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    Air con doesn't need servicing if it's used regularly. You're more likely to suffer issues if serviced incorrectly. Ask VW Harrogate who had to pay for my new compressor a few years ago!
  2. MassMassa


    Well, I went with VW (Pulman Durham) in the end and just checked the oil level (serviced yesterday). It's about 3/4 inch above max. Basically top of the twisty bit. I'm f...ing seething. A different dealer did the same thing first ever service. I don't have VW Roadside as just called and the renewal letter was sent to my old address about 2 months ago. Going to take it to my indie and hopefully they can pump the approx 700ml they've gone over by just like last time. So that's it...no more shitty VW dealerships for me. Anyone wanting to buy my car better know specialists are better or they can jog on. FU$$!
  3. MassMassa

    Clutch slipping at 23,000

    It's definitely firm/heavier and takes some getting use to. But once you do get use to it it's great. Mine was jerky for about 1000 miles, now doesn't stutter and drives like stock. If a 50% heavier clutch is no concern I'd go for it. I didn't like it at first but got used to it quickly and love it now.
  4. MassMassa

    Weird noise/humming at 115-120km/h

    A little quieter than yours and only obvious on certain types of road where it's smooth...on rough roads it's quieter! Weird but I just put it down to winter tyres being more grippy in the cold. Definitely tempted by the Milltek.....are yours polished oval tips? Do they look stock(ish)?
  5. MassMassa

    Weird noise/humming at 115-120km/h

    My Conti winter tyres (860s) do the same...weird drone at motorway speeds. Milltek do an unvalved version of their exhaust maybe that's why no difference? How does it sound? I'm tempted as it seems to look oem with the oval polished tips.
  6. MassMassa


    I noticed they look absolutely ace in motion, but look a bit lacking when not.....spokes look too thin to me.
  7. MassMassa

    fuel flap stuck

    Mine did the same. Was a warranty job and involved shaving off some plastic!
  8. MassMassa

    Deep Black Pearl

    That is amazing!
  9. Found the opposite. Bosch clear the screen whereas the standard make it look like the windscreen is contaminated. Speed of travel has nothing to do with it for me.
  10. MassMassa

    Clutch slipping at 23,000

    Scratch that. Apparently a clip missing in the cv boot (?) means repair which won't be covered by warranty. FS do decent mechanics exist anywhere?!
  11. MassMassa

    Clutch slipping at 23,000

    I bit the bullet and my 21k slipping clutch was replaced for a Helix clutch. Best £895 I ever spent!
  12. MassMassa

    Deep Black Pearl

    You'll find DBP looks a little purple too in direct sunlight. By far the best colour.....when clean!
  13. MassMassa

    Wind Deflectors

    Took mine off as the windows rattled against the clips. Drove me potty. PS. Water still dripped in to the car - they didn't fix that issue.
  14. MassMassa

    1.5ltr's too much oil put in by VW

    Mine was overfilled 0.7 L from memory by a VW dealership. Drove 100 miles or so before I realised. No damage thankfully but hope yours is ok! What a bunch of idiots.