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  1. Video of the sequential mirror LED’s:
  2. Yes side indicators are smoked and sequential I’ll try and add a vid
  3. New mirror caps and LED mirror sequential indicators fitted 👍
  4. Obbzi

    OBD Eleven - The Basics

    As in L for left
  5. Obbzi

    OBD Eleven - The Basics

    Mirror dip is already enabled, you have to have your mirror knob switched to L for it to work
  6. Have you got a link for them please?
  7. Brake light coding might be different on the estate as they’re not LED whereas the hatch are LED?
  8. How was it removing the original mirror caps? How did you do it? I tried it once on my mk6 and shattered the mirror glass 😥
  9. Yes that’s normal, the instructions are online
  10. Obbzi

    Enable video playback

    I don’t have an MDI interface, only usb under the dash in the cubby hole
  11. Obbzi

    OBD Eleven - The Basics

    Can’t remember at what point. Easier to just get another tablet for the same price or less. Think it’s to do with the version of Android the tablet runs
  12. Obbzi

    OBD Eleven - The Basics

    I’ve akready said a few times it can’t be done on an Amazon tablet. Get another cheap tablet