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  1. Had mine about 3 years, haven’t replaced it yet but was just considering it in the next few months. It does look ok and quite clean though.
  2. Yeah stage 2, was just within the tolerances the garage said. Must have been close if they mentioned it.
  3. Mine just passed this year with a scorpion sports cat.
  4. Nocolas

    Intercooler pipes

    I understand what you mean. They are a 3rd of the price of other kits, In fact even cheaper if you include the cost of a branded turbo muffler replacement bit. I reckon it’s worth a go though. Will perhaps report back in a few weeks with my experiences
  5. Has anyone changed these to metal ones? Any point? I noticed a bargain eBay kit for £110 ish including the muffler delete
  6. Nocolas

    My golf

    The wheels have grown on me a lot lately quite glad I got a cheap deal on them. I had been in 2 minds to sell the car this year but decided to keep it for a bit longer and maybe do some more stuff to it. It’s been stage 2 nearly a year and a half so perhaps go for a change of turbo and stage 3.
  7. Nocolas

    My golf

    The sun visor stickers are great, really happy with those and also quite like the Audi engine cover. Might be a while before I make any other changes to the car now, quite happy with it.
  8. Nocolas

    My golf

    Possibly yeah, I need to measure them and see what is available.
  9. Nocolas

    Sub woofer

    Yeah I liked the idea of the pioneer one as it claims I can keep the spare wheel. Can’t really find many pictures of them installed in vehicles sadly.
  10. Nocolas

    Sub woofer

    http://www.caraudiodirect.co.uk/pioneer-ts-wx610a-spare-wheel-space-saving-amplified-subwoofer looking into purchasing a rear spare wheel sub, just to add a small bit of bass. How do such things get wired up to the golf?
  11. Stage 2 unicorn remap on mine and it has been great
  12. Nocolas

    My golf

    Got the wheels fitted, quite happy. Could do with perhaps 5mm spacers in the rear, but I can’t seem to find longer wheel bolts.
  13. Nocolas

    My golf

    Purchased some wheels from a friend, they are 19s with practically new 245/30/19 Dunlop’s on. The wheels have an annoying plastic rim protector that I can’t remove without taking the wheels to a tyre place and getting the tyres pushed off the beads. Also they come with different style wheel bolts, so I may not be able to use my spacers until I source longer bolts. The wheels are sided so the spokes will go the same direction on both sides of the car. Sadly my girlfriends bmw broke down last night so my plans of fitting them before work tonight have gone out the window as she is off in my car for the day. Hopefully get them fitted on Monday afternoon when I’m next off.
  14. Nocolas

    My golf

    Went to visit Haweswater Reservoir last week and took and found an old service road on the way back which looked quite scenic
  15. Nocolas

    My golf

    Went to the Cumbrian coast for some chips and an ice cream last night. Car is fantastic to drive down the B roads and country lanes.