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  1. As doing some diligence on the A35 AMG and seeing what early adopters think and especially those coming from R and S3 there is a post on this subject and the A35 actually has a silver warning sticker on the windscreen that says: 1000 miles: No full load operation - no kick down Temporarily: Engine Speed Max 4500 RPM Max Speed: 85 MPH +1000 miles: Increase load slowly.
  2. On a 180 mile trip to Manchester on 20% B Road and town 80% Motorway - 39.8 MPG Local running around this morning, inter town commute, 29 MPG There are times where performance is secondary and on them long cruises the R performs this nice little magic trick of being pretty economical However, if a local driver and you never stretch the R legs out you will only get sub 30, and nearer mid 20's if running around in race. economy does improve as engine beds in, also in warmer weather and the engine also sounds more rorty as you add the miles.
  3. Think the T ROC - R is the beginning of the extended branding of R through the ranges, much as Audi do the S and RS series, the problem with the T-ROC R as stated, is its a rubbish place to start, as the interior quality truly lacks any lustre and some of the economy trimming on materials is extremely noticeable. Obviously the higher the food chain such as an Arteon, then the lustre and tech of the car would sit much better with the R badge. Changes like this only solidify the GTI iconic and immediately recognisable label with the general public and its a shame you simply cannot option AWD on the GTI as personally would be happy to trade some HP for the GTI styling - Traction is my main requirement.
  4. Know thats not great personally, but car has been out there 5 years and this forum is obviously a focal point for issues, and though there are always individual cases, some shocking, its accepted overall that the MK 7 Golf and R are highly reliable overall - Had mine 30 months and 24,000 miles and not had a single thing done to it,
  5. Dilutes the brand in terms of the uninformed who will likely merge R and R Line into one now and not even give a thought to what the differences are and in someway raised the GTI brand to this demographic - the Golf R will always been seen by the informed as the true R When I see a T-ROC - R on road it will not be with any clamor or envy, it will likely just be a meh and a feeling that glad driving the true R
  6. Been my point all along in the R setting the curve as even a newly worked car from Mercedes cannot beat it out after 5 years since MK 7 came into being - So the A35 AMG convinced me to stay with the R on that premise.
  7. Just go look at the Geneva show, all the major brands were seriously pushing their electric ranges and concepts and do not expect too much in way of petrol, as its going hybrid and then all electric which however will be pushing out some decent BHP The next Golf R will likely be 328 BHP - 350 BHP and then VW will be into hybrids (supposed to happen for the MK 8 but thats been backed out, however just see that as a delay to the inevitable)
  8. Looks very SEAT Having seen the Geneva VW presentation where all focus was on the semi autonomous, connected tech the MK 8 will maybe a be a step too far for many with the actual driving experience remaining static (no bad thing obviously given how good present is) but the additional tech more a put off than an attraction (is for me) the MK 8 will be no more than a MK 7.75 thats become clearer and clearer since ditched the hybrid drives and where semi autonomous tech is seemingly where the big sale lies (which will likely draw more to the standard Golf, but GTI and R drivers buy their cars for a reason, to drive them!!)
  9. Is this with the 90% tint? and if so, is the rear window the same?
  10. The new A series has a much improved interior, that I Pad has been removed and replaced by a single length screen which when you specify the 2 x 10 " screens (display and media) Quality of the screen is much better also. However, as much as there is some initial wow, you do have flashbacks to PS4 Formula 1 and think it could potentially irritate me over an extended period (given all we look at these days is screens) So the screens are much improved, the real lack of quality that felt was in the switch gear which lacked weight and felt plastic coated and the gloss black that complements was already showing signs of damage in what must be limited use given only been in showroom a week when I saw the A35 AMG in the flesh Actually really like the exterior with the Aerodynamic kit, its a looker - However have already passed over the A35 as my own personal knocks on it stacked up including additional costs and my changeover will now 100% be another R, just waiting to order.
  11. Little peak into the future of the R Semi Autonomous driving (meh) though imagine matrix lighting will be a standard and thats a good thing for the MK 8 No matter the push on the T ROC - R its not grabbed me at all, would not even consider,
  12. Like everything about the TCR, styling wise its how would like the R, but at the price, its traction over style for me, so passing on the TCR Also, its very likely to be a harder ride than any of us are used to even with the dampers, so its less UK road friendly (though sure livable with)
  13. This is the how will specify my changeover, looks great! 65% tints? In terms of launch, then only have done it once out of curiosity and never felt need to again, as do not track and just planting your right foot is not going to be far behind a launch anyway - in terms of warranty have no idea but seems strange to give you a functionality that if used breaks the warranty - that makes no sense and having been around this forum for a while not ever heard the 4 launch rule ever and there has been a lot of folk pass through forum. - Sure someone will give the facts but be surprised if its not just some poor dealer guidance But nice to see everyone finally get their cars and in this photo another confirmation to my colour/wheel combination for when change over
  14. Seen a couple of posts where they state there is no under seat storage? storage that I have use for, and is well, useful, so is this true? as its not on this list as removed?
  15. Your thoughts have validated my thinking which is always nice as you do doubt yourself sometimes! But given the recent updates on the MK 8 it does appear to be more a MK 7.75 in terms what it will bring over and above the present and thats only if you buy into the cabin technology that has been promised, but as stated, touch free, gesture environments with even more driver assistance is not something to really get excited about. Add in MQB will have a moderate lift (just how improved can it be given how good this chassis is) and the mild 328 BHP lift you mention, and the style from that photo! it maybe a backward step even In terms of the baby AMG, they have done a really good job, to a point, as its much improved over the outgoing series and they have filled demographic they were missing out on with this 300 BHP AWD version, but as you say, even as a brand new offering it does still fall short of the R and reason stated that not seeing the R as a 5 year car at end of its cycle, but that its set the curve, and by moving to the 7.5 i will be getting the R at its best from that 5 year journey. Do like the looks of the AMG though, with its styling kit it and flat lines it looks great, but as you state beyond that the knocks start adding up on it, not least the easy £2000 and more (as even thats holding back and you could spend £45,000 to match up with the R)
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