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  1. Sorry it's a real struggle to accurately show them from the rear! Seem to make a big difference to crap being flung down the side of the car.
  2. I just bought generic Kaylan splash guards from Performance Creations on ebay and put them on the front of my estate. They're fairly subtle, will try and find a pic on my phone. I see they now do a specific kit for the R on ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/163064617514?chn=ps
  3. Unfortunately the only way you could guarantee an engine hasn't been run with a low oil level is to get a new one, which I don't think will happen. Sadly you will now realise how most people that work with cars really don't care for them in the slightest. When I had issues with mine the first thing my local dealership said to me was that most people wouldn't even notice that but they could fix it if I wanted them to........... I'd be pushing for as much as possible on top of a free oil and filter change as a form of compensation. Start big, you can always go down but not any higher. My dealership didn't see the difference between a car valet/polish and a detailer carrying out a multi stage correction followed by ceramic coating, and just called it a fancy polish. I totally agree with Jon-Paul above, I've seen a few threads where an engine has failed and the dealership has blamed it on the owner and too little oil, this is without evidence, they can 100% say yours has run with low oil without even looking. You should carefully read the section in the owners manual which states what certain levels on the dipstick mean. You need something in writing from the dealership at a minimum that states exactly what has happened and that any future problems which could relate to this mistake made by them is covered. Did you get pictures of the oil level on the dipstick and carnage caused due to the garages incompetence? Also get pictures of your driveway with the fresh oil stain on it, they should be paying for that to be cleaned up too. Whatever you do get anything agreed verbally put down in writing! The Brand Manager at my local dealership agreed a couple of things then just chose to not go through with them. If you aren't happy contact VWUK and see what they say on the situation.
  4. Should be good to go. Unless you drive in a dusty environment I wouldn't bother cleaning it often, the standard panel filter is replaced at 60k if you follow VW guidelines. A light coating of dust actually improves filtration properties, albeit reducing the airflow slightly.
  5. Managed to average 16mph on my 30 mile commute through the back lanes on my push bike. Max speed 37mph, out dragged an old dear in a Micra away from the lights in a 30 limit and managed to pull away🙊. Drank 0.8l of drink which equates to about 108mpg. Downside, a lorry overtook me in traffic which I was keeping up with, then tried to kill me.
  6. How do people find the R to have "strong engine braking"? It seems to coast for miles, even when not in Eco mode. My last car was a mk2 Focus ST slowed considerably when lifting off the throttle. The only time the R appears to slow using the engine is when the RPM's are above 4,000, which is basically Race mode. The Golf R is probably the most economical car I have ever owned, apart from maybe my 1.3 Fiesta when I was 17 which averaged 33mpg IIRC. For my normal journeys Eco mode just doesn't work, it just ends up just being a jerky affair. Admittedly my journeys are mainly A and B roads which include hills, and I probably spend about 1% of my life on a motorway. Currently I am averaging about 33mpg, but using Eco mode wouldn't improve that. On similar journeys my 22 year old Defender returns 30mpg.
  7. I kept putting off booking it into my local dealership as they are useless and have no faith in then. Luckily it sorted itself out 😂
  8. My estate rear windows squeaked for a couple of months when it was about 6 months old. Something must have worn in as I haven't had any squeaks for well over a year now!
  9. I entered my Sept '16 66 plate estate into webuyanycar just for fun when my car was about 8 months old. Just before Christmas 2017 the price dropped to about £19,500 with about 10,000 on the clock. Now 8 months later with 14,500 miles covered they are offering £21,655, can't really figure out why!? Maybe just hoping people are hard up and need money for Christmas fast?
  10. As above, leave well alone. Plenty of cherished examples floating around!
  11. I managed about 9,500 miles out of my rear left before it was down to almost 2mm, they were the naff, hard wearing, 18" Bridgestone's too😏. Fronts still had almost 5mm left on them, and other rear about 4mm. The alignment was slightly out, but not enough to warrant the wear rate of the rear left, I've now stopped driving one long sweeping corner fast. My 320bhp 420lb/ft Focus ST managed between 8,500 and 9,000 miles out of a set of tyres. I guess I just make my estate waggle it's rear a bit!? I would guess if you drive smoothly, like I'm guessing you did in your GTi, then it should be in the same ball park as that, maybe a little sooner due to the extra weight of the Haldex!?
  12. Think you have hold of the wrong end of the stick. Mike said selecting "park" turns the brake lights off, which isn't desirable at the end of a queue.
  13. Mine has a noticeable off beat sound when I listen to the exhaust at idle. Never looked at the engine though!
  14. It's the perfect daily driver. Especially in DSG guise. Only do around 8000 miles a year in it, cycle about 2000 and Land Rover does about 1000 when there's floods about.
  15. People are surprised when I say I get better mpg whilst driving in traffic. Most of the time it's pointless overtaking as you just get stuck behind something else 1/4 of a mile down the road. Or whatever you have just overtaken stops behind you at the next set of lights. Definitely impressive mpg for a 300ps estate!
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