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  1. Great mindset to have, can't agree more.
  2. Turnaround time is fairly decent and I was constantly getting updates with where in the order - manufacture - delivery process it was. Can't fault them from a communication perspective, it could just be a one man band with a few orders to get through.
  3. Mine definitely came with the reinforced heel pad, looks like it might've been an oversight.
  4. I bloody love the Oryx white colour. So, so nice.
  5. Are you holding the unlock button down when unlocking the car? If you've enabled the option in the menu, you hold your unlock button for the duration of the windows going down for them to open. Same for them the lock/go up too.
  6. Good to hear bud. One thing I would say is that whilst this is incredibly annoying and shoddy service, don't let it prejudice your opinion of the car. As soon as it's yours you'll have a massive smile on your face when you're bombing round. The journey to getting the car (pun not intended) and the car itself are two separate experiences.
  7. Great news. I went through something similar with mine - on the day I drove off with my lapiz some arsehole pulled a U turn in front of me (despite indicating left). Still going through the liability of the claim but my car was in the garage for a month, 7k worth of damage. Amazing how much when the pictures don't show a lot at all!
  8. I'd write down the date and time of every time I rang, I'd put it in writing to the dealer and VW head office and constantly persist until the complaint is addressed better. It's absolutely shoddy service you've received.
  9. This experience is absolutely shocking - I remember you mentioning the misorder in a different through. Why it wasn't put through as a priority order is beyond me. Have you taken it up with their manager? Or even tried to find their area manager and escalated to them? I would be fuming.
  10. white_tar

    VCDS Location Map

    Honestly? Just to see if there's a difference. Was hoping it was available. My mates done it on his A45 and says that he has noticed a massive difference.
  11. white_tar

    VCDS Location Map

    Anyone done the DSG Gearbox reset with the VCDS? I'm hoping you have klauster!
  12. Super Sports and fine, and you get decent mileage out of them too.
  13. This would send my blood boiling in a big way. Never understand what goes through someone's mind to do that, whether they're a child or not. Have you shared the footage with neighbours/the owners of the other cars?
  14. Two questions guys! What's the difference between putting my car in Race mode, and Race mode with a pull of the stick down to 'S' (in DSG). Also - tyre pressures. Recommended for the R? Cheers
  15. Absolutely love the oryx white. Beautiful car.
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