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  1. Mount it externally on the tailgate along with the spare wheel to free up boot space? After all it is a 4 wheel drive
  2. Surely with enough force into the wheel then there is going to be drive train damage as wel? Bodywork damage alone puts it close to the mark. Don't forget to add all the stuff like getting the active cruise control realigned which isn't cheap.
  3. I can actually see why the VW garages don't want to pull the pump apart without a rebuild kit, how many cleans are those o rings going to withstand before they become damaged and start leaking? It could easily be one of those quick jobs that turns into a nightmare as you have to put in a new pump because you can't buy a rebuild kit. It does seem not uncommon in this sort of a situation though that specialists start offering a service, main dealers loose business and all of a sudden a solution is found and it becomes standard practise for a main dealer.
  4. Law is one thing but without enforcement ie police on the road its meaningless. Police occasionally have campaigns and catch lots of people but then don't follow it up which is stupid. Technology will make a lot of this stuff unnecessary soon with even basic cars having Bluetooth built in to handle calls and texts. Sure it wont be long till you can dictate a tweet or forum post about the person in front reading a text like a dinosaur
  5. j4641

    Door bump....

    Followed a lady into the airport carpark on Monday evening, she put her heavy bag on the bonnet of a car, fished about to find her keys and then turned around and unlocked the car next to it. When I said she was damaging the other car with her bag the comment I got back (along with a lot of expletives) was if they are bothered then their insurance can fix it. Why these people are permitted to use up oxygen is a mystery to me.
  6. Discovercare didn't work for me, went through the process and 5 hours later it declared the memory card had insufficient capacity. It was the genuine vw card that came with the car so now don't have navigation at all. Tried other route and the file I got out of it was in a folder called markets rather than maps so didn't even bother trying that. Fortunately I made a backup before I started so hopefully I can at least get navigation working again. Why can't they make these things simple?
  7. Toyota GT86, too dull, not able to fit roof bars Subaru Impreza, too expensive for quality levels compared to Golf R Ford Mustang, loved the idea of owning one, don't do high mileage so mpg not an issue, booked test drive, got in car, was so shocked at how nasty the inside was I left dealership without even starting the engine. Reviews suggested it was an issue but figured coming from an older Subaru Impreza I wouldn't notice too badly. R is just a great all rounder, fast, practical, well equipped, you can take it to work and not feel like a total car geek but when you want to drive it just goes.
  8. j4641

    Black Rubin

    VW have clearly missed a trick with that colour, they should be offering a black vinyl roof and special edition square steering wheel.
  9. As an R owner, not sure if I should feel this way but I prefer the styling of the Gti over the R, the red through the headlights and grill just looks more special to me. I would have gone Gti had they made an estate version which is what swung me to the R. Both good cars.
  10. Ali express foot rest fitted yesterday, couldn't believe how much better it looks now. Also fitted the Lookwood sill protectors from the group buy, very smart. Gave interior fabrics a good coat of gtechniq I1 smart fabric protector, hopefully now the car is a bit more child proof and I can safely allow them in without worrying too much.
  11. Yep you are correct on that one, £985 is the inc VAT price. So used to seeing prices quoted and then automatically adding on the VAT. That is still more than year 1 & 2 tax difference. I am not seeing anything making me think my original posting is any less valid, perhaps we should agree to disagree, we are not really adding anything more of value to this thread.
  12. Insurance companies are such a pain to deal with, make sure you get everything agreed before you get the full treatment only to have them refuse to pay the costs. Hope you get it sorted soon and get back in your car again.
  13. PS £1710 is smaller than the £2250 you originally quoted so situation has already improved for you by £540
  14. £450 from your original post, cost of the white paint from VW build configurator (on an r line golf seeing as you cant build a proper r anymore). 15% off a £40k car is £6k, how you frame that is up to you, but it does show the dealers have got substantial room to avoid loosing a sale on a £40k car to a rival manufacturers option at £39k. I am not suggesting that they reduce down to £39k to avoid the tax, because as Taz said its based on RRP but if you say I walk into an Audi dealer to look at a car at £40k plus £1710 tax difference and say its between that or a Peugeot at £39,999 a dealer could certainly "knock off the tax difference" to clinch the sale. If you have already had £6k off to get the price down to the £40k then dealer is likely to wish you well in your new life as a Peugeot owner (apologies for the profanity). Being unable to bear the government taking any more tax from you, well that's a whole different thing.
  15. Perhaps get your maths correct first. £180 becomes £450, difference = £270 * 5 years = £1350 not £2250 Oryx White = £985, plus VAT = £1182 which is not a million miles off your number, although frankly to take this cost over 5 years does seem excessive given that a lot of people here buy on finance = 3 years (£810) or lease = 2 years (£540). Regardless I don't think a £1350 discount off a £40k car (3.3%) is an outrageous request, I certainly achieved more than this. If you are put off by the new taxes then I guess that's plus 1 for the enviromentalists.
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