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  1. Took my R for its first service @ Inchcape, Swindon on Friday, my first experience of any VW garage. I have to say they were brilliant, very welcoming, great comms, I received an email of the health report and a link to a video. I asked them not to wash the car which they observed. Customer service was spot on. So well done to the team there.
  2. As above spotted a white hatch reg X14 *** coming out the same estate as me tonight in Theale, Reading. Anyone ?
  3. Saw a few R's on my way to the airport today. Black 65 plate hatch on the M4 for quite a few miles. And a 15 plate Lapiz in a car pk at LHR with black after market alloys. Almost parked next to you but the space was too tight... Anyone on here.
  4. Firstly spotted a Red hatch this morning on the M4 J12 roundabout, then at lunchtime I spotted a 66 plate black hatch with Leather and Prets, and a 17 plate white wagon. Then on my way home I saw a Lapiz hatch on the Bath Road. And finally a white hatch on Oxford Road in Swindon about 6:20 ish. Common as muck :-)
  5. Troll

    Swindon R's

    a White Estate passed me last night on the A419 by Stratton turn off, anyone on here. I was in my Discovery but I did flash lol
  6. Troll

    Swindon R's

    My wife had a Lapiz Blue one race up behind here yesterday in East Swindon, she was in a Mondeo 3.0 V6 she thought it was me coming home early lol Might of been the same 15 plate one I saw on Sunday.
  7. Yes its a different world over there .... No diesels too
  8. Not sure if there are any G7R owners from Dubai in here, but last week a white G7R hatch stopped to let me cross the road outside the Radisson Hotel in Dubai Media City. Saw a few other R's too, but OMG there are some nice motors over there..
  9. Troll

    Swindon R's

    I'm in Swindon, I passed a 15 plate Lapiz this afternoon on Oxford road, he was going towards Greenbridge. (gave him a little wave). Must of just missed you. <M>
  10. They are certainly great Q cars. My wife drives mine rather than her's and she has a 3.0 V6 Mondeo
  11. Welcome Drew, looks like the same as mine ! Enjoy, thats a big step up
  12. Spotted last night going towards M4 J8/9, a black G7R hatch with what looked like a yellow flashing light bar on the roof, maybe a motorway maintenance person ?
  13. Just spotted another Blue Estate coming down the Ashley Heath slip road onto the A31 yesterday morning, I was going the other way so only a quick glance. Didn't see number plate. Anyone on here?
  14. Welcome to the club, the G7R wagon is very nice and you have picked the best colour too ;-)
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