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  1. Huwgo R

    th3 f15t's '12 Golf R (Codename: Viki)

    Hi what you up to mate
  2. Huwgo R

    Hurdy’s 7.5R

    Hi hurdy I’m really swayed to statllers tuning mine I’m very particular I’m torn between mrc and statllers pls help mate
  3. Huwgo R

    Hurdy’s 7.5R

    Hi hurdy thats awsome figures is that statllers rroad and what map mate pls
  4. Huwgo R

    Kieran's Stage 3 7R (524PS/671NM)

    Hi I too had cosworth sierras few track days was impressive engine back then but Morden turbos now so good little turbo lag
  5. Huwgo R

    Kieran's Stage 3 7R (524PS/671NM)

    The mk7 R has a truly fantastic engine I think I’m right cosworth helped develop the engine much better than the focus rs I really was looking into a stage 3 mk7 but I’ve swayed to a pfl RS3 let’s see how it goes
  6. Huwgo R

    Test drive RS3 PFL

    Hi Doc my R is 400bhp / 420lftb Oh yes windows down the noise oh wot a sound 😀 its a 15 plate sepang blue dynamic pack with mag ride s sport seats black pack with black folding mirrors B&O system 255 front wheels liked playing with the dynamic options 👍 will be nice to to experience a tuned version how it compares cheers
  7. Huwgo R

    TTE420 6R For Sale 12 plate

    Time Left: 12 days and 1 hour

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Hi all My 6R is up for sale over £15k spent I’m sure you will recognise this car as it’s been owned and cared for by 2 VWROC members plus me Vwtt, real thing and me Huwgo R full spec: 3dr rising blue Dsg Vienna leather etc TTE420 fitted Dec 2016 RS3 in tank fuel pump, 155bar fuel pressure valve,forge twincooler,Apr hpfp,Evo s intake,full bee exhaust,gab+,Apr dsg map &giac engine map Handling: Bilstein ps10 Coilovers, h&r ARB’s,super pro lower arms,alk ground control camber plates,Brembo 8 pots,370mm ap disks,hoax engine mount,super pro bushes,bbs-ch-r 19” anthracite alloys kerscher font splitter,rear diffuser,st2p paddles, im 3rd owner mileage 44k fsh cam belt and water pump June 2016 car always warmed up and cooled down properly only v power used You will not be disappointed !!! more pics available P.S I work away on a rotation so if I can’t answer please email me I can contact you when away tel:07592330768 Chris


  8. Huwgo R

    Test drive RS3 PFL

    Hi just a update well I’ve just bought my RS3 😀 the difference is chalk and cheese i found between mine well tuned R miy R felt quicker and much more secure on cornering however please remember I’m comparing a well tuned 6R to a factory std RS3 with sports dynamic and sports exhaust The RS3 was and is felt more refined and both inside and driving wise so I’ve bought it I’m now going to put my R for sale it still puts a smile on my face every time I drive the R it just such a accomplished car and embarrassed a few lot more expensive cars 😀 However I’ve decided to move on and see how it progresses I will be looking into tuning my RS3 to enjoy the potential on the engine thanks
  9. Huwgo R

    Test drive RS3 PFL

    Hi all, ive put a deposit down on a low milage RS3 Sepang blue which i go to view and test drive this week I see on this forum and the RS3 forum a few people have moved onto the RS3 So as mentioned above im going to to view and drive to see what i Think i hear that Engine is a peach and addictive especially sound and the tuning potential Torque figures look strong this should give great mid range overtaking pace Well see what happens
  10. Huwgo R

    Stage 3 or upgrade car?

    I gould go either the 8V Rs3 with full spec or a basic FL Rs3 or I'm thinking to wait a little till the price drops a little then get a full spec FL Rs3 ???????????
  11. Huwgo R

    Stage 3 or upgrade car?

    Hi that's great reading ive currently got a 6R stage 3 I'm contemplating on similar descisions with which way to go with Car wise as above and I'm thinking exactly same cars too !!!
  12. Huwgo R

    Kieran's Stage 3 7R (524PS/671NM)

    Hi V nice car with great spec 👍
  13. Huwgo R

    The Photography Chat Thread

    Nice one Euchi Da 👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
  14. Huwgo R

    The Photography Chat Thread

    Hi Dollyman its Llyn Padarn Llanberis yes A5 by Brittany’s bridge I’m originally a Bangor lad live up Newcastle now I have a stage 3 mk6R which I’m so happy with 😀 This car is well known on this forum I’m very lucky and happy to own 😀