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  1. Yep I have and so have quite a few others. Best organic clutch set up in my opinion nothing negative to say about it 👍
  2. Found a UK review with the adaptive dampers, seemed to rate them, might be the answer to the firm ride in standard form. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.carmagazine.co.uk/amp/car-reviews/mercedes-benz/amg-a35/
  3. Yeah thanks, I’ve read that one more than once 😂 just be nice to see a uk based review of them.
  4. I find it frustrating that nearly all of the reviews so far on the A35 are without the adaptive dampening! Surley as a £695 option it’s a no brainer just like DCC in the golf?!
  5. Was about to post that, not a great comparison given the conditions and difference in tyres. But I’m glad I’ve chosen the A35 given that I wanted a more driver focussed hot hatch and something that stands out a little more. It’s does show what a great all rounder the golf R is though 🙂
  6. Same thoughts as me, I’ve gone for premium pack, style pack and adaptive suspension. Delivery in March 👍 cost wise works out pretty much exactly the same as the golf R I was about to order!
  7. Just tried their online valuation, pleasantly surprised, almost 1k more than WBAC, best offer I’ve had so far!
  8. Organic will be fine, especially the helix one and makes for a great daily driver. Sintered clutches don’t like traffic! I’m also in the midlands and midland VW is the best place for the clutch, cost me £800 fitted and then APR stage one high torque cost me around £700 I think and TRP performance just down the road from midland VW are APR dealers 👍
  9. Yes there is more to it than just the turbo, I should have expanded. John-Paul has beat me too it. Same EA888 family but with changes to cope with the extra power. Similar changes I’m hoping are going to be present on the A35!
  10. The R uses the same engine that’s in the GTI but with a different turbo so it’s the same concept as the A35 sharing it’s engine with the lower A series car. So in terms of tuning I’m hoping it will very similar, well it better be anyway as coming from my stage 1 R the standard A35 will feel rather tame!
  11. Same as me, can’t wait till March! Like you it was the interior that swayed it for me 👍
  12. Great set up. Transforms the car. Very similar to my set up except for the forge short shifter and I’ve got the helix organic clutch, a little stronger than the Sachs. 42 draft designs shifter bushings just tighten everything up and makes it feel more mechanical I found. I’m APR hi torque and it’s absolutely fine, torque is immense! Was jb1 before and it’s amazing the difference.
  13. Haha, my dad would say the same! Some cars can pull it off, like your m3 it just looks right. Think it’s an age thing also, If I was 10years older I wouldn’t pick it.
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