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  1. Nocolas

    My golf

    That was for standard replacement, upgrades packs are about £2000 plus fitting. Ecotune in Glasgow gave me a price of £2199 for upgrades Dodson clutches fitted.
  2. Nocolas

    My golf

    Seemed to be between £1000-1200 which I didn’t think was too bad.
  3. Nocolas

    My golf

    Went to unicorn today to have a different dsg file and a tweak to the map done. Quite happy with the results. Clutch seems fine now as well. I did get quotes on it if I needed and it wasn’t as expensive as I expected. For or some reason it won’t let me upload a picture of the graph but it made 409hp and 400lbs
  4. Nocolas

    My golf

    Unfortunately for me the clutches have started to slip. It is only really one pack that does 2,4,6 gears. Tried to do basic settings and adaptions, but it’s no help. Definitely needs replaced. So that’s a nice expensive job to pay for, need to find somewhere that can do it in the north west and hopefully same day service.
  5. Nocolas

    My golf

    Fitted a newsouth boost gauge today
  6. Nocolas

    My golf

    Purchased a dragy box and made an educational video about it and the first test on a very wet and windy night,
  7. Nocolas

    My golf

    video of how to change it if anyone is interested.
  8. Nocolas

    My golf

    Not a massive change from the white stitching but it’s nice to make small changes once in a while that nobody apart from yourself will ever notice!!
  9. Nocolas

    My golf

    Fitting a blue stitched gearstick gaitor purchased from eBay. I cannot begin to explain how difficult it was.
  10. Had mine about 3 years, haven’t replaced it yet but was just considering it in the next few months. It does look ok and quite clean though.
  11. Yeah stage 2, was just within the tolerances the garage said. Must have been close if they mentioned it.
  12. I understand what you mean. They are a 3rd of the price of other kits, In fact even cheaper if you include the cost of a branded turbo muffler replacement bit. I reckon it’s worth a go though. Will perhaps report back in a few weeks with my experiences
  13. Has anyone changed these to metal ones? Any point? I noticed a bargain eBay kit for £110 ish including the muffler delete
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