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  1. If the car is mechanically sound and has no issues why does it matter if one time it was serviced by a Vauxhall dealer? I have an RS3. I’ve had my local garage service it with Audi parts as it was £160 instead of £460. It doesn’t make my car faulty. It sounds like you don’t really want the car and are looking for an excuse to return it.
  2. The adapative cruise control makes that kind of noise when it’s on and being used.
  3. It depends on when those other people placed their orders for the car. Maybe it was much earlier. But also what the dealers never tell you is that they have an allowance of performance cars every month. If they have used their allowance they can’t place the order - but they will take your money and then place it when they have a spot. They know when that is but don’t share it. I suggest you chase them up.
  4. I don’t know. If it was cheaper than the other cars you looked at then changing tyres isn’t a big deal. If the savings are there up front.
  5. This topic keeps coming up! I have an RS3 saloon currently. I had an S3 Saloon before that. Both FL models. And before that I had a PFL Golf R (which is why I’m registered here). I went from the R to the S3 because I loved the new tech in the S3 and my dealer did not give me a good deal on upgrading my R to a facelift. In fact he wanted over £700 a month for a FL R which is less than I’m paying for my RS3 (although not by much!). I’ve also driven a FL R as I was given one as a courtesy car when my S3 was being serviced. The Audi has a much nicer interior. Even compared to the FL R. The digital dashboard is much better on the Audi. But the main screen on the new R is superior to the audi MMI currently. However I’d chose the virtual cockpit over the R version main display. As for handling what everyone else says is correct. The S3 is numb compared to the R. It feels less sharp and less like you know where the car is turning. In return you get better comfort and quality. But the truth is right now neither car is work getting new - I would only recommend an RS3 as a new purchase as both the R and S3 are coming to the end of the model life. In fact I believe the A3 is the only current Audi model that hasn’t been facelifted again out of the range and its expected next year. If if you want an experience then the RS3 is the way to go. Amazing sound, drives like an R and is very very fast. Otherwise I’d suggest an new A Class model - maybe wait for the A45 - or get an A43 - but not because of the performance but because of all the high tech modern features that both the A3 and R are missing. That’s not to say they are not modern - but the new A class is like the latest iPhone compared to the last one. The last one is fine but it’s going to slow down and frustrate you well before your finished with it so better get a new one! The only exception being an RS3 here.
  6. My RS3 is the same. And my Golf R before it was too. Both have rusty hubs. I never painted my golf R hubs and haven’t done my RS3 yet. I just don’t think it’s worth it as they will rust again. (Also one winter they will be covered with dirt anyway!).
  7. There is no point paying a body shop hundreds of pounds for the first of many scrapes. Get a smart repair and pay less.
  8. You won’t be able to get the registration. The retailer won’t help you. Go go buy some touch up paint and do something to relax that’s my advice. You can always fit a dash cam to record when your not in the car and take out that insurance just for dents/scratches. Google it.
  9. Believe me it’s annoying. I had a few dents and marks on my Golf R. My new RS3 has someone open the door into the crease of the back door and cause a dent and a big scratch. In the end I just used chipex to take care of the paint damage and I can’t tell it’s there. Many companies do dent/scratch insurance. That’s another solution potentially.
  10. This is a common problem. People open and close their doors into other cars all the time and most people don’t care or even notice. Its only when you have a nice car your care about do you see that it has happened. 1. Don’t claim through insurance. It will probably increase your premium. 2. The retailer won’t be able to find the car or probably care enough. 3. You have to live with it and accept it happens. You up will have to repair this yourself if you want it done. If it’s a dent then paint less dent removal can take care of it and a smart repair can sort out the paint scuff. These guys come to your home and your probably looking around £200 to fix. But maybe you can get a deal. The second option is get some touch up paint such as from Chipex and have a go yourself.
  11. Lol it’s acidic wheel cleaner. There are literally hundreds of posts about this. Someone should sticky it. Thats the first bolt cover that has been effected. Don’t ask me why that one has and the others haven’t. What I can promise you is if you keep having your car washed in the same place or using the same stuff to clean your wheels they will all go like that and your have to buy some new bolt covers.
  12. Phone up the dealer and get it on the phone. Don’t be such a push over letting them take forever to reply.
  13. Phone up the dealer and get it on the phone. Don’t be such a push over letting them take forever to reply.
  14. But get your order number. No one should be waiting 6 months and not be able to track it on the VW site. For some one reason some dealers don’t like to share the order number with customers. So get it. And you can see the estimated build date and then the confirmed build date and the stages in between. You may well have to wait a long time but at least you know when the build will start. My R was around 4 months, my Audi S3 took 5 months. My current RS3 took 8 months.
  15. A photo would help showing the back of your car and where it is located.
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