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  1. Oh no 😱 who’s tree, local authorities?
  2. Hi Rob can you list part numbers please, I see you changed bolts, o ring was there anything else, apart from oil 🙂
  3. What part number is the rear, or could you post link, thanks Now sorted.
  4. Yes, 15mm minimum for fronts with TTRS setup. 10mm On back.
  5. Spacers are h and r 3055571 15mm yes running OEM discs yes fitted myself, previously fitted to my 8p S3 oem Cadiz 18”
  6. yes done it and running this setup, and no the TTRS calipers and discs will not fit under cadiz without a big spacer and you will need to get the wheel weights off the inside face and put on back edge or in groove at back of spokes.
  7. I’ve found virgin radio on DAB this evening in the r (65reg), my problem is no logo.
  8. Reminds me of my days spent in the garage porting and cleaning the cylinder heads of the g60 and 16v VW engines that I transplanted into my Mk1 Golf
  9. As Rob says, be careful you don’t break clips, I did, and it’s a big job to change rubber boot because of existing cables need separating and pulling through as I found out. So don’t unclip rubber boot use tie wrap and push through.
  10. may I ask what readings are you getting on the TDS and what reading would you consider changing the resin? thanks in advance
  11. Hi welcome, I read that you had a clubsport s what was the reason for selling. I’m thinking of changing my lapiz blue 65 r for one. Any advise on owning one would be grateful received. What colour was your, did you trade it in? Thanks Carl 

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    2. Cdj3.2


      thanks appreciate the comments.

    3. Cdj3.2


      Out of interest what number was it?

    4. dubwear


      140 get one you only live once 

  12. Yep, same, that’s where I got mine.
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