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  1. Personally I have had a very bad innings with Blackvue, I started with the 650 2ch from a group buy here that Rebecca arranged (thank you!). It was fitted ok and worked well until 1 month after the warranty ran out, I then tried to contact Blackvue for a number of weeks to try and get a replacement/quote on spare parts, whilst I was still receiving their marketing they ignored or missed all of my calls and emails. Including requests for support when limitations of their setup would prevent me from DL'ing footage on bulk, the only reply I ever received from them simply said "try updating to the new firmware" which was ironic because that was the firmware I had stated introduced the issue I faced. I got nowhere and gave up. Ok, so I am unlucky? Or they really don't care (at least this side of the pond) what happens post sales? As everything including the powermagic was installed already and I didn't want to faff with another install I gave them quite a generous "benefit of the doubt" and ordered the 750 2ch as it still used the same wiring and would just need the front holder swapped out. The quality of the 750 is tragic compared to the 650, macro blocking and fish eye to the extreme if you get even a small amount of detail in your surroundings, run under the sun with trees lining the road and you get a blocky mess that gives you flashbacks to early AOL adverts. I won't mention that the whole unit vibrates to the music I have playing when the previous 650 was solid and did not, after a few days the rear cam power/data cable will vibrate loose meaning I need a bit of blutac to keep it in for any length of time (please do not quote me on this, I can see the memes already! :)), but, even this shakes loose eventually. Again, not something the lesser (but far superior in quality) 650 ever did. For fairness, it is worth pointing out that I run a decent aftermarket sub so it is dealing with a lot more vibration than standard car setups, however, the 650 before it coped just fine. In nearly all aspects, except night vision, this product is a significant step down from the 650, if you can, cancel and get a 650, although given my experience with their after sales support, ditch everything and look at the competition. Fans will probably cry settings etc, but honestly, I make a living from tech and after a year I still have not found a way to make the picture quality of the 750 even rival that of the 650, except in really dark situations where it does have a slight edge in terms of luminosity rather than resolution. The flip side of that though is that when you are under the bright lights, you will struggle to resolve the number plates of those oncoming, I had a van drive head on towards me around a one way motorway junction distribution road that I managed to avoid (with some quick reflexes....ok ok, some brown noise too! ), despite having a few frames where the van was just a few feet in front, head on, the number plate was completely illegible where the lighting from the road and my headlights had washed it out, it does not adapt nearly fast enough to capture even basic oncoming scenes. Understandably frustrated with this, I attempted to contact support once more, nothing, nada, no reply/answer. My personal take on these cams is they are classic "package and sell regardless of ready for public", they are more like a software company than a physical product company in that they knowingly release sub par untested gear and rely on the user base to test for them, ignoring any request that might see them having to understand their product or replace it. Sorry for the wall of text but Blackvue have been nothing but terrible in my personal experience, your mileage may vary though, it is worth noting that I am the only one speaking ill of Blackvue on these forums that I have seen to date, I just put this out there as a case study of when someone doesn't have the same experience as the group. Unfortunately I don't have any old files from the 650 to compare to except some yt stuff I posted under an account that was since lost, they may still be up if you can be bothered to search this forum. Here is the image I have of the van that was seemingly on class A's given it had to have come up against direction of flow for the m4 slip road and proceeded to ignore all oncoming traffic to get it where it nearly took me out without even slowing down or stopping to say "I really got that one wrong, guv'...".
  2. It's easy to fall into this trap nowadays when we look at diminished police presence to protect our personal and public spaces. Remember though that your street is only as safe as the power of the gang holding it and by current criminal practices, is open (fair game) for those with more resource to take, control and exploit. There is a reason why society in general chose a police force to protect their interests, becoming subservient to an entity that can be irrational and violent is not generally conducive to a good platform for family life. Just stepping outside of the "unwritten rules" by mistake or ignorance lands you "guilty as charged", Judge, Jury and no doubt "a good shoeing"....rather than "ready to defend yourself in a court of law". When chaos is an ever prevalent force, it is easy to think that enforcement outside of the rules is a good thing, but ultimately, power unchecked is corruptible and someone will always pay the price for that, usually in the town next over where those with power do not live...."not on my doorstep" I think is the usual justification for crime? The more this thinking is accepted as "normal" the less anyone will enjoy a Britain that is only "safe" in their immediate postcode. In all ways, giving up power to any irrational and self serving criminal entity is a bad thing. 😂 (I know (i.e. really hope ) you were being ironic, I just couldn't resist the bait :))
  3. 30k will be them driving at 2mph in a straight line on a Teflon top coated, glass floating on mercury road with a train style turntable at each end to eliminate steering scrub or in marketing speak *certain conditions
  4. I tend to get to about 3mm then spend more time than I would care to admit researching the next tyre, then fretting like an absolute crazy person about the next demolition expert whose going to change them! So mine are generally around the legal limit when the actual swap takes place.
  5. (sorry, missed this one) From my current perspective I would buy the 5p over the 6p, if budget was tight I would be happy to to take the 5p over the PS4S as there is a tidy saving to be made if you shop around. Maybe I got an off set of 6ps? Usually you can tell a bad or perished tyre though as it will start to show signs of cracking and delamination which I did check for and couldn't see.
  6. For me no, I much preferred the 5ps over the 6ps and the 6ps wore down really fast, I got 17k out of the 5ps and not changing driving style I got barely over 10k with the 6ps, they didn't seem to have the grip of the 5ps and just didn't give me confidence, as soon as i got the 5ps back on things were good again....it is anecdotal and I am far from racing driver calibre so read into it as you will, I just did not get on with them at all. I will try to remember to report back if I experience your prediction, appreciate the insight.
