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  1. Delivered today, missing interior driver's side roof grab handle and 15 inch scratch on bonnet 🤦‍♂️
  2. Go black with a dead matt lacquer.
  3. Well we'll, I'll take that ! £70 cheaper than last R at its cheapest lol😆
  4. Supplying VW dealership refusing any goodwill gesture, financial or otherwise, for losing my documentation. We'll see if they change their tune when I let VW CS know about what's been going on.
  5. After supplying VW dealer monumental mess-up, getting R on a 19 plate (rubbish, assigned plate looks like "Volvo"🙄) then transfer to my plate at later date supposed to be delivered (driven apparently 🤦‍♂️) a week today. Awaiting confirmation.
  6. Never heard of this, knew about 19" Cadiz being option on UK Rocco and option on Golf R in some other Euro countries (not UK option), what's the part number for 18" OEM Pretoria wheels ? Certainly don't appear in the latest brochure (mid 2018), new brochure still not out for MY2019.
  7. You don't get genuine OEM VW 18" Pretoria wheels, unless I'm missing something? 🤔
  8. Raging, broker says supplying VW dealer has lost my v778 cert so I need to wait for a replacement cert to arrive from DVLA and then an additional wait whilst the supplier sends that back to DVLA and waits for the registration document, in order to get it on my plate. If the broker agrees to pay the extra fees to be incurred for re-registering later, am tempted to just get it on a 19 plate for now (potentially delivery next week) seeing as it's been 8 months wait so far since ordering 🙄
  9. Ok ish price for metallic but will be old spec if banked/pre-built car.
  10. Yep and still having problems with them 8 months on. That said they have the cheapest 3+35 8k deal on an estate I have seen so far at £322/month. But I don't believe it's for a new order, most likely a banked early post-WLTP build without new standard options. In fact none of the deals I have seen in the last week are for the new-spec cars, it's just a case of all the lease companies having a push on to shift all their banked old-spec cars.
  11. Ha.....Vehiclesavers. The most useless leasing broker I have ever come across. And that price is more than £100/month more expensive than my deal🤔
  12. I doubt the lease deals will be as low as this in the next few months, I got a cracking deal of £328/month on 3+23 8k terms back in July last year (still await delivery) but even with all the banked cars available (all I have seen are old-spec), no deal I have seen is anywhere close to this at the moment.
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