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  1. Mine was falling to bits, worse than the pic above. They shouldn't be allowed to sell these systems.
  2. Yeah that's the one, the one where they put pure Ethanol in the fuel tank you cant teach being that stupid
  3. Yes mate seen that "600HP" Golf R - not 600hp at all, just used for video views...
  4. Haha nope still not got it back yet. And yeah, frustrating tbh but lets not get into that right now
  5. Don't know mate - aint driven it in 5 months! I'm supposed to be indoors at Ultimate Dubs next weekend... cutting it far too close for my liking Cars going to be an absolute state in that show hall if I do get it back last minute
  6. Tried to PM you but you've left our convo lol... 650+ yeah Most powerful manual MK7 Golf I'm pretty sure
  7. Pay for quality... You know what they say... buy Maxton, buy 5 times.
  8. Next up on VWROC Paranormal Hunters..........
  9. Car has finished mapping. I have some figures..... un-officially STILL the most powerful manual MK7 in the world... doing my best for the stick, guys... Not sure who's holds the record for overall MK7 2.0 horsepower though? Info to follow....
  10. Sure is lol, so don't be too alarmed by a bit of slip... make sure traction is in Sport, or completely off so you can control it properly. Tyres play a huge role too. Get yourself some Michelin Pilot Sport 4S or equivalent when the Bridgestones are deleted.
  11. Try driving mine in the winter. Full throttle, sometimes you can be facing both sides of the road before it straightens up. It'll even light up all four tyres in 4th on a damp motorway.
  12. nah bro, name change, @gdotk im still about, just waiting...... and waiting........
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