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  1. Must have spec

    DSG, 3 Door, carbon mirrors and black prets were key for me. Standard speakers are more than adequate imo. Carbon or black mirrors if you go with black Pretoria’s. 90% tints are great however I just tinted mine after collection for a fraction of the price. Rear view camera, worth the money although not really essential as the sensors are more than capable, it’s hardly a big car to park either. The main option I would recommend is the performance exhaust from Akrapovic. It’s an expensive option, however it makes the car for me. I came from a 7R and the exhaust just adds so much more overall it’s well worth it for me. The car sounds good in standard form don’t get me wrong, however with the Akra it sounds, just right. not overpoweringly loud or obnoxious... a certain drama that my 7R lacked. Agreed this could be because coding changes for more pops and bangs with the 7.5R but I think they look much better than the stock ovals do. Not to mention the 7kg or so you save on weight!![emoji849] Options are 100% a personal choice though, what’s good me might not be everyone’s cup of tea, I wouldn’t want a 5 R door...ever, so go for what suits you!
  2. Looking forward to this one. A lot of guys from my local performance shop, VHub Performance are going too, they’re sponsoring the event also and bringing their track car along[emoji108][emoji108]
  3. Perfect parking bay

    I posted this in the wrong section, however these are THE best spots possible! [emoji108][emoji108]
  4. So can we just drive in, pay and say we’re part of the vwroc club and park up on stand?
  5. New R ordered

    Haha loved this!
  6. Show us the good parking brigade :)

    Haha, of course, I’m there on the regular!! [emoji13]
  7. Show us the good parking brigade :)

    These spots are the best!!
  8. What detailing have you done today?

    Just like my mk5 GTI [emoji7] where it all started for me. Also where I caught the detailing bug! [emoji108][emoji108]
  9. What detailing have you done today?

    Quick detail yesterday, had to finish it off this morning as it began to rain just as I started to dry it[emoji849] Love the white silver however i don’t love how dirty it gets almost instantly! Roll on summer, white silver in this sun is just [emoji108][emoji108]
  10. Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    Welcome looks incredible, it’s still an awesome car in standard form. Enjoy.
  11. It is unavailable aftermarket.. The system won’t be the same system installed on the factory order cars.
  12. If you’re considering the Akrapovic, go for it! Incredible system, well worth the money imo. Mine took a little longer to build but I love it, the sound is perfect. Makes the car.
  13. Absolutely, I can’t keep out of mine, I love it! At nearly 2k already [emoji33]
  14. VAG

    It’s going to be a good one!