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  1. Post from another forum for last Saturday at Santa Pod : "Forgot to mention - a bone stock 67 plate Golf R (DSG) ran a 12.6 @ 106mph - they've clearly had a small power bump as standard now."
  2. Hi, I used it with a couple of different hybrid turbos and made approximately 20ps more each time.
  3. I have stacked JB4 and water meth injection to a stage 3 tune with George's help.
  4. What was wrong and how was it fixed if you don't mind me asking?
  5. Don't want to bother anyone so I removed the link, please remove it too from your quote and I may pass a couple of spare samples by pm. Cheers
  6. I do know them and got a few samples that I won't be able to use for a while so I thought if someone wanted to try one they can have it. If the link is an issue I will remove it and just message the op.
  7. OP, message me and I will send you one you can try if you want to.
  8. Cool, if you do ask for Aaron and mention the Skoda Superb and he will take care of you.
  9. Don't know about DetailR but I have used Deep impact detailing in Daventry a few times. Fantastic work and reasonably priced. They did the Skoda Superb in the latest VWG magazine.
  10. Hey, I love gyro, thanks, I am hungry now! [emoji1]
  11. Got mine too from VRS in Northampton. Using it at stage 3 making 550+ hp and 700nm without any leaks so proven to work perfectly with high torque applications.
  12. Yes you can, the BCS downpipe does not give a CEL light. Works great with the jb4 too.
  13. I assume you mean an actual mechanical gauge. In that case it is the real pressure. For example see mine, attached.
  14. Near Coventry but will pass by on the way
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