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  1. Hi buddy,
    Over the last few years I've been building a history/data base of the 1000 P1's built.
    I read an old post here that you once owned one.. Was wondering if you remember it's build number and/or registration plate?

    Many thanks


    PS couldn't find a way to simply message you other than this way.

  2. Got around to fitting my new battery today. Got the bosch agm one and set to fleece. Hopefully that's correct.
  3. Does anyone have a step for step guide to code a new battery using VCDS? I have it but very rarely use it. I'll be fitting the same battery as OP soon as I get the feeling mine is on the way out. I think the current battery is a Sebang EFB if I remember correctly. Thanks. PS: is there anyway I can check the health of the battery myself?
  4. I finally bit the bullet and got PS4S's last week. What a difference. My tyres were near the limit, so much more confidence now. They just grip and grip. I bought them from Protyre who had a fitting place near me. They were £620 😣 but protyre/michelin are doing £100 cashback when you upload your receipt. My cashback got confirmed yesterday thankfully. I've just been on the protyre site and they only seem to be showing PS4 at the moment for some reason.
  5. The VW symbol on my Prets seems to have disappeared. Weird.
  6. I can't seem to find the 19" Pilot Sport 4S anywhere online, only the Pilot Sport 4. Any clues?
  7. Omega Speedmaster FOIS Smiths PRS-68 Smiths PRS-25 Smiths PRS 29a Precista PRS-82 Precista PRS 18Q Speedbird III PRS-22 Precista PRS 17C Precista PRS-5 CWC G10 Steinhart OVM Tiger Concept 5508 Citizen BN0000-04H Citizen NY0040-09EE Seiko sbcm023 Seiko skx007 Seiko skx781 Seiko sbca001 Seiko 7a38-7180 Tutima Boccia Scurfa Diver One Kemmner 007 Zeno PRS-3 Casio GW-M5610BC-1ER Casio GW-6900-1ER Casio GW-M5610-1ER (x2) Off the top of my head that's all I can think of for now.
  8. No. I have ac on all the time, in fact I've never turned it off. Still get misty windows in the winter. Same on my previous car (Mk5 GTI). I'm always last out the car park at work in the winter. Embarrassing.
  9. Took it off and had a look but nothing obvious. Took a note of part number. 5G0945208C.
  10. Somebody in my work mentioned to me that some of the LEDs on my drivers side rear weren't on. I assumed if there was a problem with my lights then I'd get a message popping up. Right enough I just looked at them and there are leds not working. In the pic (not my car) the leds I've highlighted aren't working on the drivers side but they're ok on passenger side. Can I get access to them easily to see if anything is loose? Any other suggestions?
  11. Nope. Still here. Will never vote for separation from my British brothers.
  12. Sorry my mistake. I always assumed Scotland was in The UK. So the "North East of The UK" would be up Aberdeen way.
  13. Got a service today. Noticed "Carried out recall 46g7-software update to parking control unit" in the paperwork. Any ideas what it apparently fixes?
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