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  1. Had to top up coolant within last month, then again week later, never needed to top before in 5 years of ownership, obviously something not right. Car in for MOT & DSG oil change, they are replacing water pump under warranty. I added extended warranty with a new service plan in September, already more than justified the cost of it, water pump I think is something like £500-600 normally?
  2. Sorted with G12+ top up, matching what is already in there.
  3. Hey, coolant light came up on my 2016 R, not something I’ve needed to top up previously in 5 years of ownership (garage may have done during services…). It’s just below min currently. Manual says use G13, which is dyed purple. Existing stuff looks to be orange, indicating it is G12+ currently in there? Is it ok to put G13 in with the G12+ or should I top up with G12+?
  4. Hi, Has anyone had experience with towing a caravan in a R estate? Can a tow bar be installed? What are the max tow weight details etc?
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