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  1. Hertsman

    No Golf R on VW Website

    Thats cleared that up but a surprise as thought the whole rationale of screens was to reduce the costs of manufacturing dials? They must have a bunch of dials in stock to use before making standard then - If it was a UK option I would have stayed with dials personally.
  2. Hertsman

    No Golf R on VW Website

    The R is on the German site now - seems to have upgrades we do not have, or will we? active display as seemingly cost upgrade? (Like the Audi upgrade?) or is it just the standard and literally lost in translation as that, But its there and purchasable.
  3. Hertsman

    No Golf R on VW Website

    The R has reappeared a couple of times on the website and was representative of the new changes with the keyless and rear view standard and the removal of the silver white as colour option. So it has been seen and its more likely to reappear permanently when everything is truly ready to order successfully (if that is ever the state of course :)) Have a vested interest as will be ordering in May so been hoping that timing is good in that all that others have had to endure is more business as usual by then. My contingency is an S3 or even a GTI but do hope to stay with the R .
  4. Hertsman

    Standard equipment on 2019 300 R

    Think driving style may play into this as maybe I look to squeeze into gaps in traffic she would not and also getaway quicker than she does Wife drives a A1 SLine Black Edition 185 BHP and for the size its quite nippy and fun to drive and she has no issues also with it being FWD and rarely experiences any wheel spin. I took it out the other day and pulled away normally at the junction near end of our road and when I returned she told me off for thrashing her car haha. So think its styles also as the R gives you confidence to meet a gap without anyone having to slow and where the FWD should have you wait that little longer so there is no need to tramp (yet of course we try anyway) In the dry there is no difference in driving experience whatsoever between the performance Golfs, in terms of grip, its just the extra HP you appreciate then. But we obviously have potential for long periods of damp/wet conditions in UK so R is readily justifiable. My previous Audi Quattro were the 2.0 TDi versions and to be honest they were pretty quick in accelerating as there was lots of torque on offer and if VW offered 4Motion on other cars I would probably be ok to lose some HP If there was not such a downer on diesel now a Bi-Turbo GTDR would be an awesome car Though maybe the MK8 with the 48v hybrid is going to eventually demise the GTD.
  5. Hertsman

    Standard equipment on 2019 300 R

    Having come from back to back Quattro and convincing myself FWD would be ok my switch to the previous GTD really frustrated me at times with the tramping and thats why jumped over the GTI to the R - Its a great feeling to have in knowing you can pull out with assurance and not have to feather the acceleration to get some grip If it was not for this issue I would likely save myself some ££ and select the GTI which is a great looking car on the 7.5 with the re-engineering of the stripe.
  6. Hertsman

    Standard equipment on 2019 300 R

    Liked the original mirror on my GTD and liked the mirror on my R despite many comments at time it was more like a Halfords replacement - so not something that bother me - in fact as leasing, have I feel gained over my present R experience and will be very happy with it when changeover happens Have the keyless and rear view so glad they standard Not a fan of the grey sections on the seats, so very happy they all black now Lease, so the direct injection is not going to affect me as a long term issue Already have 300 BHP and very happy and so 10 BHP makes no difference (not that it would anyway) Like that getting the lane assist, DLA and traffic recognition Like my dials, but as a differentiation in experience, its now the driver screen The minor trim deletes will not be something even notice Was not a fan of the front of the 7.5 originally but its grown on me The only thing that hate overall on the MK 7.5 is losing the signature twin DRL and so every MK 7 performance coming at you looks the same until close up - The GTI won massively with the change though as went from an awkward looking red stripe to a really nice looking, sharp front end. Another colleague received before the WLTP delays a vanilla (except for the new deco interior trim) spec pure white GTI and its very nice and must say its tempting to save a ton of money (until realise how much love the extra BHP hooked up to the AWD)
  7. Hertsman

    Standard equipment on 2019 300 R

    Its not a feature that would have paid for but think going to enjoy having it as regularly move between speed zones and get a little confused to if 30-40 or 50 MPH limits, and always off and on the high beam down some rat runs regularly use
  8. Hertsman

    Standard equipment on 2019 300 R

    Heard there was sign recognition also? Lane Assist with Dynamic Light Assist including Traffic Sign Recognition These will be my only options now as keyless and rear camera were on my list - though do remember the price has increased so whats 'free' and standard does have a charge in reality Climate Screen DCC Black Pretoria
  9. Hertsman

