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  1. Haha power is definitely the most important thing! The bite is a lot lower now and so much sharper, cant wait for it to be bed in so i can give it some abuse
  2. Haha hmmm I see what your saying, already got h and r springs and fresh pads. What are you suggesting? The loba is still going to be my next purchase might wait to fit it though
  3. Went with the helix clutch kit from aks in the end after some good reviews. Having it fit tomorrow at ADE tuning then next buy is gonna be a loba! Should an rs4 valve and an fmic be on the shopping list to?
  4. Why would you go for the loba over the autotech internals? Heard a few horror story's about the loba on the tfsi tuning page which has really put me off them. That and they are 200 pound more Yeah the slip isn't at all bad and I'm not sure if I was being paranoid because I can't get it to do it again. I was in 6th going up slight inclines on the motorway and it felt like it slipped slightly Still gonna uprate it so I don't have to worry about it. Gonna go for the helix organic from aks as it seems the most popular Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  5. Tell me about it mate. Full service, new brake fluid, cam follower and a timing belt & water pump kit is on the agenda first. Plus a holiday haha! Missus wouldn't be happy if I canceled that! Luckily it's not a daily driver so probably get away with leaving it for a couple of months. Not even had it confirmed that it is clutch slip, although I'm pretty sure it is. But that's the plan clutch kit and hpfp then a tweak to the map hopefully release a few more ponies [emoji2] Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  6. Typical isn't it days after I was saying my clutch had been fine haha. Already in touch with Ricki from TSR performance so no doubt he will do me a good deal like he always does 👠Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  7. Bad news for me and my rocco last night, took it out for a spin and then a motorway drive and I'm pretty sure I have the early signs of clutch slip 👎 Could be a blessing in disguise as I may as well go for an uprated clutch and get the extra hardware for stage 2 Anybody any suggestions for what clutch kit and where to get it from ? Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  8. I was actually expecting slightly better figures after my research before the map. But the difference in the drive was amazing so I was really happy with it. Maybe i should look to invest in a loba and a tweak to the map in the next few months after I have got some maintenance out of the way 😈 Would be happy with around 330bhp
  9. What do you mean by delta gain? Unsure what I'm even looking for on the graph as I'm only a novice to tuning. Drives well yeah so I'm happy with it for now. But yeah I've seen and heard a lot about uprating the hpfp and found myself looking at them on eBay etc contemplating a purchase. Don't really want to swap the clutch if I don't have to though
  10. Hi mate I just went for the regular revo and I fit it myself before the remap. It ran fine and sounds great. Just got naked engine it is quite ugly mind haha I would recommend the trip if you can make it, my dad had an exhaust fit to his z4m and the fitment and quality of the work is spot on. Supposed to be a good set of blokes there too I went for custom with a local specialist for the personal service. Was much better and I will probably only use them in the future after a bad experience with awesome gti (charge main dealer prices and are no better than a back Street garage)
  11. Hi mate I have a 2010 rocco R and I've done a few of the modifications you have asked about. Intake: I went for the revo looks and sounds great also they have an offer on at the moment. Exhaust: I've got turbo back milltek with decat and non res. It can be quite loud but that's what I wanted and looks oem with the chrome ovals. So I would recommend you go for the BCS exhaust system Remap: I'm stage 1 with 306bhp 370 torque since November and I've had no clutch slip etc with a mixture of driving. Hope this helps, intercooler is fine for a stage 1 remap so I'm led to believe Jake
  12. Surprised he hasn't been stopped for it to be honest haha
  13. Red 5 door 7r with tints and hekos Spotted in Burnley town centre
  14. jake-w07

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    Thanks mate, might have struck a deal with someone on here for some pretorias. Should look different but still oem
  15. Hi Jon I have had cruise control retro fitted to my scirocco R, I used awesome GTI was quoted £265 for it supplied and fitted, after they had fit the stalks etc they said it required a module at the cost of £240! So be careful wish I had rang VW for quote but it never even crossed my mind Jake
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