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  1. Reminds me of my days spent in the garage porting and cleaning the cylinder heads of the g60 and 16v VW engines that I transplanted into my Mk1 Golf
  2. As Rob says, be careful you don’t break clips, I did, and it’s a big job to change rubber boot because of existing cables need separating and pulling through as I found out. So don’t unclip rubber boot use tie wrap and push through.
  3. Cdj3.2

    Pure Water Final Rinse

    may I ask what readings are you getting on the TDS and what reading would you consider changing the resin? thanks in advance
  4. Cdj3.2

    Top 5 Mods

    Revo stg1 and TCU sw 😉
  5. Cdj3.2

    What a day..Purchase Gone Wrong.

    You did the right thing walking away!
  6. Hi welcome, I read that you had a clubsport s what was the reason for selling. I’m thinking of changing my lapiz blue 65 r for one. Any advise on owning one would be grateful received. What colour was your, did you trade it in? Thanks Carl 

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    2. Cdj3.2


      thanks appreciate the comments.

    3. Cdj3.2


      Out of interest what number was it?

    4. dubwear


      140 get one you only live once 

  7. Cdj3.2

    Replacement Wing Mirror Caps

    Yep, same, that’s where I got mine.
  8. Who's going, I'm going Friday for the day, (tickets as birthday present)... any tips from those been before?? advice on parking, any good photo spots on hill climb??
  9. Cdj3.2

    The Quick Question Topic - Part 2

    Anyone have the part number for the vw center cap for Cadiz wheels. Thanks in advance.
  10. Cdj3.2

    Wash Mitt

    Wo-wo mitt also! You can’t go wrong with their gear. Great service to.
  11. Cdj3.2

    Front and rear dash cams anyone done it

    Fitted blackvue front and rear took at least 3hours mainly because I’m not familiar with removal of trim and working around airbag on A pillar.
  12. Cdj3.2

    What BBK with 18" Cadiz?

    I’ve fitted ttrs brakes, they fit under Cadiz, spacer required.
  13. Cdj3.2

    Battery chargers

    Directly behind the battery on the bulk head of the car is an earth connector, I connect earth to that.
  14. Cdj3.2