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  1. I had a smart repair done when some keyed drivers door I thought it was a good job until I took it to get detailed and gtechniq crystal black but on and they slated the job he did.... apparently all depends on the light u look at it under
  2. As far as I am aware this is an option at all dealerships is brought mine through carwow and everyone who was giving my quotes offered to include it for free. I would chase it up with vwuk customer care
  3. Rab81

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    I had this problem when I first tried it took me about 5 attempts but finally went through like someone else said make sure u haven't put 0 instead of o
  4. The difference between a car with and without dynaudio is quite remarkable I tried both before spec I got the system as the difference was to big to avoid plus the fact that it came with the tech pack
  5. I got a good replacement of eBay. Cost me about £18 with delivery. Seller was world car mirrors if that helps
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