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  1. Oh, the other car was a 16 plate. So not a massive leap!
  2. I’m hoping this is the case. I can find the same car but the power output listed is incorrect when compared to the new model information. So really I’d be insuring the wrong car!
  3. The one insurers that was actually able to enter the details manually quoted £1700! It’s near enough the same car and her last premium was £400. I suspect they were just chancing their arm.
  4. My wife picked up her new Audi yesterday. Brand new from the factory all taxed, 5 day complimentary insurance and all that jazz. Anyway, we’ve gone to insure it today and no insurer can find the car by the reg and when we’ve told them the model, they can’t find that either. The model listed is still showing the old power output so, the old model (this ones changed due to WLTP requirement) is the only one they can find. Anyone had this before? I’ve said leave it a day or two and see if the system catches up. Not sure what to do if it doesn’t??
  5. Strangely, mine was in the rain and when the traffic is particularly heavy. Not on the M4 though, M60 unfortunately.
  6. Yeah, same size, except a negligible difference in tread depth.
  7. Done that previously and whenever I've adjusted pressures and had new tyres.
  8. I've had two new tyres on the front recently, all pressures checked, balanced etc. In the last week, I've had the tyre pressure monitor tell me front left needs checking. I've got home and checked it and it's bang on where it should be. It's happened twice now but bizarrely on both occasions when I've been in stop start traffic. Any ideas? I'm going to get the tyre checked but I really don't think it's that, mainly due to the pressure is always fine.
  9. Not sure if this is the correct place for this thread or not?! Anyway, can anyone recommend somewhere that does good quality Audi accessories? I’m thinking sill protectors (like the Lockwood ones, who bizarrely don’t do Audi stuff) and mats, etc? My missus has just bought an Audi and I’m after some bits. Thanks.
  10. Fantastic bike. One of the best ‘real world’ bikes about in my opinion. I’ve also had a blast on a standard V4. Phenomenal.
  11. I wouldn’t worry too much about the Police and them looking into every piece of footage submitted. My mate got knocked off his motorbike at a set of lights by some clown who jumped a red at the junction. It was caught on the riders camera, a camera in a vehicle behind and even the roadside CCTV. Apparently the Police weren’t bothered about any of this and took statements into account as opposed to the footage. Bizarre I know.
  12. I’ve been looking at these lately. Merc are offering a much better deal than Audi can even get near to for the RS3. Anyone driven one recently or any experience of them?
  13. Our house is a dormer bungalow with the bathroom at the back upstairs with a slopes ceiling, i.e. not in a dormer. At the minute the bathroom has that plastic cladding fitted. Would there be any dramas with having a normal plaster ceiling fitted instead of the cladding? I read somewhere that because it’s sort of in the roof void, it can cause damp problems and that’s why they often have the cladding fitted. Would I have to change anything with the roof, I know some people fit the roof tile vents. Would I need these? Do you know if this is a load of bollocks or someone is actually talking sense? Thanks for any advice.
  14. Not sure if this is the correct section? Are there any builders/bathroom fitters on here that I could pick their brains on something very briefly?
  15. I doubt anyone on here cares at all about emissions if they're totally honest. I suspect most of the people who have already signed up (I haven't as I only heard that it was a thing recently, hence this thread) are looking at it with a view to making a few quid out of it. Personally, I've no issue at all with this and whilst the notion that the costs will be passed on to consumers at some point is probably accurate, there's many more factors that are continually pushing up the costs for us consumers unfortunately.
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