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  1. I called my insurer, NFU Mutual, to ask if they would cover a Pedalbox+ on my car. As expected they didn't know of it. I did explain that the PB improves throttle response and does not boost the engine's performance i.e. it does not increase power and the engine remains standard. They referred it to their underwriters who, I'm told, looked at the DTE website and noted that it says the PB improves acceleration by up to 10%! Consequently, NFU said they will cover it but would increase my premium by £60 per year pro rata which seems excessive to me. I explained the function
  2. I'm considering these paddles too... However, I read in a recent post that the mk8 will come with bigger paddles installed as standard. Has anyone considered the mk8 paddles as a possibility for the mk7\7.5 when they become available as a spare part from VW? I appreciate we don't know if they would fit the mk7\7.5 but, if so, does anyone know how much mk7 replacement paddles currently cost from VW to give some idea of the cost of the mk8 paddles?
  3. My car is 2 years old and due its 2nd service and I'd like to take it to a recommended main dealer if possible. It would be nice to be able to trust one, for example to use the correct oil. I've read good things in VWROC about Pulman VW in Durham but its 85 miles from me. I mIght still try there as it'd give the car a bit of a run after so little use during the last 3 months. However, would such a journey be allowed under the Coronavirus guidelines or should it be only local dealers? Any recommendations for a main dealer in Leeds\Bradford area? Thanks
  4. Hello All. My 2018 mk7.5 goes in to a main dealer for its first year service shortly. Is anyone aware of any firmware that the dealer should be updating or any that I should request if they do not? For example, I did read recently that Millsn said that a steering software update is available on the mk7.5 I do have a couple of issues that I'll mention to the dealer that might be resolved by a firmware update to the Discover Media infotainment unit: First, is an infrequent\intermittent blank screen that comes up on the infotainment unit during use; and
  5. Hi. JP. I’m over in West Yorkshire and would appreciate it if you could send me the driving route too. Thanks in advance.
  6. I ordered mine 14th March. It arrived in Emden on 26th April. I was told by VW chat on Saturday that it’s on the ship for Grimsby but they couldn’t confirm ship’s name until Monday. I used marinetraffic.com and found the Malacca Highway vehicle carrier is currently moored in Emden and its ETA Grimsby is Tuesday 15th May at 18:00 local time, so it will probably set sail tomorrow. Hopefully those of you who ordered their car around same date as me and expect their car will go to Grimsby should get some good news soon. [emoji4]
  7. Hello folks... I am planning to buy a Disklok for my mk7.5 which is due soon. I expect that ‘small’ is the correct size. However would someone be good enough to confirm, or measure the diameter of the steering wheel from outside edge to outside edge. Thanks.
  8. Your Pandora alarm is interesting... I’m expecting my new car next month and looking at security options and was thinking of auto watch ghost plus maybe Disklok. The pandora immo tag sound a good solution for anti carjack or if they break-in to take keys. Are you in the UK? I ask because I thought systems that shutdown the car automatically weren’t allowed here. Which model pandora alarm did u go for? Would u recommend it over the aw ghost immobiliser? Thanks.
  9. I ordered on 15th March. I have had three different confirmed build dates given: Dealer w/c 16th April Live chat w/c 23rd April App w/c 30th April So hopefully I might get it by the end of May but may be early June.
  10. Thanks for the quick reply. Ah, I’m based in West Yorkshire so will try my local dealer again. They were telling me vw were quoting 12-17 weeks! [emoji47]
  11. Hi Nick. Welcome to the forum. Great spec. It’s interesting to hear you were advised of June delivery. I contacted my local dealer early last week to order almost same spec, under the scrappage scheme but was told it wouldn’t be here before end of June so they wouldn’t take a factory order. Which dealer are you using? I’m thinking there may still be a chance for me to order mine. Thanks.
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