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  1. I have no idea mate. I never bother to ask anymore because it changes constantly. just sit tight and wait for it to rock up 👍
  2. Bad news people, being delivered on the 16th instead 🤪 7th Jan
  3. Booking delivery of my Pure White for 30th April, just waiting on Listers authorising the final signed docs 👍
  4. Bargain price. I’ll ask for one of each colour and remortgage the house
  5. For anyone that missed out on the first batch in January, this deal is only a couple of quid more 👍 https://www.vehiclesavers.com/car-leasing/volkswagen/golf-hatchback/2.0-tsi-320-r-4motion-5dr-dsg.html
  6. Mines on a ship apparently so be in it end of April or early May 😀
  7. Didn’t have DCC on my mk7 R and thought the ride was relatively comfortable, didn’t struggle pushing on either without the option of firming it up. Have it on my current Cupra and it’s a marginally softer ride. It would boil down to cost and if it took it over the tax bracket I’d probably pass.
  8. RIP those who splashed on an A45s 🤣
  9. Jordi93


    Cupra 290 - £484 R - £420 Anyone getting anything reasonable? 9 years no claims, good postcode, homeowner, no kids
  10. At 5”8 I’m hoping the seat goes high enough 🤣 First world problems these days!
  11. We got people dying of covid out here guys. No need for squabbling over cars because we all love cars right!
  12. I wish a dealer in the UK would just upload images of a car in each colour already, preferably one with PP and one without. Do they not understand there are a number of keen drivers needing to change their spec 72637263?
  13. Just loading up my man maths spreadsheet to see what it’s saying about the PP. Oh dear. I know the white isn’t for everyone but I kinda like it 👍
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