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  1. hi, could i ask where have you installed the neo9, I understand its to big for the glovebox?
  2. yep I'm the same, I'm now a convert to ceramic coating, would be the first thing i will do on any future cars I buy......
  3. No the nut will not come off, if you look i think its got cut in the thread, best to loosen and wedge connector in and tighten. if you do take nut off you will never get it back on!! Use the earth post!
  4. Great colour, look forward in hearing on your plans for it 😉
  5. Yep another vote for ctek that’s what I have.
  6. A great bit of kit is black 9 from directhoses https://www.directhoses.net/products/copy-of-directhoses-all-black-8-electric-pressure-washer-upgraded-rubber-wire-reinforced-hose-quick-fit?variant=12509591011406 perfect for rigging up in garage and dragging out hose of reel, no setup time anymore for the weekly car wash.
  7. Tesco’s or LV
  8. Oh no 😱 who’s tree, local authorities?
  9. Hi Rob can you list part numbers please, I see you changed bolts, o ring was there anything else, apart from oil 🙂
  10. What part number is the rear, or could you post link, thanks Now sorted.
  11. Yes, 15mm minimum for fronts with TTRS setup. 10mm On back.
  12. Spacers are h and r 3055571 15mm yes running OEM discs yes fitted myself, previously fitted to my 8p S3 oem Cadiz 18”
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