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  1. Hi guys, I placed my order for a Golf R estate on 4th July this year, I still don't have a build week. Now I've seen that there could be significant delays in delivery: http://www.vwroc.com/forums/topic/15264-vw-stops-production-of-golf/ This has me thinking that I might cancel my order and buy something used. Do any of you know what the rules are around cancelling an order at this stage? At the moment I only have £500 down. Not sure if I will cancel but I want to know where I stand. Cheers -Rob
  2. So my VW dealer appeared to have screwed up slightly. When I phoned them to confirm the spec and sign the paperwork they told me App-Connect was included in the Nav option. A few weeks down the line after reading differently on this forum I emailed to ask about App-Connect, to confirm it was going to be on my car. Here's the response I got So after that I called them, said that I was happy to pay the £125 - mistakes happen after all. However they can't do that without changing the factory order, which means a whole new order and I go right to the back of the queue. Also they can't do me the same price because we're in a new quarter now. I asked if they could they do it at the dealership when the car arrives and match the factory price? The dealer had to go away to talk to some people and just called me back. They said that they cannot guarantee that the car will be upgradable until it actually arrives from the factory and that if it is, it'll be £190 (cost, apparently) to fit. So I'm trying to work out how much I care about App-Connect (tbh, I really do like the feature) so experiences of those who are using it would be really useful in my decision making process. As a side note, as I have an email from the dealer confirming they got the information about the order wrong, I presume that in the worst case I have the right to cancel? Cheers -Rob
  3. Welcome to the forum! Lots of interesting stuff here to keep you interested while you wait for the car! Cheers -Rob
  4. Hmmm, 90% sure I don't have pro-nav just standard. I'll call and chase in the morning. Thanks goRt.
  5. When I spoke to the dealer [car on order] they told me that as I'd ordered with Nav, App-Connect is included. Can someone verify that please? Cheers -Rob
  6. Ah ok that sounds right, I've found my setup (1.8T) will chatter lots if I slowly ease off the throttle, say driving at 65% throttle and backing off to 45%. I've ended up having a driving style where I accelerate up to the speed I want, take my foot all the way off the throttle (yay dump noise) and then ease into whatever throttle is required to hold the speed - it sounds bad as I describe it but you can drive it very smoothly with a spot of practice.
  7. Hey Grant - I thought chatter was a bad thing - related to compressor stall ? I've been avoiding making my car "chatter" like that because I thought it was bad... Have I been driving like a muppet?
  8. Hi All, I thought I ought to say hi! After probably two years looking at cars of various types I decided that a Golf R really made the most sense for me, as a car that does everything I don't think you can do better. I currently drive a modified mk1 Octavia vRS which really is a great all-rounder but it's getting to that age when a couple of things are starting to play up and I'm at an age where I can look at something newer/nicer. So I've ordered myself a Golf R estate, I keep changing my mind on colour, the original order was for Tornado Red but then I changed to White, now I keep seeing other sexy colours and thinking I like those more, I think it's probably just a case of "grass is greener" + excitement about getting the car - I'm sad that you can't get the estate with 90% tints but I think window shades or professional tints will fix that easily enough. The custom seems to be to share the spec so here goes: * Golf R Estate, White [at the moment] * Panoramic Roof * Vienna Leather * Reversing Camera * Dynaudio I went for the 18" wheels because parking/navigating on my road normally means mounting the curb, a bit of extra rubber over the 19" is useful here. I also went for a couple of accessories - the dog guard and the boot-lip protection both in aid of trying to keep the car nice for the future I put the order in a couple of weeks ago but haven't yet had any information regarding tracking/build weeks. The dealer told me it'd be a couple of weeks before they had that info and I was looking at an October-ish (Maybe November!) date. I think I've read every review and watched every video on youtube regarding stock Golf R's - so for now I'll keep myself busy by hanging out here on the forums!
  9. I ordered last week and was told it would be October/November called another dealer who told me the same too... Sadpanda.
  10. Hey can I ask how you got the black roof rails? I've just ordered my estate in white but I think the rails look so much better in black than in silver. I can't see it as an option on the configurator...
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