    Deep Black Pearl

    Had Phantom Black, Brilliant Black on A3 Quattro and presently Mythos Black on wife Black Edition A1 (great looking, stealthy car with with these lovely rotor wheels) so its a colour that love But it is a labour of love as you get the dusting effect quite quickly, any bird dropping instantly contrast and if go for anything but your own careful hand clean, the swirls! which once there are are good days work to remove (personally did not obsess on them as only ever really seen on close inspection and so when washed and cleaned the overall effect was still stunning) The metallic cope better than the standard paint which was really hard work to keep, though the metallic tend to show the dust more readily Finding the Mythos more durable than previous so the swirls are there but you have to really look for them and just general washes are keeping the car looking great (being an A1 helps as less bodywork to get around) When washed, in the black edition, it does look awesome. My previous GTD in Pure White never seemed to get dirty, it just went grey! it was only when washed did you realise the coat of muck on it. There is obviously no swirl issue or immediate ruining of the look by any bird mess as white hides everything. The Lapiz is proving an easy colour to live with and its only on close inspection that you ever see any flaws after regular basic washes - Its standing outside filthy at the moment and even then it keeps its brightness. Indium Grey will be my changeover colour as lean back towards the stealthier look and away from the bright. Colleague of mine has a vanilla GTI in DBP and he is close to change and he says he definitely will not be returning to DBP and having seen his car regularly it can look quite tatty if you are as lazy as him - I would consider myself an average in the middle cleaner of my cars where they get good attention but not close to those that detail and thats the reason will personally avoid as think the R needs to be at its shiny immaculate best in DBP more than any other colour to show the lines at their best. As you can see I am a fan of black, have one now, and the cars on here that are detailed look amazing but think you have to be honest with your regime of cleaning before choosing the colour as anything short of thorough and regularly you might be disappointed walking up to the car most days. Of course, this is the most subjective subject on any car forum so this and whatever anyone comments its just for your own personal melting pot and decision will still be down to personal taste at end of the process.
  10. Multi tasking so that was too quick for me in a working day, but made me laugh out loud when re-read Have added another video on direct injection from the same guy and its the fine print in depth version, and supports all you have stated.
  11. Meant the head issues the RS has so was just really stating the Golfs may have some medium to long term issues due to this change but to have knowledge of the block issues like the RS has would definitely take away any pleasure the car provides
  12. Apologies if posted its a long thread but at 14 minutes there is a good talk through of direct injection on the US cars - Also this is a good overview of the R for the less informed technically. They do quote 6 year 72,000 miles warranty https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvn6vNTF0ZI This is the detailed video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrLNDgrIw3U At end of the day, but no matter what review I have ever seen, the usual output is that its an awesome car and you should get one Still the best car personally driven. PS: If think this direct injection thing worries you, you could be an RS owner https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nan3LURIq3k
  13. Hertsman

    19 inch wheels turning circle?

    Its the only think that can say truly dislike about the R, the times when have my hand up at a waiting someone as request patience in letting me go back and forth. There is two points where turn regularly, the first at end of the street where turn myself around and mini roundabout at end of a high st that go fully around to come back on myself (so can do the first left) Used to be able to do both on the GTD in well aimed sweep, but the R you can only get so far and you have to reverse up a little before got the angle to make the sweep The roundabout is particularly embarrassing Tight supermarkets, where reversed in, and as go to leave the car waiting for your space presumes you can just sweep out, but then you go nose to nose with them and either your or they have to reverse up a bit! Do like my 19" wheels though so its just a pain have to live with. Maybe its the reason also there is no automatic parking on the R?
  14. Hertsman

    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    And think that makes my point on maybe the 90% being too much as in certain lights the 65% darken significantly anyway (enough on this photo for me to think that) and is sufficient. The only other option looking at (depending on ££) is the Oetinger rear spoiler as see thats an option now - Anyone taken this as an option and has a photo??
  15. Hertsman

    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    Still intend to walk the opposition forecourts and see if my head is turned but its likely going to be the easiest selection ever made at changeover with the previous forensic diligence that was needed when moved from A3 Quattro to originally a first edition GTD and then onto an R replaced by complete knowledge of the matured MK7 series and thats down to the colour wish to select! So pretty set now that mine will also be an Indium grey with black Pretoria and caps, though undecided on whether the 90% tints might be too much for me? think standard tints are pretty good and would like to see a 90% tint in flesh before pressing the buy button. The one temptation that have to resist is the panoramic as its another nice contrast, but to choose for aesthetic reasons at that price would be pretty stupid of me as given my hay fever driving around in an air conditioned filtered bubble is bliss and if purchased the roof there might be temptation even obligation to use and so let all that pollen in! Thanks for the photo as definitely more validation to my upcoming choice.