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  1. Mine was missing upon delivery and just had two large holes....took supplying dealer 2 months to sort it and I had to travel 100 miles to have it replaced under warranty at local dealer and then back charged to Inchape VW Cheltenham.
  2. Been a very very long wait for this🤦🏻‍♂️ but worth it in the end, glad I stuck with it and didn't cave for an a35 AMG 😍 thanks to RS Autospa Montrose for the prep and full detail inc. ceramic-coating and Ecotyres Arbroath for wheel/tyre fitment (no thanks to Inchcape VW Cheltenham 🤡 😆, still waiting for replacement driver's grab handle missing upon delivery). Looking forwards to getting some miles on her and enjoying, sorry (not sorry 🤷🏻‍♂️) for pic heavy post 🙈🚗 #shinyshiny #theredwagon#7.5R #needsroofbars #RS Autospa #fireballKorea #Ecotyres Arbroath
  3. MK8 R won't be hybrid, VW already said they have turned away from this for MK8. Won't be 400bhp either, 320-330bhp is my estimate.
  4. Last lease R came from them, 156 miles away. This time it came from Inchcape VW Cheltenham, 432 miles away. Luckily both times on transporter. All depends which dealer ordered it in first place as lease brokers aren't necessarily selective in terms of whom they use to supply cars.
  5. Picked up the R from detailers earlier, looks stunning. Pics tomorrow once wheels are fitted (sadly having to fit without spacers as they were supplied with incorrect bolts for wheels and in any case spacers are likely too wide for my wheels 🙄).
  6. The rendered front is quite different, also swage line is higher and also seems wider to me (Autocar front page and that German car video).
  7. It's a render, not a real image.
  8. 400bhp wont happen, 320-330bhp likely.
  9. My new R has just undergone a full new car detail including stage 1 correction and full ceramic coating. Detailer has remarked that the paint is extremely soft, much more than any other MK7 or 7.5 they have worked on in the past.
  10. I bought the OEM VW MK7 Golf ones, thought the chrome polished ones looked a bit Max Power. OEM sill protectors were under £40 delivered from VW dealer on eBay.
  11. Dealer contributing £120 to cost of machine-polish to remove bonnet scratch, everything else in limbo.
  12. Well it all kicked off today, still fighting with Inchcape Cheltenham after threatening to get VW CS involved, namely over refusal to accept responsibility for losing v778 retention form and refusal to order and fit replacement drivers grab handle via mobile tech at home address. Scratch issue also still to be resolved, being repaired at my cost via stage 1 machine polish and will be billing them for work to rectify.
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