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  1. Just apple carplay. that was it.
  2. Found my old lease up for sale looks like they put new budgetish (i think) tyres and refurbished the front passenger wheel that the mrs kerbed. https://www.rixmotors.co.uk/used-cars/2016-66-volkswagen-golf-2-0-r-dsg-3d-auto-1-owner-from-new-satnav-18-alloys-privacy-glass-parking-sensors-bluetooth-cruise-control-heated-seats/ mileage is nearer 27k and not 25 like advertised
  3. Just looked at my account and saw they took out £591. They didn't charge for the kerbed wheel or a door dink, but did charge me for 555,3 excess miles at 8.88p each which I was expecting at some point. Trouble is they (Alphabet leasing) didn't write to me or email me to tell me this advance of debiting my account... either way it was going to have to be paid so all good. They've now emailed me an invoice and it all checks out.
  4. me either tbh! well impressed. Was a mix of motorway and country roads, but driven very hard. I reckon they will need changing at 30k as thats when they will hit 1.6mm.
  5. Leased finished yesterday and the car was collected. 26.6k miles - 6.6 over my 20k allowance. 1 kerbed wheel (only happened last week dammit) Lets see what the damage is when and if they bill me On another note - I cant believe the bridge-stone tyres had 26k miles on them and still had just under 3mm of tread left, especially how hard that car was driven. The car ran flawlessly for 2 years with no maintenance done other than the usual service. Will miss the car very much but have replaced with an 2007 E90 330D M sport as a temporary solution which only cost 3k. Will have a nose around the site from time to time still as hope to be back with the MK8 R
  6. I've just put mine up in the classfieds section
  7. Checked depths again today Front driver side 4.73mm 3.89mm 3.81mm Front passenger side 4.30mm 3.62mm 4.30mm Rear driver side 4.36mm 5.02 mm 5.81mm Rear passenger side 5.67mm 4.17mm 4.98mm I dont think thats too bad a drop since Jan, and now on 18.5K miles on the standard. Cars due to go back in december.... I think the fronts are going to have to be changed... but will hold on a bit longer. Reckon I can get away with it?
  8. I'd just forget about that in a rush and drive straight into it 😬
  9. The release of ios11.4 has seemed to have fixed this issue for me Not used it extensivley but i updated yesterday and today, every track displayed correctly without lag. Finally, the correct track displays. Will let you know if this isnt so the case over the next few days. From the release notes: - Fixes an issue where CarPlay audio could become distorted - Fixes an issue where selecting music from your iPhone could fail when playing music over Bluetooth or when connected to USB on some vehicle Looking forward to google maps and waze being support in ios12 with carplay.
  10. I've just Placed an ad for some ultion locks in the classifieds section.
  11. Give this a go https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-Start-Stop-Memory-module-with-SERVICE-MODE-Start-Stop-SSA-memory-/322352078637
  12. We are using 4K Hikvison dome cameras with an NVR. Cameras are great in the day and nigh (almost pitch black) and the zoom is awesome *images removed* Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. I often see this. Looked in the manual and couldnt make sense of it. Everything works fine that I can tell. Is this standard message?
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