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  1. Very very nice Hurdy 👍
  2. Hi Nile bought my Audi std However already puts some upgrades on Forge intercooler Miitek downpipe Milltek 2nd decats Hpfp Wow the sounds off it are awsome puts big grin on me face every time I’m in it especially tunnels lol 😆 I’m like a big kid Booked in at MRC tuning for stage 2 looking forward to experience the difference 👍
  3. well I have just sold my 6R well known on here Sad to see it go but I have moved on to a RS3 I had some very fond driving times in this car best handling car I’ve owned
  4. Hi Hurdy many thanks for your reply really appreciated yes that speaks a lot for experience with Steve i really appreciate experience enthustic owner thank You chris
  5. Looking good it’s gonna put a huge smile on your face when it’s all sorted and look after the car again 👍
  6. Hi hurdy I’m really swayed to statllers tuning mine I’m very particular I’m torn between mrc and statllers pls help mate
  7. Hi hurdy thats awsome figures is that statllers rroad and what map mate pls
  8. Hi I too had cosworth sierras few track days was impressive engine back then but Morden turbos now so good little turbo lag
  9. The mk7 R has a truly fantastic engine I think I’m right cosworth helped develop the engine much better than the focus rs I really was looking into a stage 3 mk7 but I’ve swayed to a pfl RS3 let’s see how it goes
  10. Hi Doc my R is 400bhp / 420lftb Oh yes windows down the noise oh wot a sound 😀 its a 15 plate sepang blue dynamic pack with mag ride s sport seats black pack with black folding mirrors B&O system 255 front wheels liked playing with the dynamic options 👍 will be nice to to experience a tuned version how it compares cheers
  11. Hi just a update well I’ve just bought my RS3 😀 the difference is chalk and cheese i found between mine well tuned R miy R felt quicker and much more secure on cornering however please remember I’m comparing a well tuned 6R to a factory std RS3 with sports dynamic and sports exhaust The RS3 was and is felt more refined and both inside and driving wise so I’ve bought it I’m now going to put my R for sale it still puts a smile on my face every time I drive the R it just such a accomplished car and embarrassed a few lot more expensive cars 😀 However I’ve decided to move on and see how it progresses I will be looking into tuning my RS3 to enjoy the potential on the engine thanks
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