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  1. What setting do you have the dampening on? I have 6 all around and find it very similar to stock, just need to lift it a touch.
  2. Having problems reactivating my exhaust flaps. It keep saying function not available
  3. Do you think you could measure the distance from the ground to centre of arch on each corner please? Just want to compare it to what I have. Mine are set on 4 all around and I think it’s a bit soft. Feels better smoother than stock at the moment but slight rubbing on the front over big bumps
  4. Christmas has come early for me! I have managed to pull out a few things from the stock pile in my garage to be fitted. So by the end of tomorrow it should: Be sitting a bit lower on B16s Have adjustable top mounts fitted BCS Res delete fitted New water pump New thermostat housing. Should be joining the 500 club after Christmas! The V4 has been sitting waiting very patiently.
  5. You probably do as I can only find the revo kits sold as throttle and charge pipe kit sold together
  6. Whilst on the topic of downpipes Decats and exhaust sound. What would a larger diameter pipe do to the sound?
  7. Any issues with DAB signal? also any deals on anywhere or club discounts?
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