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  1. I was tempted to get the Lockwood ones as I’ve previously had on my other golfs, however seen the new polo gets these on r line versions so might do some research to see if they possibly fit or if the golf will eventually get them too at some point with the updates.
  2. … already have one from a previous car 🤣 my mate has recently got a Mk8 GTD so have double checked to make sure it fits 👍🏻
  3. Tried hard to resist but after seeing all the items posted here decided to splash out on Aliexpress and have now received the gloss black mirrors, foot rest & decided to give the sun glasses holder a go. Also ordered the key cover so hopefully will arrive soon as my car is due to arrive in 7-10 days 😁 https://postimg.cc/jDcMKZ3p Now to resist ordering a gas strut & spare wheel 😂
  4. That’s me received my finance docs through for signing so car is in the UK 😊 should get it in the next 7-10 days can’t wait!! Also received my black mirror caps & metal foot rest so all good to go when it arrives 😁
  5. The brakes were good to use just didn’t last as expected. 22k miles & when sold it had to remove some cash as needed new brakes. Found out this is common thing with BMW’s 😩 Had a Mk7 GTI drove from central scotland to Spa francorchamps, did a track day & drove back. When sold it think had about 36k miles & never had to change the brakes. So just wasn’t expecting it. Can’t wait for mine now either watched all the vids & thanks to the forum giving ideas also might have ordered a few bits ready for it coming 🤣
  6. @Golfist Cracking pictures, need to take mine a run up that way when it arrives!
  7. Hi Everyone, Traded my Mk7 R in for an X3 M40i 2yrs ago & now after trying the SUV/BMW route glad to say I've now ordered a Mk8 R & can’t wait! As much as the BMW was nicely built, great V6 engine & looked good… the steering and brakes aren’t the best. So looking forward to having a hot hatch again 😊 The spec I’ve went for is - Lapiz Blue - Performance pack - DCC - Pano Roof - Winter Pack (front) - Rear View Camera I actually ordered on 12th April & managed to get an allocated build slot that the spec could be
  8. Here's my attempt, more pics from the trip in my progress thread cheers
  9. Couple of updates (Pic over load warning lol) Replaced my glovebox & boot lights with LED’s Replaced the Corner lights with Philips diamond vision bulbs (after recommendation on here) Fitted & hardwired the Nextbase 512g dashcam Private plate fitted And I've ordered the footrest to match the pedals (found thanks to threads on here too) Over the weekend took the R its first real run & decided to go a drive to Leadhills which was awesome, pics below….
  10. This is what I done with my GTI before getting my R My PCP deal was ending in Oct this yr (therefore paid the 50%) & was thinking of the best options to change the GTI. The mileage originally setup up was for 18k, but due to work my actual mileage was about 53k therefore a.) dealer didn't want as trade in & b.) if handed back it would hav cost about £3k due to the pence per mile. So it was actually an Audi dealership that told me about this 3rd option of VT. Have to say has worked out great, an auction company comes to your home, inspects & take the car away. So for me wor
  11. Didnt even notice this until you mentioned it haha
  12. These are what I've got fitted, quick vid in my progress thread below http://www.vwroc.com/forums/topic/15007-croz-golf-r-progress-thread/
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