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  1. hopefully you get less faff that I had, rook in 4 times as they couldn't reproduce, had to find the TSB to show them before they actually did anything, not sure if they now do the cheaper fix so maybe not as bothered Sent from my SM-G991B using Tapatalk
  2. closer pic Sent from my SM-G991B using Tapatalk
  3. picture from home office window as working but first bits of rain since detail in the car. might get a close up later if still on Sent from my SM-G991B using Tapatalk
  4. random one bit picture from ring doorbell Sent from my SM-G991B using Tapatalk
  5. s20 black and orange hex pad on just over 3 seemed to work quite well for me. did a bit more after this especially the tops which I hadn't done at this point, the bottom looks like lines but if you zoom in its actually the reflection of the fence. hadn't panel wiped them down on this photo either, can try and get another one if now finished if needed but they look a lot better in person, hardly any swirls marks or lines and reflect well Sent from my SM-G991B using Tapatalk
  6. thanks and agree, lots of video watching and help on here then just give it a go, happy with the results, shame car will get dirty as don't want to take it anywhere now Sent from my SM-G991B using Tapatalk
  7. Thanks Becs, wasn't too bad yesterday as the sun goes off the drive around 1PM so waited until after that to get car out the garage, only took at hour to get the wax one so not too bad. thanks for the help along the way. Sent from my SM-G991B using Tapatalk
  8. Cheers, yes really pleased for a first ever attempt with a DA. Think I could improve slightly next time with the experience gained, obviously a few stone chips etc that the DA can never fix and couple of scratches that news another go or maybe a proper cut rather than a single stage but unless you are going around very closely they are not noticable. Thanks to everyone on here for the advice over the course of this. regards Sent from my SM-G991B using Tapatalk
  9. Well I actually managed to get tyres and wax done today so all finished Sent from my SM-G991B using Tapatalk
  10. yes, I certainly won't be doing any tofay as have a little time now but too hot and when sun goes around later today I will be out so it will be sleeping in the garage until at least 2moz Sent from my SM-G991B using Tapatalk
  11. Well the sun is out so took a couple of extra pics after cleaning the windows and coating them in h2go , apart from front window as didn't want wiper judder. Had a go late last night at a pass with the DA on the annoying gloss Black window steps as well, came up decent, need a quick panel wipe done to remove residue Still some minor swirls on bonnet, maybe another pass before wax but qont have time to do anything today so back in garage for now, maybe onw pass on bonnet and wax tomorrow morning then minus tyres I'm done I think, will post final pics once I get the wax coat on Sent from my
  12. Thanks becs, indeed super smooth, never felt it so smooth not even when I first got it. Shine is very good, hopefully when sunny it will look even better Sent from my SM-G991B using Tapatalk
  13. Well been a long day and not finished but packed away for the day, all polishing done with hexlogic orange and s20 black then panel wiped down, wax on tomorrow maybe. some pics, but hopefully I csn get wax on and place car in some sun to see what it actually looks like Sent from my SM-G991B using Tapatalk
  14. Taped up some so about to make a start, will update later with the results, wish me luck Sent from my SM-G991B using Tapatalk
  15. thanks Becs, well clay bar done and final rise / wash and dry, some clay marks can be seen but sure they will come out with polishing. leaving for a short while just to make sure all dry then DA ready to go Sent from my SM-G991B using Tapatalk
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