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  1. 0-60Motorsports

    Recommendations for what induction kit to get

    The integrated engineering intake is awesome. The fit and quality are second to none.
  2. 0-60Motorsports

    Mk6 R tuning

    No nothing like that. Email IE. Don’t think anyone would help here as it’s predominantly a US .
  3. 0-60Motorsports

    Mk6 R tuning

    Not much but a little.
  4. 0-60Motorsports

    Mk6 R tuning

    Are you dsg or manual? I’m running the exact same tune with unitronic intake and spm catted dp. The uni will soon be replaced with an IE intake.
  5. 0-60Motorsports

    Weird noise on my mk6 golf r

    Same here but the noise seems to be coming from the top and not the bottom of the car....
  6. 0-60Motorsports

    Spacers wanted.

    10mm is what i run and they look perfect.
  7. 0-60Motorsports

    Head unit sat nav help

    That definitely looks like aftermarket and not OE
  8. 0-60Motorsports

    puffs of smoke from exhaust

    Mine has an intake and dp and no tune and it does the same while flooring it
  9. 0-60Motorsports

    MK6 R 2.5TFSI for sale

    That's awesome
  10. 0-60Motorsports

    Where to buy replacement remote key

    Hi guys, Do we have sponsors here who sell replacement remote key fobs? My mechanic lost mine and is willing to pay for a replacement. Thanks.
  11. 0-60Motorsports

    Shock absorber advice

    Oh i knew that i was just looking for a link with the price you mentioned as I might have to buy a set. Thanks for posting the link mate.
  12. 0-60Motorsports

    Shock absorber advice

    Any links for where I can purchase the shock and spring combo vwr suspension for my 6R?
  13. 0-60Motorsports

    What tyres do you use?

    I am planning to go for good year eagle f1's just before summer. The hankooks I have are crap
  14. 0-60Motorsports

    Front diff/transfer case failure HELP

    Anyone know where I can find a used transfer case like this one? Same number 041110