  7. Then I strongly suspect you have far keener hearing than me, which, given my love of car audio through the ages would come as no surprise
  8. I concur with this if you are not on a strict budget as the Contis 5ps are exceptional considering their price^ I have recently swapped my Conti 5p's (19") for the Michelin PS4S and am very impressed. I was a big fan of the Conti 5ps but there is no doubt that the PS4S's are superior, not by light years or anything, but noticeable. I did have a set of the Conti 6ps also but they wore out really fast and to be honest I felt more in control of the car on the Conti 5ps than the 6's. PS4S are definitely a notch above the 5ps and 2 or 3 above the 6ps in my opinion. I have yet to see how the PS4S will wear over time. As they inspire more confidence, I am expecting them to wear a little faster than the 5ps (which wear really well) but will be disappointed if they disappear as fast as the 6ps which were like ice cream in the Caribbean My observations so far over the 5ps (the set that got swapped out for the PS4S's): Price. They are more expensive than the 5p by £30-40 a corner depending on your vendor of choice, if that's a sticking point then I'd stay with the 5ps. Road noise over the 5ps is about equal, definitely not something that I can really tell if there is a difference so if there is, it is negligible. Comfort is a notch above the 5ps in my opinion, I think the sidewalls of the tyre are a little more forgiving on the harsher bumps, but that could be that they have more tread depth than the 5ps they replaced so take with a pinch of salt. Grip is where it really shines wet and dry, there are several off camber shiny surfaces around my way and can often kick the back end out even at sub limit speeds if a little aggressive on turn in and throttle. The PS4S's are noticeably harder to unstick than the 5ps especially when the surfaces are wet and greasy. Launches also seem a fraction more surefooted off the line, although this might be down to other outside factors, not much in it over the 5ps but that's because the 5ps were already pretty awesome off the line. Fast corners are no problem either, but then it is fair to say I don't push to 101% of the tyre as those speeds are just too careless and dangerous on public roads, i'll save that comparison for the track. Fuel economy, this is where the comparison ends, if you are looking at your tyres to save fuel, wrong car. Tldr: Fairly naff review but the PS4S is a notch above the Conti 5p where it matters, if you don't care about the extra premium they demand.
  9. From a source directly into the eye the light strikes the cells in your eye (ok a lot more happens than that but for the sake of keeping it simple...) and is detected, what I was referring to is the light itself is not visible from other directions until it hits something that bounces it directly into your eye or a camera etc. If that wasn't the case we would simple be wandering around during the day in a foggy soup...actually my argument is failing here as I often do wander around during the day in a foggy soup! Laser then, you can see it directly hitting the cells in your eye or when it is bounced off a surface or diffused/scattered in many different directions, some leading to the cells in your eyes, by dust/fog/smoke etc. Poorly worded, but, what I was getting at is the reflection coming from the panel of a car is diffuse and not specular (as it is from a mirror) which can offer the impression that the panel has imperfections when it is merely imperfections of the surface (paint/clear coat) reflecting it, giving the illusion that the panel itself is warped in some way when it is not. Was just a thought after looking at the pics, not saying it definitely is the issue.
  10. Light is only seen when reflected from a medium, strange as it seems, light is invisible up until the point it reflects off something. Orange peel is quite apparent in VAG cars and the paintwork itself and clear coat on top will have varying thickness over the panels by microscopic degrees. These small and seemingly insignificant differences will add up the further away you move from the panels simply because there is a scatter effect. Being in the garage a few days helping the situation may simply be the dust negating/blocking the scatter effect by dulling reflections. Is there anyone else in a position to mirror these photo's who is happy they don't have ripples (I would, but mine is outside and I suck big time at photography in ideal conditions...)? I am not saying you don't have ripples, but I am saying make sure you are not simply chasing a visual illusion due to the paintwork itself. Having said that I am not sure how you would go about reassuring yourself that this is an illusion, if simply lining your eyes up on a level with the cross section of the roof doesn't bear fruit, maybe try the clay bar trick and put a very thin polythene bag over your fingertips and run it gently over the areas you suspect, any variances in panel uniformity should be enhanced?
  11. Yeah, steel expands when it gets hot, but, the heat we are talking about is not that much given the temperature range steel can happily endure. Remember that all the panels and chassis and pillars etc are connected so heat dissipation will be fairly uniform over the entire car (assuming modern build standards). The R is not into exotic body materials territory either so different thermal properties between panels and frame won't be a factor. I like your thinking though, if it was built by Rover, I would probably back you up!
  12. The unit will support the following SD card types and capacities: SD up to 2GB SDHC up to 32GB SDXC up to 256GB The unit will support FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT and NTFS formats. Personally, I use Sandisk as they have (so far) always been reliable and fast, but, I should imagine most reputable brands will be perfectly suited.
  13. I use a 32gb SD card in mine with MP3's and the only time it "forgets" is if the SD card gets removed from it's slot. Otherwise, it always starts exactly where it was when it was switched off. I don't have the nav pro, just the normal unit with Dynaudio. Have you tried a different SD card and/or checked that you have it formatted correctly etc etc? There is a page or 2 about SD cards and compatibility in the media manual iirc.
  14. I have a couple of these on recommendation of the non-performance enhancements thread. They cover and protect the key brilliantly and the extra shoulder around the key flip button stops it from deploying in your pocket, protecting you from those "ooer missus" moments..."Is that a key in your pocket or do you have an incredibly small....." : Key fob protector Loved the review and appreciate you taking time to write it up for everyone! Hope you continue your love affair with your new 7.5 R.
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