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  1. Manoeuvre braking almost wiped me out earlier when someone let me pull out of my drive and an ultrasonic sensor picked up something ( plant i think ) and the brakes slammed on halfway across the road. That is now switched off. Especially given how many random ultrasonic readings you can get when it’s raining etc.
  2. Check the front bumper is sprayed correctly. My Lapiz has light patches on each side that look like the spray gun did not go over the area correctly. Getting it swapped for another this week.
  3. Certainly the voice button is an optional extra but on the mk7 you had a phone button too
  4. I am really enjoying my new 7.5 R. What an amazing machine with lots of improvements over the mk7. One thing that does seem to be missing now the steering wheel controls have the View button rather than phone button is the ability to answer the phone or end a call by pressing a button on the steering wheel. I’ve tried various buttons but none seem to work so you have to use the head unit each time which is okay but it used to be easier not to have to look away from the road. Has anyone else found a button that works?
  5. So my car is now built and arrived at Emden on Thursday. A sheerness boat left Saturday. Another leaves both tomorrow and Wednesday. Here’s hoping the car is on one of those. Does anyone have any experience of recent wait times from factory to shipping, and through to delivery at dealer? My friend popped round with his new R on Saturday and having seen it I am now even more desperate to get mine 😁 Many thanks.
  6. Hoping for the same tomorrow then 😁
  7. Hi. Quick question.... at what stage during your build week did your tracker change to stage 4? I believe it’s also common for the tracker to skip stage 4. My dealer still has stage 3 showing on their system with build week 13, this week, allocated. Many thanks 😁
  8. Quick question to all of you with the new cars. Do they still come with a spare wheel? When you look at the options it seems you only get a spare with dynaudio I was wondering if this was true. Many thanks
  9. Ordered last week of January. Build week 13 25 March
  10. I ordered on 29 Jan and my app also changed to build week confirmed. The provisional week was 13 when I checked with my garage last week. Looking hopeful. 😁
  11. Quick question. I have a provisional build week of 3 weeks Monday. My tracker still says with the factory. Is this typical? I’m getting the impression the tracker can be pretty inaccurate at times. Many thanks. Ian
  12. Anyone have any thoughts on the possibility of a post brexit Import tax? I know Porsche have warned customers of a possible 10% tax. My build week has moved two weeks closer to week 13 now and I am wondering if they are hoping to deliver UK orders pre the dreaded day? Of course it could all be hype. No politics please 😁 Cheers
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