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  1. Yes they just bolt straight on My caliper and disc where took off to fit the big brake kit
  2. They fit over my 362mm no problem so should be ok
  3. Audi RS3 fronts 8V0-615-311-B 8V0-615-312-B
  4. Hi Guys, I'm going to buy pss10's but my car has DCC, what do I need to do? code it out or buy connectors to cancle out? Thanks
  5. Hi guys, Has anyone changed to the clubsport s lighter subframe? Any idea of weight savings? or part numbers needed? Cheers 👍😎
  6. Cheers I got the template and it looks like it will be tight and I might have to end up using spacers. What did you do with the metal guard behind the disc's? with the new discs being bigger?
  7. Does anyone know the combined weight of the mk7 r standard front brakes?
  8. Hi guys, Just wondering can you help? I'm thinking of buying these brakes below Reyland Track plus:AP Racing 6-pot CP9040 caliper and 2-piece AP Racing disc kit Will they fit below my Neuspeed rse10 235 35 19 8.5 without needing any spacers? as the wheel comes out near enough to the edge of the front wing so I think spacers would be a no go? Cheers
  9. Guys, Has anyone a how to for the removal of the rear seat and passenger seat for the 1/4 miles? Cheers
  10. Just wondering guys out of interest, What would the difference be between say a TFSI S3 on stage 2+ and a newer mk7 golf r stage 2 on the 1/4 mile? both DSG?
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