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  1. Definitely interested in this. That’s a massive saving. How will it work when you have them, payment etc?
  2. Genuinely all the Akra hate coming from people that don’t have it fitted...
  3. Clearly haven’t driven one hard enough.
  4. From every angle I see it just looks horrible. VW what are you doing!
  5. It will need the clamps to fit. The clamps that come with the standard exhaust don’t fit the Akra. I’m not sure which size you need though.
  6. Fully washed and topped up the SiRAMIK Diamas today, with Diamas Care Coat After 1 year the professionally applied glasscoat is still looking sublime, its such a joy to clean. I can’t recommend SiRAMIK enough. Roll on summer [emoji3508] Thank you Glos Detailing!
  7. Sure is, just want a bit more noise on overrun.
  8. Has anyone done a res delete with the Akrapovic exhaust ? I’m told that it doesn’t require a cut as it’s attached to the Akrapovic with sleeve clamps unlike the stock system which is fixed. Can’t get to mine at the minute. Can anyone confirm that no cutting is required with the Akrapovic system?
  9. Absolutely, I couldn’t find a better deal anywhere else. Very comprehensive cover and piece of mind that someone attending will have knowledge of a Volkswagen, being VW assist.
  10. renewed with VW assist. £140 for 2 years, full cover including Europe. Couldn’t find this level of cover anywhere else
  11. This is what I thought. It sounds good normally but with res delete its just the icing on the cake[emoji108]
  12. Heavily debating whether I order a res delete for my car, itching for a little more sound. Stumbled on these vids.. https://youtu.be/PbQ0WYVj_uE After hearing it both stationary and under load...it has to be done! Currently searching the best kit. it requires no cutting with the Akrapovic as the resonator pipe is attached to the Akra by clips, whereas I believe the stock system requires a cut.
  13. Pretty sure you need to buy the clamps to secure it as they are different on the non Akrapovic cars, otherwise a straight swap.
  14. My previous 16’ 7R came new from factory like that, with the rubber/plastic seal folded over on one side, it’s like they didn’t sit the bumper on properly when fitting it in the factory as I definitely didn’t take the bumper off. Tried to sort it out by poking it over but I couldn’t do it as the plastic was so deformed. Like it had been really forced on.
  15. Ahhh ok I understand now that makes complete sense, thank you.
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