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  1. I've just checked my engine and you are right, Australian cars do have dual injection. My bad. In that case - it really sucks to be a Yanky......or anyone contemplating buying the new R. What the hell is VW thinking!!!!
  2. Talk about 'making a mountain out of a mole-hill'. In Australia, we don't get port injection in our R's and it's still the best bang for your buck car available. No mention of any carbon build ups or rough idling R's in Australia that I know of. Personally, my R is a stage 2 with 50k kms and it still purrs like a kitten and takes off like a scalded cat. This is becoming an unnecessary 'witch hunt' hysteria based on nothing more than just speculation. Those who want to cancel their order based on the speculation of 1 individual, should look at the bigger picture. All the cars without port injection in the US and Australia are perfectly fine, with no idling or performance problems. Heck, we even get 5 years warranty - compared with 3 or you guys in the UK. So are you going to cancel your order for an R, knowing that it's still the best all-rounder currently available just because one guy is sprouting doom and gloom?
  3. Im considering an M140i. Yeah yeah, I know they look hideous but the looks is starting to grow on me. Besides, I don’t keep my cars stock, so a set of nice wheels with lower offset, lowered springs and Maxton kit will make it look pretty darn good - more aggresive to offset that fugly rear. Lol You just can’t deny how wonderfully smooth and sweet sounding that straight 6 is. Put a cat-back exhaust on and it will have more character than any 4 pot can dream of and a simple jb4 will take it over 400hp. It’s the last of its kind in a hot hatch. As good as the R is - I’m starting to get bored with its 4 cylinder. Even with a full exhaust and all the pops and crackling - it still lacks that certain character and smoothness that is so valued in a straight 6. The M140i is very well priced at the moment and is practical as well as being sporty.
  4. I drive mine in manual mode 99% of the time. Problem solved.
  5. Considering a BMW M140i. Glorious engine with so much character and so smooth that the R can only dream of matching. Last of the marvellous straight 6 and rwd, since BMW is going 4-pot in their next hot hatch. Replace the ugly stock 18" wheels with some 19s, Maxton splitters all around combined with Eibach springs will make it squat like a bulldog and improve the fugly back-end. A nice exhaust system will make that straight 6 sing and jb4 will get it around the 410hp. Sweet.
  6. Nope. You will both end up having similar power after a stage 1 - around 380hp A friend has the 7.5 and on paper it is around 20hp more than my 7, stock for stock. On the road his car indeed felt more quicker than mine and the accuracy of my butt dyno was confirmed when we put both our stock cars on the same dyno on the same day. Mine made 310hp, his was 332hp. But after an APR stage 2 tune for both our cars, with both cars using exactly the same downpipe, exhaust, intercooler etc. Both our cars felt exactly the same on our butt dyno. We didn't get our cars tested on a real dyno after stage 2, but I doubt that it will show his car being 20hp more than mine.
  7. 362x32mm Im using 9mm spacers, but I think I can get away without having spacers For 380mm disc, you will probably need spacers because the calipers for the 380mm discs are much bigger. Are you sure the brake master cylinder is large enough to provide sufficient force for the large calipers of your 380mm discs?
  8. 19" Pretorias Paint is Dupli color Metalcast Blue
  9. All those who think that stop/start will save them money on fuel or save the environment in the long run should wake up! Yes, you will save some money on fuel, but how much? Let’s work it out. A car can idle around 48hours on a full tank. Now let’s say you idle on average for 8 minutes every day. So in 1 year, you will have idle a complete full tank of fuel. Let’s say a full tank costs you $100. That’s $100 you would save a year on fuel if you use stop/start. Now $100 savings is not a lot to offset a crappy driving experience, is it? Not to mention you will do more than $100/year of damage to your engine, alternator, battery and turbo. Stop listening to the manufacturer’s bs about how stop/start will not damage your car because Common sense says otherwise. The only reason why manufacturers have start/stop in their cars is so that their cars can past strict emmision testing. You as the consumer don’t benefit whatsoever with start/stop. When the 3 year warranty period runs out, you will see....
  10. Didn’t you know that you get 420hp stage 2 if you get red with gloss black Pretorias. Any other colour and you will only get 400hp. The red cars are tuned more special at the factory...
  11. Totally agree. Unless it can provide performance data - it’s just a useless gimmick. Modern Cars have enough gimmicks already, no need for anymore
  12. Find me another estate that is not too big and heavy, doesn't cost a fortune and can be tuned to 400hp with a few simple mods. You can't, can you. I've said many times before, the only time I will get rid of my R estate is when the Mk8 comes out or when Audi decides to make an RS3 Estate. Until then, no other car on the planet has the perfect combination of performance, refinement, size and weight, practicality and price as the R estate.
  13. No offense, but you sound like a total douche. Sure your R is ‘fast’ but ‘fast’ is all relative, isn’t it. You talk like if you think your tuned R is so high and mighty, but at the end of the day, it’s just a Golf. You were lucky that the cops were nice and let you go for driving like a d*ck, so next time treat them with respect
  14. You can definitely tell the difference 10hp makes. Just ask the guys with cold air intakes - who claim to be able to feel a 5hp ‘increase’ let alone 10hp 😜
  15. You guys are bonkers to compare a lowly R with an RS3. There’s no comparison! Lol i would buy an RS3 in a heartbeat if it came in estate form. Now that is the perfect car!
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