut down?
  11. Hi, Can you still purchase a jb1 rev 2 ? And who stocks them in the UK?
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