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  1. Dan_7R

    Akrapovic MK7.5 R

    The wagon sounds louder than the hatchback in stock form. It’s a different exhaust setup. With the VWR intake it’ll sound [emoji108]
  2. Dan_7R

    Akrapovic MK7.5 R

    It’s not available for the wagon I don’t think
  3. Dan_7R

    Akrapovic MK7.5 R

    For me its the downshift whip cracks that I love the most ! Agree 100% about the best kind of noise for a Golf R.
  4. Dan_7R

    Akrapovic MK7.5 R

    It’s well worth the money imo, a great addition to option list. Nearly £3k here
  5. Dan_7R

    Standard equipment on 2019 300 R

    Single port injection? Damn that sounds like a raw deal if you bought one of these.
  6. Dan_7R

    Exhaust flaps

    The estate actually sounds pretty good with the different exhaust, louder than the hatch I believe.
  7. Dan_7R

    Exhaust flaps

    The 7.5R 100% has these pops and bangs mapped in and the flaps are key. When I deactivated them- open all the time, the exhaust is lifeless and completely muted. upshift farts, virtually nonexistent. No pops or bangs just a monotone exhaust note and very quiet. the flaps opening and closing are key imo. Others may have differing results and I appreciate I have the Akrapovic but the principle is the same, the flaps and coding are the same.
  8. Dan_7R

    Exhaust flaps

    I’ve done extensive testing with both my current 7.5R and my previous 7R. On the 7R, flaps can be permanently deactivated, giving more of a deeper tone and exaggerated burbles on the overrun. There are no pops or bangs on downshifts with stock 7R software only this extended overrun burble/muted pops with flaps deactivated. Some people complain that with flaps open the exhaust can drone at certain rpm, I never noticed any drone only the positives of the additional grunt to the exhaust note so kept them deactivated.
  9. Dan_7R

    Exhaust flaps

    Regardless of what mode you are in or DSG selection the flaps are constantly opening and closing depending on throttle positions and rpm. If you code the flaps out completely on 7.5R the exhaust “character” will be lost. The intensity of the pops and bangs are dependent on the flaps being coded in especially downshift pops. The 7R is completely different.
  10. Dan_7R

    The best colour

    That’s a lovely photo[emoji108][emoji108]
  11. Dan_7R

    The best colour

    White Silver all day long. Had Lapiz on my 7R lovely colour but White Silver just work so well with the black accents on the car. It looks totally different depending on what the lighting is like, sometimes like a dull grey, which I prefer and then at another time it’s shimmering in the sun. Best colour option imo. And even better now I find out VW are no longer making them in WS[emoji108]. I do miss this in the sunshine though [emoji7]
  12. Dan_7R

    Akrapovic MK7.5 R

    Direct comparison video between the two options. 👌
  13. Dan_7R

    Carbon fibre mirror covers

    Imo the only carbon mirror caps that look good are the ones from factory. cheap looks cheap.. real ones are expensive but worth it. The “weave” on some of the cheaper versions look terrible, doesn’t even look like carbon.
  14. Dan_7R

    We can't have nice things...

    I wouldn’t worry about the legalities of it, just point the CCTV at your car and worry about what may happen later. Protecting my baby would be top of the agenda, sorry for your loss!