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  1. …...not sure what their race has to do with it though? Plenty of whites going to raves, pubs, (right wing) rallies, and spreading bullshit conspiracies - all of which is documented and not lazy stereotyping - maybe start with them first before talking out of your a**hole about others? Just a thought.
  2. Yeh, right...…..: Essex: https://totalcarcheck.co.uk/CarCrimeMap?location=essex Ashton-U-lyne: https://totalcarcheck.co.uk/CarCrimeMap?location=ashton-u-lyne Nice try though....
  3. https://thedriven.io/2019/08/27/murdoch-story-on-evs-produce-more-carbon-emissions-than-petrol-is-wrong/
  4. Not sure what their race has to do with it. My best friend's S3 was stolen by 3 white people 2 months ago. My grandmother used to get spat on by white kids walking me to nursery. Last week a chav shit called me a paki ****. My aunt (in the 1980s) while pregnant was attacked (pushed) by 3 white teens telling her to 'go back home'. Have hundreds of examples. I guess I'm trying to say, I could hate on all whites and assume they're all a bunch of racist uneducted chavs. But I don't judge behaviour by race. Maybe I should. Can't stand this country anymore (born here) to be honest.
  5. Yep, just today we looked at the possible impact of getting equipment and reagents in on time after Brexit. We're busy trying to cure cancer....we've lost funding already on long term projects and now worried we won't get materials in on time and within budget.
  6. Honestly if the BBC didn't give Farage a platform (e.g. only Dimbleby appeared more times on Question Time) we wouldn't have had the vote (whether you agree with leaving or not). I don't think the media is there to be pro or anti anything. It's up to all of us to get information from various sources, look at data and come to our own conclusions. Having said that, some newspapers should be ashamed of themselves. The Daily Mail headlines from the 1930s make interesting reading!
  7. Cheeky bastard! When it's all sorted out send him a link to this thread
  8. Chipex works well. Not perfect, but from a distance pesky stone chips on a black car are no longer obvious.
  9. The digital display looks great and being a nerd I loved having loads of info displayed on my loaner a few months ago. Having said that, jumping back into my MK7 the analogue dials genuinely brought a smile to my face! Both are cool, but the future is digital for sure.
  10. Actually the mk5 RCD-something (5 cd one) was noisy! Could hear the fan after switching the car off!
  11. Non-DCC and I get the same. Always thought it was related to cooling?
  12. Clunky especially when cold. First feels like something is wrong! Reverse for me is also a pain but gets easier once warmed up. Price we pay for being 'old school'
  13. Wish I saw this earlier. A dealer charged me for a new CV boot and clip as I'd assumed it was due to having a new clutch fitted. I'll be speaking with the dealer soon I think!
  14. Speak to VW - I found a no. on VW's website and got them to provide me with an update when I was waiting for mine.
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