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  1. Yes, I ran 1.5 for a while with no issues, but also no track days. The I upgraded hardware for stage 2 (DP, IC, CAI and all the rest) and ran 1.5 also with additional hardware with no issues, even on track. But yet again, very little time on track with 1.5 to have the big picture. While it was, it's been without issues. Stage 2 killed the deal for me.
  2. Long story short, and without blaming of praising anyone, I say that I went with Eurodyne, all the way to stage 2. All was fine on city driving, except hard pull or track. There EPC light came on. Eurodyne doesn't have yet a tested bullet proof (EPC light proof) tune for stage 2. I switched to APR and haven't run into EPC light. But, APR is not perfect either, I have flat spots here and there. Not as annoying as going limp mode on the track, but like I said not perfect. There is no comparison between any of them and stock. Much more power and torque. Eurodyne seems better on low RPM from the go, but failed me on low RPM high gear full throttle (goes into limp mode). APR is moderate on low gear low RPM compared to Eurodyne (not as wild), but it goes really well when pushed hard. Except the flat spots on low RPM high gear, usually. Hope it helps.
  3. The noise you hear in cabin is primarily the soundaktor. Just disable it (make it 0) with vag com. The pipes will work only 2 of them in normal modes, only Race will open all 4. If you like the noise of pipes (which I do) then turn on/open all pipes at all time, not just in Race mode (which I did).
  4. Turn off soundaktor and turn on all flaps regardless of mode. Both possible with vag com Sent from my XT1095 using Tapatalk
  5. Hey! I don't see a way to send private messages, but maybe this may work. I asked you about the TPI. Can you please provide me with a contact at the dealership that fixed your car, and a phone number. I am from the US and the dealer here does not have any entry for that TPI, probably nothing related to R rattles, but was willing to go the extra mile and either call the UK dealer for details or let me do it if I wanted to and then go from there. Any additional info is appreciated. Tha...

    1. tescor


      Hi, yes - looks like this worked! My dealer is Ridgeway VW in Reading. Service contact number (+44) 0118 914 4565. I don't have a name I'm afraid, but maybe ask for the head technician? They might be reluctant to share the info outside the UK network, but best of luck...

    2. solaris22


      OK, thanks, we'll try.

  6. So the dealer didn't tell you exactly what parts they fixed / tightened. I am asking these questions because I'd like to fix it myself if possible, rather than hand it over to the dealer (but for that I need to have a comprehensive list of what to look for). I removed the soundaktor from my car and still have noise coming from dashboard area.
  7. Yes, thanks, nevermind. I found a thread on VWVortex forum about it.
  8. I did a search on Golf R MK7 forum to see if "eurodyne" word comes up. Nothing. I'd like to hear from Golf R owners impressions about Eurodyne tuning, if you have it on your R. I already have Eurodyne on my GTI but wanted to hear first hand reviews/impressions from R owners (2016 preferred), before I flash mine. Comparison with other tunes is OK but mostly interested how the car behaves on Eurodyne. If anyone has also an R with DSG, wanted to hear how shifting is affected after the tune. A third question would be if anyone has both ECU and DSG tune from Eurodyne. Thanks, and please keep content on the topic.
  9. I tried the sound aktor fix and also taped other rattling parts in the same area but no fix for me. What did the dealer say it was? Did they really fix the rattling on yours?
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