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  1. https://www.vwroc.com/forums/topic/31549-vw-golf-gti-tcr/ Am moving from an R to TCR in October- This is the thread in other marquee explaining some of thought process etc
  2. Wife replaced her ageing Mini Cooper last year for a 2014 A1 SLine Black Edition 185 BHP STronic Mythos Black and its the perfect local run around, and sometimes jump in it over the R for a short run somewhere as its just fun to drive with the Audi cabin making it a nice place to be. Some good deals out there on them if looking second hand.
  3. Hertsman

    New bmw 135i

    Not sure of sales numbers, but as much as some want the extreme and there is a market, the bigger market must be the daily user and it cannot be a coincidence that both BMW with this, and Mercedes with the A35 AMG have dropped themselves in direct competition with the Golf R Plenty of colleagues have had M Line and a couple even M version BMW and can confirm that rear end wiggle is not fun on a greasy surface and when it snowed badly last, some BMW had to stay the night (gradient out of the car park) so the move to FWD and X Drive will likely bring in more potential purchasers like me who have always steered clear of the BMW. For the BMW purist and those who like to track and let that back end slide out and consider that fun then can see some getting quite angry but its not something personally considered fun on a wet UK road in October (there is a Top Gear video where Clarkson going in a straight line in wet hit 100 MPH and spun out while driving I think M130i, physically shaken!) As already made my choice not overly looked at the new BMW but it will be added to my list to look at more seriously next time around.
  4. To Be honest, rarely take the bait, tend to do the burst to position myself but back off when point made and let the whatever it is pass. Most who understand their cars know each others quite well and actually found at the level there is more mutual respect and a nod to, opposed to anything stupid. Its way I think, just because drive an R does not mean I do not appreciate other cars in and around the demographic. The worst is usually the cars that have been pushed to be something they are not and there is some syndrome of inferiority that surfaces and they see you and want to prove something Funniest was an old Fiesta with likely a few mods which left for dead and given short distance, someway behind, but they still insisted blasting past me (or should say rattling) as I backed off to keep to limits.
  5. As stated above 9 of last 12 years has been AWD so it was not an easy decision to let it go and still have a little bit of apprehension done right thing, but since a kid always wanted a GTI and have always found a reason to bypass it for something else, its been a scratch to itch for so long and the thinking was that if not do it for the TCR it will never happen. With the akrapovich as a bonus, and the extra bits and pieces thrown in, sure the TCR is not going to disappoint and if really do miss the AWD I will just come back to the R three years from now.
  6. The A35 is a highly tuned A250 engine, so think that one is probably up to its limits - On the AMG forum heat has been mentioned as an issue a few times for the A35, on wings as in its quite noticeable over what most consider normal after a run out. This A45 is a beast, so be interesting to see how it performs when first ones land,
  7. This is why find it hard to think from a driving perspective how the MK 8 can be anything more than a mild evolution at best as even the new kids on block, who are considered to be making a decent stab at the demographic find the MK 7 GTI and R hard packages to better. - you get the feeling the MK 7 neared the top of the curve and these head to heads on drive might be similar for some time to come - When the MK 8 comes online there could be some very good MK 7 deals floating around, be a great purchase for anyone.
  8. The Clubsport sits atop of the GTI tree, but as someone who is giving up the R (AWD) for the TCR to read how happy folk are with the Clubsports (FWD) still provides me lots of assurance that done the right thing with the increased BHP, upgraded brakes, and DCC setting adjustments 9 of the last 12 years have been in AWD (Quattro and R) but second car is a 185 BHP Audi A1 and driven plenty of FWD in past, but there was no TCR to test drive when made the selection, so it is a jump out of the R assured comfort zone. Understand will lose a little of the off line traction but hope to gain some additional engagement while keeping the pace of the R that used to. From what understand of the clubsport, traction is actually pretty good, minimal torque steer and the differential provides a really high level of assurance as push a bend (R like) Stress not stating the TCR is in anyway a clubsport, its definitely more a lifted GTi PP, but am hoping the TCR comes close to the positive and enjoyable experiences that pretty much everyone indicates with their clubsports.
  9. Having seen the packs for the A35 and they likely all packs the the car needs to be the car you seeking, then that would be a £60,000 car and for £60 k I would simply buy something else- Sure its a great car but having seen the early A35 issues anyone should definitely wait till the car has matured. Also, and I do get it honestly as to why everyone wants more BHP etc, but the reality always nags me that there is a few times where I can really utllise the full capabilities of the R and so you get a monster like the A45 and unless track will barely get to see its capabilities and unless track why would you want drift mode?? drifting on a public road is not fun its reckless.
  10. As looked at the A35 AMG am still on that forum and a few there have had some poor build experiences, creaks and rattles that have a couple now seeking to reject their cars given how disappointed they are and the dealers failing to rectify. Most were on the forum prior to receiving their A35 AMG and so have not just joined to share their dissatisfaction, but it shows you that build quality overall across the more marquee range is maybe at a crossroads and where they need to step carefully or lose their supposed differentiation, additional quality. Of course some are very happy with their A35 AMG and it maybe just early adopters taking the early pain, but from what seeing there is an above the normal in complaints. Despite what everyone is saying in terms of the pinching on the MK 7.5 quite glad selected the TCR as still feel some assurance as to what getting.
  11. Ordered before the MY20 changes and you can only be provided what the new standard is, so looks like a few of us have done well out of the transition. I would not have ordered the Akrapovich if it was an option the present TCR exhaust is stainless and tuned already and I think the twin chrome pipes look pretty good. But adding the Akrapovich brings it back to the concept version and it should add a bit more of an edge to the TCR. Love my R and it took some serious thought to change, with hope that keep the pace of the R which used to but with a little more agility and engagement. Just as an aside my daughter is on your shores, down in the Napier/Hastings Area with her NZ boyfriend. We plan to get over there early 2021 for a month, and really looking forward to, and would like to hire an R but think it will be a people carrier.
  12. Got this direct from VW, and its all minimal really, except for me as seem to be getting Akrapovich as a freebie. This was what was provided but it may not be fully inclusive IE: Options that are now standard, but we shall see soon enough as new pricing was July 1st and expect the configuration to catch up soon. Golf family Hatch – 3 door closed for ordering – Vienna Leather loses perforation (rear seats only) – Akrapovic exhaust now standard on GTI TCR – VW Connect Dongle (YOI) added to S and Match trims Estate – Vienna Leather loses perforation (rear seats only) – VW Connect Dongle (YOI) added to S and Match trims SV – VW Connect Dongle (YOI) added to S and Match trims – Removal of the CD Player – Panoramic sunroof not available with the 2.0 TDI 150PS 7-speed DSG engine e-Golf – No changes to e-Golf
  13. Nope, not seen anything more than what shared at outset - mine confirmed as build week 33 so will definitely be MY20 Did read on another VAG forum that Skoda were getting motion activated Keyless Entry (Key has to be in motion to emit its signal) which would be a nice feature. New prices start from July so imagine the VW site will be updated soon though the brochure on the VW UK site is still coming soon'
  14. Just been given a week 33 build for my TCR which think is mid August and so a MY20, anyone on here ordered MY20 and have the definitive product changes between MY 19 and MY20 for the Golf Range?
  15. Saw this on a Skoda forum for MY20 changes and that usually translates to the VAG group - KESSY key with motion sensor (does not emit signal unless key movement detected) So if you key is passively sitting in your house it does not emit its signal, which is a simple solution the problem https://www.kodiaqforums.co.uk/download/file.php?id=2028
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