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  1. Completely agree, you don’t like the price then don’t buy one. They will sell well at that price anyway so why would Mercedes charge less?!
  2. Yep that’s the dreaded clicking noise. Had mine checked by midland VW several times, they advised me to leave it and see if it got worse. Ran it for 12months and 10k and it didn’t get any louder, just drove me nuts and had to sort it in the end for my own sanity!
  3. Hopefully they won’t but you know what they’re like! It was a new car right at the end of the 3rd year.
  4. Sounds like the common clicking noise quite a few of us including me have experienced. I was lowered on VWR springs and spacers and had my CV joints replaced under warranty with no issues at Wolverhampton VW. Regarding the wheel refurb, you could try JP alloys in Cannock, midland custom worx in Aldridge or planet world in Walsall wood.
  5. Cheers mate, ye perfect set up in my opinion. Absolutely no issues on the road but on track under hard cornering the front rubbed on the arch screw so I removed that and all was fine 👍
  6. Mine on VWR springs and 11/16mm spacers
  7. have a read through that 😉
  8. Well I’ve made the change. Had my A35 a few months now, covered just over 2k. Loving the experience so far. Didn’t even contemplate waiting for the A45 as that will be a completely different financial proposition, north of 50k. So if you’ve test driven one and you like it then go for it 👍
  9. Ye when I was doing a few 0-60 runs using dragy I definitely had to change to third to hit 60 🙁
  10. Kirk_88

    My A35 AMG

    Used launch control for the first time the other night, pretty pleased with my time, only did it once so there’s room for improvement, could get into the 4.3s I reckon.
  11. Kirk_88

    My A35 AMG

    Cheers guys, agree with you on the aero pack, suits the style and character of the car. Took me ages to decide on the colour, never thought I’d own a yellow car but glad I stuck with it as it just seems to work in my opinion. I looked at the M2 Comp, epic car, but we’ve got an 8 month old and so that ruled that one out unfortunately.
  12. Kirk_88

    My A35 AMG

    Thanks 🙂 You going to be tempted by the A45 then?
  13. Kirk_88

    My A35 AMG

    Yeah always interesting to take note of what the journos say but take it with a pinch of salt and try it for yourself. The torque comes in later in the rev range, so compared to the R you don’t get that early hit and have to drive it harder to get the most out of it. My dad had an escort cosworth when I was a kid so maybe it’s that that’s given me the desire for a big wing on the back of a hatchback 😂 ye shame you still haven’t got the RS2000, but I think cars are always best being driven and enjoyed rather than locked away, that’s the way I look at it anyway. So when do you get the TCR then? October is it? Will be interesting to see how you get on with the transition to FWD. I’m sure you’ll love it!
  14. Kirk_88

    My A35 AMG

    Hopefully for your sake I am then 😂 read it on a forum from a dealer and you know what they are like!
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