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  1. Not something I was told at the time, although I wouldn't put it past them to try to charge if they didn't find a fault with mine.
  2. Car handled the snow well, this was earlier in the week
  3. Yes it took a while, longer than it really should. No idea on the mileage or launches, life’s too short to worry about it.
  4. They gave me a courtesy car ...
  5. Had my battery replaced last month under warranty, car was just over 2 years old, 24k miles at time of replacement, started having issues early Autumn last year. The dealership had the car for a week in total, they ran tests on the battery first, confirmed it was duff, then had to wait several days for a replacement to be shipped over from Germany. I bought a ctek smart battery charger when issues started (low 12v warnings), in the end I charged it 3 times over 2-3 months and problems continued. Once issues start it will never hold the same charge. I had a thread about it here:
  6. Car was good in the snow. I had to push a merc along a very slight incline earlier in the week on the school run, few other cars unable to get up the road, some confused looks on their faces when my golf r sailed up haha.
  7. TCR seems pointless to me ... just buy an R, added bonus is you have 4wd when you need it, like today when it's like this outside!
  8. Got my car back this morning, battery is a slightly more powerful version from what was previously installed. Took a week in total to sort - Happy days.
  9. We can send satellites in to space but I can't charge my phone for an hour with the engine off? Pfft.
  10. Replacement battery is my only claim so far. It's with VW currently waiting for the battery to arrive.
  11. Changing from eco to drive / sport for all driving didn't seem to make any difference for me over the past 3 months. I also got in a habit of turning off stop / start every time I was in the car. It seems once it's too low there is no recovery from it. The battery will never hold the same charge and will deteriorate very quickly from this point. You'll have even more problems if it's cold.
  12. I'm currently rocking a manual Polo as a courtesy car, oh man it's horrid. Why do people buy manuals?!!?
  13. Battery on back order! Picking up a courtesy car tomorrow morning.
  14. Dealership called and they are replacing it under warranty. It's not something I've experienced with any previous cars. But then again this has a bigger entertainment system than I've ever had, heated seats, heated mirrors, heated front windscreen, mirrors fold in / out everytime the car is opened/locked etc. I drive the car every day, mix of short and longer drives.
  15. Car is with VW today to do some checks, I've had to charge it 3 times since October, despite doing a fair amount of driving in between.
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