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  1. charlie

    Super unleaded vs Regular ??

    So if your run on the 102 octane in germany , does the same knock theory apply ?? ie; that is then using the sisters the other way ???? as going outside of the 'ideal 98' just a thought
  2. charlie

    Super unleaded vs Regular ??

    ln the UK always run on shell or momentum/ but when have driven to spain the difference is about 30p a litre and super not always available so used 95 , can't say in motorway driving there was any difference
  3. charlie

    Cadiz Cost

    Hi - im interested in one wheel also, ln london as well - need to go to Chester in the next couple of weeks. lf there are two for sale maybe one each and can pick up and redeliver back to london ?? let us know
  4. charlie

    Cadiz Cost

    Hi , where are u selling them as singles ???
  5. charlie

    Sat Nav / Speed Camera Alerts

    Thanks for all the replies So this will not work with standard sat nav on MY16 ??
  6. 🤔 Have seen a Link in the past on here . But cannot understand, got picked up by my niece in a, how can i describe it, a very popular British built Japanese car from the airport last night. Noticed it has all traffic camera warning etc already plugged in to Sat Nav as standard. As i paid over twice the price why is it not available as standard ??? How can i get it please. l asked the question previously , but as have not posted enough i cannot ask directly. Any help would be appreciated. Estate grey / May 16 / Standard Nav unit
  7. charlie

    Anyone had their window screen replaced

    Had mine replaced in Gerona by local , good job all sensors working
  8. charlie

    November 2016 Maps released.

    Morning Yes please , could you send details as well ??
  9. charlie

    french auto tolls

    We are affixing a Liber-t auto toll to the windscreen, are advised to put in shaded area in the middle of the screen. This is not possible as have it covered already with camera for Lane assist etc. Anyone had this problem, and if so, will it work ok in normal part of windscreen ?? nothing in manual to advise
  10. charlie

    R Estate

    As for the lane assist/blind spot etc / i had the same experience. Driving down to Spain early tuesday, so thought i would try and find all the options. Have Lane assist but other options not there. Called the dealer , who immediately apologised and sent a cheque for £280. Also just received a voucher for £50 from them which was a pleasant surprise. But would say if had known they would not have been on the car when originally ordered would not have bothered with the option. LSG estate,pano roof,lane assist, plus a few other options. (Beadles Maidstone/via Car WoW)
  11. used CARWOW and sourced through BEADLES Maidstone, fantastic service on Golf R estate /and over 20% off list
  12. charlie

    SORTED NOW - I Need a new Cadiz

    Morning Would be happy to buy one with bridgestone as well. not sure how to contact, if available please advise
  13. charlie

    Finally! Car net App Connect

    iPhone 6s , so basically it"s a waste of time . so its connect to cigarette outlet and leave the Car Net alone. Maybe one day will try and use again, but it doesn't change the way the car drives, so will carry on enjoying that aspect. But thanks for the advice.
  14. charlie

    Finally! Car net App Connect

    morning i have Car Net but find it a pain in the .... / is there a way to connect via the USB and not automatically connect ?? ie; can i charge via the USB only and use the BT connection.