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  1. Really good day even though it was chucking it down for most of it, great catching up with people, new and old. Thanks for the comments Bobby/Dave. πŸ‘ I did see that pairing of the Evo/Cossie cruising down the Motorway first thing this morning, never saw them again all day I don't know where they went hiding. Cossie is more track biased right, seen it a few times before, perspex windows, stripped out and all that. Regards Damian Mac Donagh
  2. I've got the same as you Dave the Green Gate 2 pass. I was thinking the same also, when I read it again though I noted he booked months ago so I'm guessing that it was booked before Ian went live with the request for a group. Sounds like a few going, Fords move over. 😊 Regards Damian Mac Donagh
  3. Ha ha, never carry any spare fuel but it’s definitely brimming to capacity. It’s on the absolute limit of distance at a 60mph cruise so what could go wrong. πŸ‘€. Regards Damian Mac Donagh
  4. Loving the Capri, looks in really good nick also, top work. I saw one driving on the walk to the Station earlier in the week, couldn't believe my luck when I then saw it parked up on the way home, black 2.8i, just had to go over to the owner and give him credit. Love how people keep these 40yr old cars in tip top shape. Regards Damian Mac Donagh
  5. Just for you Dave the R is coming. πŸ‘ Regards Damian Mac Donagh
  6. Ready to go see you all at Coombe. πŸ‘ Regards Damian Mac Donagh
  7. Circa 800no. R's on Auto Trader once you filter down the 7's and 7.5's. Going to be difficult to stand out amongst that lot in reality though unless the car sells itself. Would definitely try the alternative options, does no harm to investigate. If you do go Auto Trader or Pistonheads etc. the way adverts are written on these is generally very very poor, need to stand out, like a CV, get yourself out of the crowd. I would scan high end adverts, look at the structure, how they are worded etc do a paragraph on each heading, i.e. specification, engi
  8. Thanks for taking the time to organise was great to meet up with a good bunch of lads with some lovely cars bought along. Regards Damian Mac Donagh
  9. Why not. I'll bring the old R out for a Sunday morning drive so will see you all at The Chalet. πŸ‘ Regards Damian Mac Donagh
  10. The grounds of the property are so vast (700acres) took the amount of people and cars well, I'd say well over 10,000 troopers turned out though which was good going as raining all day. Credit to the owners of all the show cars, most wouldn't see rain to often I'd say, but they hung it out. Regards Damian Mac Donagh
  11. Some really rare old VW beauty's spotted today at Stanford Hall Classic VW meet. VW Golf MK2 Golf G60 Limited #041/071. VW Golf MK2 Golf G60 Edition One - Very rare. VW Golf MK2 Golf Rallye. VW Golf MK1 Six Cylinder - With that weight, this must be a hoot. VW Corrado VR6 Storm - Very rare. Audi Coupe - Concours. Regards Damian Mac Do
  12. Would just check a few things on the warranty front been a few years since I was in that circle with them. 1) Does the warranty apply only to new turbo's purchased? Dropping off a turbo not in your case but others with 100k on it may lead to hmmm's, I know pretty much everything is changed but. So is criteria involved in sending back recondition upgrades? Decent difference in prices also circa Β£1k more new vs. reconditioned. 2) Tuner politics. You know this of course but I'm sure the masses are like hey? Not as simple as b
  13. Great to catch up and also meet some new faces. Lovely cars displayed and a nice chilled out show. Regards Damian Mac Donagh
  14. Hi Chris, Running NGK Racing R7438-9 on mine. Circa Β£150.00 parts for 4no. from memory so bit more expensive than the others but MRC Tuning's spark of choice. Regards Damian Mac Donagh
  15. If it's been done right, documented and that's what you as a buyer are after then each to their own. How would you practically check launches/maps etc. though when buying a car from a reputed VW Dealer. Visually you have no idea whether it's been 0 or 100 or likewise a past map, the only way is through access to the ECU. A Main VW Dealer wouldn't let you just walk in off the street with your VCDS in toe as a potential customer and plug it in with your laptop in the showroom. One click of a button can shut the car down not to mention the fall out
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