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  1. Damian Mac Donagh

    Big brake kit for mk7 R

    Tom Wrigley Porsche Cup driver has his own little set-up going supplying AP Racing big brake kits front/rear. Below is an example of front set-up, always hard to gauge from a photograph but they are huge in the flesh and fill the entire 19" rim. www.tomwrigley.co.uk Always give him a shout as another option. Regards Damian Mac Donagh
  2. Damian Mac Donagh

    R600 VAG

    Spot on Leo. Agreed modifications don't generally increase value Slider09 but the suits were also in agreement that this wasn't an ordinary Golf R. I did have £50k in mind originally when thinking of a sale value but in a niche market you have to be realistic plus look at newer cars these days and the potential they have for relatively little additional cost. When all's said and done I wouldn't take £100k for it so ultimately any notion of a sale were put to rest as a total non starter a while back. Got to keep the R flag flying as there's some mental builds going to be hitting the strip next year. Regards Damian Mac Donagh
  3. Damian Mac Donagh

    R600 VAG

    I thought about it a few times naturally after nine months in the garage here six months in the garage there but ended up concluding I wouldn't give someone else the satisfaction of getting everything for nothing so she will forever be staying in my possession. Regards Damian Mac Donagh
  4. Damian Mac Donagh

    TVS Engineering TCU sw DQ381 facelift 7 speed dsg

    Ditto very interested to hear as mine's over with them in The Netherlands having the Stage 4 treatment at the minute. Keen to see what STA Aylesbury Ltd are like as Varsseveld is a slap and Aylesbury is living the dream. Best of luck. Regards Damian Mac Donagh
  5. Damian Mac Donagh

    Forged engine

    So many variables with this one Graham as it's completely specification driven. Could be anything ranging from £3k to £10k + but most I've heard of average out circa £5k-£6k. Also depends how you have the work done in terms of using your existing engine as a donor or some companies offer a fully forged built unit in exchange for your old unit so minimises time off the road. I've heard these at circa £5k all in. If you get a specialist to do it you will need to consider a company to remove the engine, deliver it to engine builder, recover it and put it all back together again which will be at least £2k. Specialist builder won't waste his time with that side of affairs. When you've sussed all that lot out it's then a case of who can you trust to carry out the works. Mine for example had a lot of head work done to it which has proven difficult to map because it reacts completely different to stock and needs serious R&D to get right which most won't be interested in and I'm still working on it over a year later. Personally as engines are so cheap these days and if your not to precious about maintaining some form of originality you could just get a new unit if and when it fails as these are only a few thousand pounds now I believe so when you weigh it up. Just enter with your mind open if you do decide to go forged as it doesn't stop problems from still occuring. Regards Damian Mac Donagh
  6. Damian Mac Donagh

    R600 VAG

    Yes, it will be good to finally meet up. Santa Pod has gone a bit commercial chasing events and revenue for 2019 (understandable). I was having a peak this morning funnily enough, not really catering much for the way I want to run the car I.e. fully prepped track, limited field, road tyre's being acceptable. First event of this kind is not until VW Action in September 2019. If it's alive and well though I will probably bare the queues and bring it out for GTI Spring Festival on Sunday 14th April 2019 weather dependent as always a good event. Regards Damian Mac Donagh
  7. Damian Mac Donagh

    R600 VAG

    Some great numbers Scott especially the 60-100mph of 2.85secs, that's real fast, thanks for sharing. Looking to get my recorded figures down eventually on Santa Pod's hallowed surface. I've seen first hand so many Golf R's and other marques for that matter doing some great numbers out and about on various surfaces but as soon as they get to Santa Pod they fall to pieces, it's the acid test here in the UK for performance car logging and not many come away happy. Suffered another set-back though now on the fuel system. Wasn't basically working as intended which was a case of the pumps were sucking out fuel so fast that the in tank filters couldn't handle the flow which was also causing the left side of the tank not to syphon properly. New parts have been ordered from the mob who created the kit but it's very much trial and error which is never a great place to be so chances of getting it back now pre-christmas are looking bleak. Will catch up with them in coming days as going over to see all the good and the glorious at the Essen Motor Show which they've got a stand at. Still looking to go DQ500 transmission wise which is a bit more readily available now but it's very much we'll see how we go. Just trying to get one area resolved at a time and for now it's the minor matter of the engine set-up with all supporting system's running and mapped correctly. If all that isn't in place, no point really worrying about anything else. Joy. Regards Damian Mac Donagh
  8. Damian Mac Donagh

    R600 VAG

    Something in the 2secs bracket for the 0-60mph I suspect. Maybe low 10secs @ 135mph + for the 1/4 mile. My cautionary target figures have always been: 0-60 mph - < 3.00 secs 0-100 mph - < 6.00 secs 60-100 mph - < 3.00 secs 0-100 kph - < 3.00 secs 0-200 kph - < 9.00 secs 100-200 kph - < 6.00 secs 60' - < 2.00 secs 330' - < 5.00 secs 1/8 mile - < 7.00 secs 1/8 mile mph - > 105.00 mph 1000' - < 9.00 secs 1/4 mile - < 11.00 secs 1/4 mile mph - > 130.00 mph Regards Damian Mac Donagh
  9. Damian Mac Donagh

    R600 VAG

    Still working on it but surely has to be back by Christmas, famous last words. Regards Damian Mac Donagh
  10. Damian Mac Donagh

    R600 VAG

    My favourite shot of the Golf R from earlier this year. Menacing looking on the Santa Pod start line. Regards Damian Mac Donagh
  11. Damian Mac Donagh

    West london Meet Up

    Yes this could be something I'd be up for to, keep us posted. Regards Damian Mac Donagh
  12. Damian Mac Donagh

    R600 VAG

    Yes still the MRC Tuning Intake Manifold in place. Regards Damian Mac Donagh
  13. Damian Mac Donagh

    R600 VAG

    Few snaps from my recent TVS Engineering visit. Eagle eyes will spot plenty of aftermarket parts in the images. Regards Damian Mac Donagh
  14. Damian Mac Donagh

    R600 VAG

    I'll stick something together for you when the car comes back, it's changing a fair bit at the minute. Regards Damian Mac Donagh
  15. Damian Mac Donagh

    VW Golf Mk 7 Workshop Manual

    Thanks for sharing Keithy very interesting stuff. 👍 Regards Damian Mac Donagh