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  1. It was, shame there was so much traffic.
  2. Saw a nice white 3dr on the M50 this evening with an aftermarket exhaust, sounded great
  3. I’ve put a further 9000kms on it in the past 7 weeks too!
  4. I inherited it with 147,000kms on it.
  5. So I needed a new wheel and went to VW to get a Pret...just the €904 plus vat! Very glad I’m not paying for it.
  6. I love this idea. I’m on my second R which has all badges now but my previous car was completely de-badged and while anyone who liked cars still recognized it as a Golf R most people asked me was it a diesel! My new car gets far more unwanted attention than my old one. I would get the car in Grey/Silver or dark blue and just take all badges off.
  7. I have just inherited a white R 5dr that the previous owner has added the black inserts behind the wheels on the front bumper. It looks great but the problem is it’s only on one side!! i remember seeing a thred on this last year but can’t seem to find it now? Its a high mile company car and is a bit rough around the edges so I just want to give it a bit of a freshen up and this is a start. Anyone steer me in the right direction? Thanks
  8. I was running a JB1on my car before I got rid of it, made a huge difference. Because of our petrol the max boost is 5.0 but you can run a lovely custom map that transforms the car. I was getting 4.0 seconds 0-100 kms with launch If the car is out of warranty I’d go to Joe Power for a proper remap but otherwise the JB1/4 is a great alternative.
  9. If you are very concerned about fuel economy you are buying the wrong car. A Golf R is a very different car compared to your 330D but it’s also a lot thirstier too. The R is a lot faster and a lot more fun to drive as intended though.
  10. I just throw the bike in the back and use an old rubber table cloth to protect the car.
  11. Love the black Prets with the grey paint, looks very mean.
  12. Golf R for me all day on every aspect bar the sound, great noise from the 140i.
  13. I’ve only used Eco mode a few times as I find the coasting off puttting when on the motorway and it made very little difference the mpg.
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