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  1. HI guys, I used to get my car serviced at Alan Day City but now that has closed, can anyone recommend a VW specialist close to the Docklands area? My car is a 16 plate, covered 25K miles and I believe I need the DSG oil changed and perhaps the Haldex serviced as well? Current issues with my car are that sometimes I feel that the DSG can be a bit laggy (especially when using the paddles), the infotainment system plays up (sometimes registers phantom screen touches) ,there appears to be a leak in wash-wipe reservoir and sometimes when driving a complaint will come up saying
  2. I'm not one to put my foot down often but the last two times I have done so from standstill, I've noticed that there has been a slight hesitation in the DSG changing from 1st to 2nd. My car is 4 years old and has done 18,500 miles. I have spoken to two garages who have given different advice. VRS Northampton have said that having the DSG serviced will fix the problem. Volks Autos told me that I should get the DSG reset which could fix the problem. Has anyone experienced the same sort of hesitation? Many thanks.
  3. Long time lurker, first post! I've had my Golf R from new for 18 months now and today I noticed that bubbling has started to appear underneath the front grill's silver section. Anyone seen this kind of thing before? At first I thought that perhaps there was a transparent plastic film on the grill which should have been removed from new but I don't think this is the case ... P.S In taking this picture, I've realised just how much the car needs a wash :-)
  4. I've had my lovely year old Golf R from new and just recently I've been having issues with Android Auto. Wondering if anyone else has been having similar issues : When I plug the phone into the car's USB slot, the phone sometimes reboots. When Android auto is operational and I'm using Google Maps say, then try to use Amazon music from the head unit, the phone reboots. Sometimes there's an intermittent beep - this doesn't go away even if I turn the volume all the way down... I think the head unit is getting confused and possibly registering screen presses which are not happening... Than
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